‘Fire Country’ Episode 20 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Jake And Eve Find The Young Troopers?

Episode 19 of Fire Country ended with Bode assuring Freddy that he will prevent Sleeper from compromising Three Rock camp with his drug peddling. Freddy is wary as he doesn’t want Bode to end up in prison when he is this close to his parole hearing. Meanwhile, Vince and Sharon are planning things for their son’s return. Will Bode be able to keep himself safe while trying to get to Sleeper? Let’s see what Fire Country Episode 20 has in store for us.


Spoilers Ahead

The Issues

Bode and Freddy spot Sleeper’s girlfriend slipping a stash of pills in his pocket during visitation hours. Freddy has no idea why there is this rift between Bode and Sleeper. That’s when Bode reveals that he was Sleeper’s right-hand man at Lompoc prison before he wanted out and left. Sleeper’s anger against Bode has been brewing since then. Although Freddy speaks to his daughter every night on Sleeper’s phone, it is only a matter of time before he asks for a favor in return. Freddy and the others aren’t safe as long as Sleeper is at Three Rock. Bode needs to figure out a way to stop him. He tries to follow him but gets punched by two guys who seem to be his new bodyguards.


Gabriela and Kyle are chatting at the bar. Kyle’s diving clinic is over, but he isn’t in a rush to leave Edgewater. It is clear from his words how he wants to have kids and is just waiting to find the right woman just like Gabriela’s father [Manny] did, that deep down he still has feelings for Gabriela that have remained since their swimming days. Gabriela smiles and turns to look at his father and Faye Stone on the couch. She is very happy for him. Faye asks him if he is ready to join her company. Manny tells her that he cannot leave his guys at Three Rock. Faye offers to bring them over as well. This sounds like a good offer.

Back at Cal Fire, Eve and Jake are talking about Freddy’s case that Eve is looking into. Freddy was falsely accused of robbing a jewelry shop and he didn’t have the proof of his alibi. He was apparently helping a woman after a car crash. He didn’t deserve even a single day in prison. Jake offers to help Eve with the claims. As Sharon and Vince are talking about Jake and what they can do to make it up to him, in come Walter Leone and Luke. Walter is the father of Luke and Vince. It is clear from Vince’s face that he didn’t like this gesture of Luke bringing their father. Luke tells him that the only reason he has brought their father is so that Vince can convince their father to get a hip surgery that has been a long time coming. When Vince tries to tell Walter about it, he starts throwing tantrums, loses his balance, and falls. As his two sons try to pull him up, the Station 42 alarm goes off. Luke asks Vince to stay. Sharon has to take charge and she does. It is a mine explosion.


Bode approaches Sleeper and this time tells him to get rid of the stash but Sleeper is in no way listening to him. He even threatens Bode’s loved ones if he snitched on him. Bode punches him hard and tells him to not even think of threatening his family again.

Drugs And Mines

Station 42 and Three Rock arrive at the mine. Gabriela is excited that Bode has only 7 days till his parole hearing. Bode however feels that they shouldn’t interact for the time being. He doesn’t tell her why, but we know that he feels that Sleeper might take advantage of their interaction. This is what he meant when he mentioned “loved ones”. Both teams start working, Three Rock starts cutting lines while Station 42 takes care of the fire. This is when Jake and Eve notice a lady calling out for help from the cave’s mouth. Before they could reach her, boulders roll down and she gets trapped inside. Sharon calls for a mine rescue team while Jake and Eve start removing the boulders slowly. Manny brings in some guys for the work. To make the entrance steady and prevent another collapse, Sharon orders to have logs cut and be used as pillars at the entrance. As Bode and another guy are cutting the logs, Sleeper snatches the saw from the guy. Bode tells him to give it back as he doesn’t have the certification to use it but Sleeper is just arrogant. He even runs the saw on Bode’s arm, slicing the skin a little, thereby trying to provoke him. Sleeper then calls for a medic. As Bode keeps staring at Sleeper, Gabriela arrives and takes Bode away. Meanwhile, Eve tells Freddy that she is yet to find an alibi for him but assures him that she will.


Walter is lying on a hospital bed when Luke tells him, in front of Vince, that he made a pass at Sharon. Vince doesn’t want to talk about it but Walter reminds him that anyone can make a mistake. That’s when the doctor comes in and takes Walter for the tests. Something happened between him and Vince that Luke doesn’t know and Vince probably doesn’t want him to find out either. After some time, the doctor returns and tells Luke and Vince that Walter’s hip surgery is 2 years overdue. Any further delay and he could lose his ability to walk.

The Troops

The pillars are set up. Jake and Eve finally make their way inside the cave and bring out Troop Leader Gail, who is hurt but breathing. Paramedics attend to her and she reveals that her young explorers are still stuck inside. With the mine rescue team still 4 to 6 hours away, Eve and Jake decide to go inside, after Sharon asks them if they want to, and bring out the kids. Bode tells Gabriela about Sleeper’s new stash. She tells him that he needs to focus on getting out rather than trying to get himself involved in something that could affect his time at Three Rock. As Jake and Eve make their way inside, Jake spots dynamite and radios Sharon about it. They reach the end of their supply line and are wondering if they should turn around when they hear a little girl’s voice as she screams for help. Eve decides to use the medical gloves as breadcrumbs for them to trace their way back outside. Sharon greenlights them. Outside, three Rock’s work is over, and they are about to leave. Bode approaches Manny and asks to get the guys tested for drugs. There has to be a reason why Bode is asking for it. Manny thus radios for a sample collection as soon as the guys return to camp. Jake and Eve find three kids (2 girls and a boy) deep inside the cave, and one of the girls is hypoglycemic. She needs to eat something, or she will pass out. Eve finds candy in the other girl’s bag and gives it to her. They hear another sound and Jake checks it out only to find that their entrance has been blocked, thanks to another cave-in.

Vince tries to make his father understand that he needs to have the surgery. Walter however doesn’t want it and says that he can take care of himself. He tells Vince to do the same and he can begin by forgiving his brother for his actions [making a pass at Sharon] just like Walter forgave him after cheating on Sharon right after Riley died. Luke is utterly shocked to hear this and walks out of the room. Vince is left speechless.

Sharon calls Vince and tells him that she needs Walter’s help, considering he is a Cal Fire legend, in bringing her team out of the cave. Vince gives the phone to Walter who tells Sharon that there is an alternate exit in the cave that miners used to sneak out during smoke breaks.


Sample collection has begun at Three Rock camp. Troy (Fire Country Episode 19) tells Bode that he is worried they will find drugs in his body. Sleeper made Troy hold his stash of drugs. Bode assures him that he will be back at the fire camp once he is treated. It is only a setback. Troy is about to tell him where Sleeper hid the stash when Sleeper arrives and interrupts, telling Troy to not say something he will regret later. Troy walks away and Bode tells Sleeper that he will find the stash.

Jake, Eve and the kids arrive in front of the alternate exit, as per Walter’s directions, but find that it has been sealed off with concrete. There is no time for a sledgehammer team to break it from the outside, and the hypoglycemic kid is having a seizure (if she isn’t attended to soon, it can lead to brain damage or even death). Jake decides to blow the exit with the dynamite he spotted earlier. Sharon doesn’t think it’s the right thing to do as the whole cave could collapse on them. Jake assures her that he is trained in explosives and knows how to use them to blow a hole without affecting the structure. Sharon knows she can trust him and gives him permission.


Vince tells his father that it is okay to be weak. It is what makes us all human. Seeing his son worried, Walter finally agrees to the surgery. Vince promises to be there for him always. He then walks out and meets Luke who tells him that he doesn’t regret what he did. All he regrets is doing it 30 years later. That way, Sharon wouldn’t have to be with someone who would cheat on her.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 20 Ending Explained: Did Jake’s Plan Work?

Bode is searching for the stash in the bunks and finally finds it inside a covered hole in the wall behind Freddy’s locker. So he was right. Sleeper was planning to frame Freddy.


Jake sets the charges and presses the button. A perfect blast follows that opens up the exit without affecting the cave. The kids are attended to by the paramedics. Their parents are there as well. Sharon hugs Eve and especially Jake, telling him that she is proud of him. Later on, Sharon arrives at the hospital and confronts Walter about how he behaved with Vince. She knows what Vince did and forgave him a long time ago. It was in fact Walter who made Vince so drunk, after Riley’s death, that he ended up kissing a woman but once. So he needs to stop making his sons hate him and each other. They love him and so does she. Walter is visibly moved by Sharon’s words. As they say, love conquers all.

Back at the Station, Eve gives Jake the good news that the first responders at the car crash (where Freddy was) had bodycams on them. She has contacted the station that responded to the crash, and they are pulling the footage to check whether Freddy was there or not. If they spot him there, it can be the alibi he needed as it would prove that he wasn’t at the shop. Eve is about to call Freddy and give him the news. A few minutes later, Vince approaches Jake and tells him that he will be loved no matter if he makes mistakes. They finally hug.


Gabriela finds Bode with the stash. He is getting rid of it to keep the camp safe. She tells him about Kyle and how she had feelings for Kyle and that it would be so easy for her to choose a normal life. But instead, she has decided to be with him. And here he is with drugs. If anything goes wrong, it will deprive them both of being with each other. Gabriela’s words affect Bode deeply. He takes the stash and gives it to Manny, telling him that it is Sleeper’s. Sleeper is arrested. Freddy tells Bode that Eve has found him an alibi and he is getting out too. Fire Country Episode 20 ends with Sleeper telling Bode, as the cops take the former away, that it isn’t over between them.

Sleeper will be gone for quite some time. Meanwhile, we have Walter Leone back in the family as well Jake. Bode and Freddy are about to get out and Freddy’s release will bring some relief to Eve’s pain of regret that resulted from not being able to save Rebecca who was looking into Freddy’s case as well. However, it waits to be seen how Luke takes the news he has just got. Will Sharon talk to him? Maybe. Will Manny join Faye’s company? Doesn’t seem like it.


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