‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Why Did Gabriela Not Want To Leave Station 42?

In the previous episode of Fire Country, there was a big question about whether Bode was Genevieve’s real father. Meanwhile, Manny and Eve had a fight over who was the better captain at Three Rock Camp, questioning each other’s integrity. Additionally, Gabriela is engaged to Diego, the paramedic, but there’s still uncertainty about whether she has feelings for Bode. In the fourth episode, we see a major chemical fire break out near the camp. Despite the danger, everyone at Three Rock Camp and Station 42 works together to save lives. Will they succeed? Amidst the chaos, Bode is eager to spend time with Genevieve. Will he get the chance? Find out from this explainer about this episode of Fire Country.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Bode Not Get To Meet Genevieve? 

Genevieve, who might be Bode’s daughter, expressed her desire to meet him. Bode, believing he could be her real father, asked Jake to arrange the visit. Excited about the possibility, Bode eagerly waited for Genevieve to come and visit him at the Three Rock Camp with pizza. However, before Genevieve could meet Bode, a girl named Isla approached him from the jungle when he was waiting outside, claiming she had lost her grandfather. Bode, despite being a prisoner, couldn’t ignore her plea for help and brought her to Three Rock Camp. But as a prisoner, he wasn’t allowed to comfort her or hold her because it was against the rules. When Genevieve and Cara arrived to see Bode, she wasn’t allowed to meet her father. Instead, she saw him sitting on the ground with his hands behind his head, being pinned down by the cops. Isla, who would only speak to Bode, her “big orange man,” didn’t share any information with Eve and the other cops. So, they sent Bode to talk to her. Bode approached Isla and started drawing a bunny with her. Comforted by his presence, she opened up about her grandfather. Isla mentioned that her grandfather was in a red truck and they lived in a yellow house, providing the house number as well. Bode playfully gathered this information and safely returned Isla home. This incident highlighted Bode’s compassion and resourcefulness and how much of a good man he is. Even though Genevieve’s mother, Cara, had known Bode for a while and saw he was kind, she still worried. She knew about Bode’s problems with drugs and being in trouble with the law before. So when Bode promised Cara that he would arrange a meeting with their daughter again, she said she would not let her come close to Genevieve because she couldn’t trust him. She didn’t think Bode could give Genevieve the stable life she needed for their daughter because of his past problems.


What Happened At The Chemical Plant? 

Meanwhile, a chemical plant fire broke out, and everyone at Station 42 and Three Rock Camp had to respond. Upon arrival, they saw people asking for help with burned hands. Their jack operator, Sonny, had accidentally caused a shelf to collapse, leading to a sudden ignition of the fire. They suspected potassium permanganate might have spilled, but they were unsure about the other substances involved. Until they could identify them, the situation was really intense. When the hazmat team arrived, they discovered that improperly stored glycerol was the other substance and the main reason behind the hazard. As they rescued Sonny, he directed them to others trapped behind a locked door. They rushed to save them while applying water to the burned victims. Meanwhile, they battled the spreading fire with hoses. Sonny, who had stopped talking to his brother about his love life choices, as he is in love with a man, regretted his judgment as his brother was among the people who were trapped. However, Sonny became trapped under broken objects in there and lost consciousness. It was revealed that Sonny suffered from tension pneumothorax.

Gabriela, Cara, and other paramedics worked to stabilize him, with Gabriela successfully extracting extra blood from his stomach and ultimately saving his life. On the other hand, in a frightening turn of events, Vince and other firefighters of Three Rock Camp rescued people from behind the trapped door just before the entire plant exploded. Manny’s heroic efforts earned praise, with Vince promising to write him a recommendation letter so that he could become the new captain of station 42. But we know how Manny is weak for the guys in Three Rock Camp, and he has been their captain before, so he wanted that place again, and working with the inmates of the camp reminded him how much he missed them. Vince told him that he would do everything so that he could get back to where he belongs. They then focused on containing the spreading spotfire ignited by the blast. Meanwhile, Bode heard cries for help from another trapped group. He broke the window to rescue them but realized more people might be inside. As he entered, another explosion occurred, leaving him unconscious. Rodman rushed to rescue him and found him senseless. They hurried to the paramedics, where Bode, in a dazed state, confessed that he still loves Gabriela. And you know who heard it from behind? Diego, her fiance! But he did not say anything and remained silent as Gabriela tended to Bode’s wounds while processing what she heard.


Why Did Not Gabriela Want To Leave Station 42? 

Gabriela was excited at the prospect of becoming a professional medic soon, once she passed her national registry exam. She could finally join Station 42 full-time as a paramedic, as they were in need of one. However, Diego had written a good recommendation letter for her to join Station 58, where there was a better program and more opportunities for her to shine. He had personally spoken with the captain there to secure her a chance. But we can see that she does not want that. She wants to stay here at Station 42 because they are like her family. Even though it would have been a better opportunity for her, she wants to be here. So she told Diego that she would need time to think about it.

Eve looked through old records of inmates and didn’t like what she saw about Cole Rodman, Bode’s prison mate. Actually, he was a murderer who came to the camp. The victim’s family had written to the governor’s office after they’d heard he was at Three Rock Camp, feeling he’d been let off too easily after what he’d done. She couldn’t decide what to do; there was a possibility that she might send him back to prison from the camp because she believed other lives would be in danger if he stayed. In the end, it was seen that Diego was driving the ambulance, taking Cara and Bode to the station, as Bode was severely injured after the fire incident. Cara and Bode discussed how he had changed, but they couldn’t risk their child’s life along the way. Suddenly, a tree fell out of nowhere onto their ambulance, causing it to tip over. Will they survive? Maybe Bode will, as heroes never die! What about the others? We will find out in the next few episodes.


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