‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened During The Earthquake?

In the last season of Fire Country, we witnessed the story of a young convict named Bode, who joined Edgewater as a firefighter at Three Rock Fire Camp. His hometown brings back many painful memories for him. He lost Riley, his sister, there in a car accident while he was driving. Also, he went to prison for an armed robbery he was involved in while staying there. Despite this, he decides to stay, partly because his mother, Sharon, is the chief of Station 42’s firefighting crew and is suffering from kidney disease. Also, he falls in love with a girl named Gabriela. As Bode is about to be released on parole from prison, he becomes entangled in prison politics. A fellow inmate named Sleeper brings drugs into the prison, and when Bode informs Manny, the supervisor of Three Rock Camp, Manny conducts a drug test among the inmates. Sleeper is arrested but threatens Bode. Unfortunately, Bode’s drug test comes back positive, jeopardizing his chances of parole. Additionally, a lawyer named Mel informs Bode that they are investigating a drug racket case in Three Rock Camp. If Bode doesn’t confess to supervising this racket, his friend Freddy will lose any chance of getting out of prison. To protect his friend, Bode takes the blame and returns to prison, telling Gabriela to forget about him and start a new life. Sharon, his mother, loses hope in him, believing her son has relapsed, and they lose another chance at being a family.


Fire Country season 2 begins with Bode having spent six months in prison, longing to reunite with his family, friends, and Gabriela. He experiences nightmares, fearing he has lost them forever. However, when his father, Vince, and supervisor, Manny, visit him in prison, Bode puts on a strong facade, claiming he has nothing left in Edgewater and deserves to be in prison. The question remains: Will Bode continue to deceive himself and others about the drug incident, potentially prolonging his time in prison? Or will he find a way to break free from this cycle of lies and secure his release? This is what we are about to uncover in the first episode of the second season of the series, Fire Country.

What Happened During The Earthquake? 

An earthquake shakes Edgewater. It’s Jake’s first day as captain of the Station 42 crew at Cal Fire, but the earthquake presents unexpected challenges for him. On the road to Greencrest, they find a tree blocking the road. However, a family in an RV a little further away faces a more urgent situation as their RV catches fire from the stove. Despite the team’s efforts to rescue them, the RV goes up in flames, and the husband gets caught in the fire while the wife cries out for help. Gabriela arrives in an ambulance with the paramedic, Diego. She is tasked with performing an escharotomy on the burned victim, as suggested by Diego, to improve his pulse. It’s Gabriela’s first time performing this procedure, so she feels nervous. Diego shares that he was frightened the first time he did it but proceeded anyway. Encouraged by his words, Gabriela gathers her courage and successfully performs the escharotomy. Meanwhile, Sharon returns with Luke, Bode’s uncle, to Edgewater after her transplant. Vince, her husband, is shocked to see her but relieved that she is okay and ready to rejoin the force. He grants her permission, knowing that work will keep her mind off Bode being back in prison. Sharon’s return with the fire engine and nozzle aids in taming the fire set by the burning RV in the adjacent area.


How Did Bode’s Actions Affect Gabriela And Sharon? 

Gabriela discovers her calling and decides to become a paramedic firefighter. It’s been revealed that Gabriela has moved on with Diego, her supervisor, and they are celebrating their four-month anniversary. Diego proposes to Gabriela, expressing his desire for a future with her. After being heartbroken by Bode’s lack of communication, Gabriela accepts Diego’s proposal, finding happiness in someone who sees a future with her. Vince expresses concern that Sharon seems to be ignoring Bode’s return to prison and finds it disheartening. However, Sharon dismisses his concerns, stating that she no longer cares as Bode has disappointed her, lied to her, and relapsed. Vince confronts Sharon about Bode’s lies regarding the drugs, explaining that Bode lied to help Freddy get out of prison. Despite Vince’s efforts, Sharon remains indifferent.

What Happens To Bode? 

It’s been six months in prison, and Bode still experiences nightmares and longs to return home. However, the false allegation of involvement in a drug racket and lying on his parole has confined him to the Aspen block of the prison, where the most dangerous inmates stay. Bode notices Sleeper’s return from solitary confinement (SHU), realizing that Sleeper may seek revenge for Bode’s earlier betrayal. Soon, Bode faces a horrifying incident when one of Sleeper’s associates stabs him in the back. Despite the pain, Bode stitches his own wound, recalling how his mom, Sharon, taught him this skill. Using a contraband phone borrowed from his cellmate, Bode contacts Manny. Jake took this opportunity to inform him that his girlfriend Cara’s daughter, Genevieve, is actually Bode’s daughter. This news shocked him and gave him a newfound purpose to seek his release from prison. Later, a prison fight breaks out between Bode and Sleeper. However, during the chaos, an earthquake occurs, causing the walls to collapse on Sleeper. Bode could have taken this opportunity to kill him, but instead, he tells Sleeper that he is a father, just like Sleeper, and about how much he wants to get out of prison to go back to Edgewater and be there for his daughter. He urges Sleeper to clear his name of the false drug accusation. As a father himself, Sleeper understands Bode’s request and promises to help clear his name.


Bode then calls the guard to assist Sleeper and eventually returns to Edgewater to resume his role as a firefighter, leaving the Aspen block behind him. He was happy to see Eve as the new captain of the Three Rock Camp, filling out Manny’s old position. But on the other hand, after Gabriela’s proposal, as she came to share the news with Eve, she noticed Bode standing behind her. With teary eyes, he congratulated her, showing that he was genuinely happy for her. Will this meeting reignite old feelings for both of them, or will it mark the end of their story as they move on with their lives? That’s what we are about to find out in the upcoming episodes of Fire Country.

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