‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained: Why Did Bori Get Jeongyeon Kidnapped?

In Flex x Cop episode 12, Isoo and Ganghyun put their own lives in danger just to unravel the corrupt practices of the Oryun Community. Ganghyun has been trying to prove the fact that her father is innocent and has been dismissed from his duties on false charges, while Isoo blindly supports her. When nobody believed in Ganghyun, it was Isoo who backed her! Will Ganghyun be able to expose Woohyuk to the world? Will Isoo be able to save Ganghyun from her perilous journey? Will they be able to restore Hyungjun to his lost post in the police department? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Did The Message Records Expose?

Message records between Moon Dongsu and Seongwook revealed that they had been planning to expose the Oryun Community. They had been talking about a plastic surgery that Bori was about to undergo so that he could avoid punishment easily. They were about to follow Bori to collect some information about him. Meanwhile, Isoo sent some fingerprints that he had found at the community to the police station (through Mr. Choi). Those fingerprints matched those of Shin Woohyuk and Kim Yongcheol, who had previously been charged with fraud and murder. Hence, it was proven that a set of criminals had been running the community! 


How Was Hyungjun Framed Previously?

The Oryun Community had its hand in framing Hyungjun earlier, as he had been investigating the community at that point. Mi-suk had seen a man lurking around their house who left a package for them. She made the biggest mistake when she took it in! Later, when there was a false alarm about Hyungjin taking a bribe, the police came in for a raid at their place and found wads of cash in the package. It was quite obvious that the Oryun Community had wanted Hyungjin to resign as a result of probing into their matters. Later, when Hyungjin tried to convince others about his innocence, Sunggu blackmailed him to reign, saying that if he chose to stick by, then it could hamper his daughter’s reputation in the department. 

How Was The Community Scamming People?

Giseok (the reporter) met Junyoung and told him about the community, showing him an article on it. He said that the leader had met with an accident five years ago but had survived it only to fool people later with his rebirth theory. It led to the deaths of 12 people in the community who had resonated with the theory. Later, it was also revealed that Bori was none other than Woohyuk himself. 


Meanwhile, at the community, Ganghyun was recognized by an SBC reporter, Kim Jeongyeon. She had also entered the community under cover so that she could find out more about it. She informed Ganghyun that the community has been luring people in and getting them addicted to a certain drug (that they mix in the tea). Finally, they manage to convince people to give them huge chunks of their money and property to go into a happy afterlife and then eventually poison them. Jeongyeon told Ganghyun that maybe Yeji would be the next one to be poisoned by the community. Later, the police go to the Unyeon General Hospital to find more information on Woohyuk. Upon asking the doctor about the patient who had a critical pipe penetration surgery, they were told that the man had died on the spot. The person who had brought in the man was Woohyuk. The police also found out that Seongwook (who Woohyuk had been training with at a pyramid-selling company) was also there with him. The police realize that Woohyuk and Seongwook had made up a story to fool vulnerable people into extorting money from them. 

Why Did Bori Get Jeongyeon Kidnapped?

When Jeongyeon was asked by Yeongcheol to hand over the list of the new members, she tore off Ganghyun’s records to keep her safe. Woohyuk had somehow come to know that she had torn off Ganghyun’s records, and hence got her kidnapped. Later, Ganghyun and Isoo went to save Jeongyeon and tried their best to fight Woohyeok’s men, but were eventually bound up. When Woohyuk threatened them, saying that he would kill them, Isoo said that he had set up a drone outside, which had already informed their colleagues about their location. Woohyuk, however, did not pay any heed to Isoo’s words and dropped them both in a water tank. He had planned to drown them both by increasing the water level. As the water started increasing, Ganghyun was scared for her life, as she did not know how to swim. Meanwhile, Isoo tried to open the drainage outlet to let some water out. When they were almost about to drown, their fellow colleagues came in and saved them. They also freed Jeongyeon from the clutches of the culprits and arrested them. They also got all the members out of the community, telling them what a trap they had gotten themselves into!


What Was Discovered In The USB?

When the police requested Seongwook’s wife to let them conduct an autopsy on him (as he was charged with fraud twice), she finally agreed to it. After the autopsy, Jiwon found a USB inside his stomach (which he had swallowed to keep it safe). Jiwon later came in and handed the USB to Chagun, which contained the whereabouts of the stolen money and the proof of Sunggu’s collaboration with Woohyuk (showing him accepting a bribe from the Oryun Community). This evidence was enough for Chagun to arrest Sunggu and help Hyungjin regain his lost position in the department. The evidence in the USB proved that Hyungjun was not a corrupt officer and had been framed by Sunggu. He was again appointed as the senior superintendent of the Gangha police station. 

What Will Happen Next?

Ganghyun was finally able to prove her father’s innocence after putting her own life at stake. However, we notice how Isoo, without caring for his own life, tried to keep Gannghyun safe even in the toughest of situations. When nobody believed in her, Isoo was the only pillar of strength that she had! However, the 13th episode of Flex x Cop will portray how Isoo and Ganghyun will solve yet another mystery together. An injured man who commits suicide in Jin-Myeong-cheol’s house will get Isoo and his family in trouble. Will Ganghyun be there for Isoo and support him, just like he was in the previous case? Well, that is something that I won’t be able to tell you before I watch the much-anticipated 13th episode of Flex x Cop

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