‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 1 Recap And Ending Explained: What Plan Did Sengju Have?

Streaming on Disney+Hotstar, Kim Jae-hong’s Flex x Cop, stars Park Ji-hyun and Bo Hyun Ahn. Known for his other famous series like See You in My 19th Life, Bo Hyun Ahn is likely to do justice to his role as a police officer in Flex x Cop. The story of the protagonist’s journey towards becoming a cop is quite out of the box! How will Jin Isoo end up capturing an offender? How will Sengju handle the situation? Will Lee Ganhyun be able to accept Isoo as a cop working at the same station as her? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Led To Isoo’s Arrest?

Isoo, the younger son of the Hansu group, was keen on doing role-plays! He loved setting up survival games in various locations and playing the role of a cop. His games were very realistic, and he would even go to the lengths of risking his life to win the game. While playing a game, his friend Younghwan was attacked by a real-life assailant, leaving him wounded. Isoo jumped in to save him and fought the assailant. While Isoo was being counter-attacked by the assailant with a knife, he beat him in self-defense, leaving the man unconscious. 


Meanwhile, Lee Ganhyun, the head of the crime investigation, arrived and thought that Isoo was the assailant. She arrested Isoo on charges of fatally injuring a man. Later, she came to know that he was the younger son of the Hansu group and was a celebrity. However, that didn’t seem to affect her investigation, and she interrogated Isoo for assaulting a passerby. Isoo told Ganhyun that she could be imprisoned for assaulting him (breaking his nose) without proper investigation. He also mentioned having a lawyer’s license. He told her to call his friend Younghwan to confirm the truth. When Younghwan was called, he denied getting into any fight with an assailant, causing Isoo to land in jail. Lee Giseok, a reporter, saw that Isoo was locked up and decided to use it as a weapon during a press conference.

How Did Isoo’s Arrest Affect His Family’s Reputation?

The chairman of Hansu, Jin Myeongchul (Isoo’s father), was running for mayor in Seoul. Lee Giseok came to the press meeting that Myeongchul had held and insulted him, saying that his younger son was in the Gangha police station after assaulting a man who was still unconscious. Later, Myeongchul came to the prison to meet Isoo and told him that he was breaking off all ties with him. The only son that he had from then on would be Sengju. He also asked Sengju to fire Isoo from the company. Myeongchul told Isoo that he would not help him and that he had to deal with his own mess.


What Happened After The Truth Was Revealed?

Ganhyun remembered that Isoo had told her that the assailant had a knife while he had attacked him. She then went to the dump, where the fight had taken place, and found the knife there. It was therefore revealed to Ganhyun that Isoo was not lying. She could have chosen to stay quiet, as revealing the truth would hamper her career. She, however, decided to reveal the truth to her seniors after a background check on the assailant. She found out that the assailant was Lee Changhyun, a 43-year-old man convicted of two robberies. On further digging, she also found out that the murderer of the Gangha 2-dong case whom they had been seeking for the past 2 months was Lee Changhyun. Sunguu, the head of the investigation bureau, was worried as to what image the media would create about the police if they found out that Isoo was innocent.

What Plan Did Sengju Have?

Sengju found out that his brother, Isoo, was wrongly convicted and later approached Sunguu. He told Sengju that his brother would be immediately released and the case would be closed as an act of self-defense. Sengju, however, did not agree to that and told Sunguu that his father’s reputation had been hampered in the process. He then suggested that the police make a media announcement that Isoo had been working as an undercover cop with the police for the past 2 months. He suggested announcing that Isoo had been appointed as a special cop, working under a lawyer’s license. This was to ensure that the media would not demean his father’s reputation, and Isoo would also get to work as a cop, helping to serve the nation.


What Happened In The End?

Sunguu instructed Ganhyun to hold a press conference to announce that Isoo was an undercover cop. She was reluctant at first to make a false announcement, but Sunguu told her that her career would be jeopardized if she didn’t do what she was told. Later, she conducted the conference, where she announced that the Violent Crime Investigation Team 1 had appointed Isoo as a special cop, who had helped them arrest the wanted murderer, Lee Changhyun.

When Isoo returned home, he saw Younghwan waiting for him. He apologized to him for lying to the police initially about the assailant. He said that he couldn’t help Isoo due to the fact that the police might run a drug test on him. He said he knew that the younger son of the Hansu group would be released soon!


When Isoo opened the new police uniform that he had always dreamed of, he got nostalgic. That night, he had a nightmare where he had flashbacks of his mother meeting with a road accident during his childhood. It is possible that his mother was murdered by someone, the secret of which is yet to be unveiled. Isoo might have always wanted to be a cop so that he could punish the people who had wronged his mother. Later, when Isoo went to the police station to join as a new cop, he received a grand welcome. He was already a celebrity, but after having played a significant part in catching the murderer, he had become a national hero!

What Will Happen Next?

Sengju is seen calling a press conference to reveal the truth about Isoo, and it is possible that he would let the press know about Isoo’s truth about not being a real cop. There is a possibility that Sengju has a bigger plan to usurp all of his father’s property by creating a strain in Isoo’s relationship with him.


Ganhyun might face difficulty accepting Isoo as a cop, as she is well aware of his reality. While Isoo’s other colleagues might think that he won’t put in his best efforts as a cop, it is likely that he will prove them wrong. He will make sure that his image as a ‘good for nothing spoilt-brat’ is erased! The next episode will bring out a lot more adventures that Isoo and Ganhyun are likely to face together.

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