‘Fire Country’ Episode 16: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is The Drake County Fire Averted?

In Episode 15 of “Fire Country,” Eve is saved while Rebecca passes away. Meanwhile, Manny receives a call concerning an arson investigation. The cliffhanger will reveal a shocking truth in “Fire Country” Episode 16, along with Cal Fire struggling to contain one of the largest fires it has ever faced. This includes evacuating a prison. Will they pull off all these tasks? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Call Of The Wild

Drake County is about to go up in flames thanks to a wildland fire caused by arson. High-speed winds are helping the fire pick up its pace, and a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for all Drake County residents. The inmates at Three Rock are watching the events unfold on their phones. Bode has kept himself away from it all, having trouble getting over Rebecca’s death as well as writing a eulogy for her funeral. Manny returns after speaking to the lead investigator, Erika Snow (who is investigating the arson), and finds Bode in an aloof state. He understands what’s wrong and tells Bode to not let himself drown in regret. He cannot blame himself for what happened to Rebecca. Sometime later, the alarm at Three Rock goes off. They are needed in Drake County, where they will be working alongside the Shamrock Forest Hotshots, the best firefighters in the country. They have time to prove themselves again.


Back at Station 42, Eve submits her leave of absence to Vince, but he doesn’t accept it and tells her that she cannot push herself away from others just because she failed to protect someone. That is when Vince receives a radio message requesting his battalion to arrive in Drake County immediately. They are also needed to help evacuate the Drake County prison. Sharon tells Gabriela, Jake (who is back from his rest after his crisis at the hospital), Collin, and the others that they will be helping with the evacuation of the prison.

Three Rock and the Shamrock Forest Hotshots will cut a line to try and stop the fire, while Station 42 will assist the local authorities with the evacuation of the inmates of Drake County Prison.


New Job

Vince and his battalion arrive at the prison. He meets Warden Rosalind Henley, who tells them that there are around 1100 inmates they need to evacuate. The catch is that half the guards are absent, and the prison is on the verge of a gang war. Manny and Three Rock arrive at their location and meet Paul Knox, Superintendent of the Shamrock Forest Hotshots. Knox clearly doubts the capabilities of Three Rock, especially Bode, with whom he seems to have some kind of beef that goes way back. They are the last line of defense between the fire and the city, and the fire is merely 3 miles away.

Vince and his team have merely entered the prison when they come across an inmate who has been stabbed with a toothbrush. Jake, Collin, and Gabriella get to work, trying to keep the guy alive. Erika Snow visits Sharon at Station 42 and tells her that the Housing and Development fire (“Fire Country” Episode 13) is linked with the Drake County fire. Erika and her team believe that the arsonist behind both fires is a firefighter at Station 42.



As the Hotshots and Three Rock are cutting a line, Knox tells Bode that 21 years ago, during a fire in Drake County, Vince and his team choked and retreated. Bode gets hell-bent on proving to Knox that he and his team are just as good, not taking breaks and continuing to work and telling the others to do the same. It will only increase the chances of them saving lives. Knox checks the winds and realizes that the fire will change direction and move around the line they are cutting. Manny doesn’t believe him and decides to take Three Rock back to the buggy. They are leaving. Bode approaches Manny and tells him that they should not leave but rather continue the work. A minute wasted will only make things worse. That’s when the wind changes, and one of the Hotshot firefighters gets dragged away after a wire from a tent, which the wind has uprooted, wraps itself around his neck. Bode rushes after the guy, jumps over him, and cuts the rope before it can strangle him to death. Knox is visibly impressed. He tells Manny that they all need to move closer to the fire, i.e., take a 2-mile hike. They aren’t there to cut the line. They are the line. Without them, fire will consume everything. Bode is up for it. Manny tells him that what he is trying to do—prove to himself that he can do better and not let anyone else die like Rebecca—is very dangerous. Bode manages to persuade Manny to join the Hotshots on the hike.

Vince orders Jake, Gabriella, and Collin to transport the hurt inmate to the infirmary. The very next moment, they find out that somewhere else in prison, a fire has broken out. Warden Henley puts Vince and Eve on the spot. Inside the section where the fire has broken out, it is utter chaos. The inmates are trying to kill each other. Vince and Eve make their way inside and put out the mattress fire. There, they find a burn victim as well. They somehow manage to bring him to the infirmary as well, thanks to some assistance from the guards.


Erika tells Sharon that the same accelerant and a drip torch were used to light the Housing and Development fire as well as the Drake County fire. Sharon asks for the date and time of the Drake County fire breakout, and in turn, she will provide an alibi for every single firefighter at Station 42. But if she can’t, Erika will need to be given access to all of Station 42’s personal files.

Fighting For Life

Three Rock and the Hotshots complete the 2-mile hike and reach their new location. From there, the fire is one mile away. Knox wants to cut 1,000 feet of line and light it up so that the fire that’s approaching doesn’t get enough juice to continue moving forward. But Manny is against the idea, as lighting a fire with 1,000 feet of line can be dangerous to them all owing to the speed of the wind. Manny decides to leave with Three Rock. Bode chooses to stay. Manny lets him. After Three Rock leaves and Knox, Bode, and the Hotshots try to create a contained fire, Bode realizes that things aren’t looking too good. If the wind continues to blow the way it is blowing, they will be burned alive. A water drop isn’t possible because the wind is too fast. Bode then tries to make Knox understand that his team trusts him to do the right thing, which is to retreat. Knox understands what Bode means and orders his team to fall back.


One of the inmates in the infirmary tells Vince that there is no way to stop the riot unless the shot-callers say so. Vince decides to do the needful. He asks the warden to take him to the special housing units where the shot-callers are held. He enters the SHU and asks the gang leaders if they want to live as leaders who save their people or be held responsible for killing them. A few minutes later, all the inmates start evacuating the prison in a civilized manner. Vince’s question worked its charm. Drake County Prison is evacuated without any further trouble. The two inmates in the infirmary are also safe. The Drake County fire died out on the very abandoned cut line that Knox’s Hotshots and Three Rock made. Drake County is safe.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 16: Ending Explained – Who Is The Arsonist?

Station 42 and the Three Rock inmates have gathered at Rebecca’s funeral at Three Rock camp. Bode gives a heartfelt eulogy, saying how Rebecca always wanted to help others. Paul Knox is also there and approaches Vince, telling him that he has raised a good kid. Vince had no idea Bode was working with Knox the whole time. Erika, also there, tells Sharon that it is possible that the arsonist is present at the funeral.


Later on, at the local bar, all of Station 42 is present. Jake tells Collin that when he was in the 5th grade, he deliberately set fire to his own bedroom, waiting for his father to return and save him. But it was Vince Leone who arrived and saved him. Sharon approaches Manny and tells him that Erika believes that one of the firefighters at Station 42 is responsible for the Drake County fire. She has gone through all of the firefighters’ personal files to provide Erika with alibis, and one name stands out. This guy was in Drake County when the fire started. Eve, Gabriella, and Collin were all at Station 42. The only guy who wasn’t was Jake. It is Jake who started the Drake County fire, and it wouldn’t be the first time he has done so.

Sharon knows that Jake set fire to his room when he was in 5th grade. If this isn’t what she meant (when she told Manny that Drake County isn’t Jake’s first arson), then it means that Sharon has info on Jake carrying out arson somewhere else. She might also be pointing toward the Housing and Development fire (“Fire Country” Episode 13). She and Manny need to talk to Jake and find out the truth before the federal authorities figure it out and take him into custody, which they will. “Fire Country” Episode 17 will tell us whether this happens.


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