‘Flex X Cop’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What Happens To Sengju?

Flex x Cop ends with a bam, just as it started. The 16th episode of the series brings out the mysteries of the deaths of both Kim and Myeongcheol. When Isoo gets to know that the elder brother whom he had adored for so long was the real culprit, he is shattered. However, he managed to bring himself together and face him to get the confession out of him. How will Isoo uncover the reality of his mother’s death? Will Ganghyun support him in his journey? Will Isoo be able to handle the responsibility of the Hansu Group? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Evidence Against Sengju?

Ganghyun told Isoo that they had found CCTV footage of a car arriving at Myeongcheol’s residence on the day of his murder. However, there was no further evidence to prove who was in the car. They thought that it was Sengju, as the SD card in his dashcam had been removed. They ruled out Heeja because she couldn’t drive. Meanwhile, Hyungjun dug out evidence from the murder case of Kim 25 years ago. He told Ganghyun that a child’s (not Isoo’s) fingerprints had been found at Kim’s residence that night, but they had ruled it out as they couldn’t be identified. Isoo learned that Heeja had stopped responding to anything at the hospital after Sengju had come to meet her, indicating that he was the culprit.


What Did Kim Daehyun Tell Isoo?

Isoo went to meet Kim Daehyun (Heeja’s driver, 25 years ago), and he said that he had been fired from his job on October 10th, 25 years ago, as Heeja was extremely upset with him. That day, he had driven Heeja to Kim’s house around 6-7 PM, and then she came back home. A few hours later, when Sengju stepped out of his home, Daehyun offered to drop him off, but he refused. Later, while returning, Sengju met with an accident, which caused Heeja to fire him (as he had not dropped Sengju off). When Isoo asked Mr. Choi if Sengju had an accident on the night of his mother’s death, he confirmed it and further said that he was admitted to Wonjong Hospital. Isoo handed over the duty to Ganghyun to find out the truth behind the accident, and upon investigating at the hospital, Ganghyun confirmed it. 

How Did Isoo Come To Know That Sengju Was The Culprit?

Isoo confronted Sengju at his inaugural ceremony (as the chairman), asking if he had met his mom that night, but he denied it. Later, when Isoo found out that the fingerprints found that night at his place were Sengju’s, he confirmed that he was the murderer. Meanwhile, Mr. Choi approached Sengju and told him that if he was the real culprit, he would drag him down from the seat of the chairman. Sengju, who now had all the power, immediately fired Mr. Choi for raising his voice against the current chairman of the Hansu group. When Heeja came to know that her son was the real culprit, she realized that it was all her fault. She had pushed him to become a murderer so that he could capture the Hansu group. Upon guilt-tripping, she tried to commit suicide, further proving that Sengju was definitely the real culprit. 


How Did Sengju React Upon Being Confronted?

Isoo called Sengju to meet him at his place, and when he came, he asked him again if he had killed his parents. Isoo said that it was proven that the fingerprints found at his house 25 years ago were those of Sengju. When Sengju refused to admit it, Isoo held him at gunpoint, forcing him to confess his crimes. 

Sengju told Isoo how his mom wanted to kill herself by taking pills as Myeongcheol wanted to divorce her (25 years ago) after finding out that he had a son of his own. When Sengju saw the divorce papers, he decided to kill Isoo’s mother. Later, he went to her house and mixed sleeping pills in Kim’s juice (when she got up to get him some food). Sengju had decided to kill Kim even after she had told him that she wouldn’t marry Myeongcheol. Right after Kim had collapsed that night, he dragged her body to the bathtub, making it look like a suicide. While returning home, he had an accident that night. 


When Isoo asked him why he was so kind to him during his childhood, Sengju said that he was a pitiful kid, but had he known earlier that he would be a barrier in his path, he would have murdered him as well. However, after he got his hands on the gun, he said that he would kill Isoo and stated that it was an act of self-defense. When Isoo said that he had betrayed his father’s trust and had murdered an innocent woman, a sense of guilt surrounded Sengju, and he tried to commit suicide. But as he pulled the trigger, he realized that the gun was empty and that Isoo had just set a trap for him to confess to his crimes. Isoo told him that Sengju would have to live for the rest of his life, tormented by his regrets. 

What Happened In The End?

Ganghyun and the other detectives came in and arrested Sengju after he had unknowingly confessed to his crime. His real face was exposed to the media, and after the trial, it was decided that he would get life imprisonment. Meanwhile, Isoo was announced as the chairman of the Hansu Group. However, he was unable to cope with his new life as the chairman and decided to return to the Gangha police station as a detective after handing over the responsibility to Mr. Choi. 


Final Thoughts

Director Kim Jae-hong has done an amazing job making a series that is replete with rich plots. The very capacity to weave new stories into every episode rather than just treading on a single plot deserves accolades. The final episode of Flex x Cop leaves us with hope for a new season of the series. As Isoo and his group head out to solve new cases, we feel that there are definitive chances of new episodes that are soon to be released! 

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