‘Fire Country’ Episode 15: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Three Rock Save Eve?

Episode 15 of “Fire Country” is the ultimate race against time for Cal Fire Station 42 and Three Rock. Tension reaches its peak, and the teams struggle to pull off their respective jobs before disaster can strike. What adds to the tension are the emotional stakes, which are by far the highest they’ve ever been. Will the firefighters make it? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead


Sharon and Jake acknowledge the dangers and sign the necessary documents and agreements before going for the transplant. Both are positive and rather jovial about it. It’s Vince and Lilly who are concerned, if not scared. Back at Three Rock, Bode signs a request form so that he can meet his mother before she goes for the surgery. Rebecca helps him fill it up and tells him that he needs the captain’s signature, i.e., Manny’s. But he has taken the day off, which is unusual. However, in the absence of the captain, he needs the CO’s signature. And as per Freddy, that guy is a tough nut to crack.


With Manny out, it is Eve who will take charge while Three Rock carries out its reforestation project and lead them up a 3-mile hike in the forest for the same. Back at the station, Gabriela isn’t able to contact her father on his phone and has no idea where he is. Sharon and Vince are at home, and Sharon keeps on reassuring Vince that everything will work out just fine. That’s when Station 42 receives a call about an accident at the harbor. It is time for Vince to get back to work. Vince, Gabriela, and Collin O’Reilly arrive at the harbor. That’s where she finds her dad. He has been double-timing on a fishing boat that has the very person whose hand is stuck in a bait chopper.

Three Rock, led by Eve, is heading up the forest when a tree falls out of nowhere, pinning Eve under it and sending her down a slope. A couple of inmates decide to head back and not take the risk of dying under a tree, but Rebecca, using her legal acumen, convinces them to remain, telling them that if they leave, they will be charged with escaping. That’s when they hear Eve’s voice. She is out of sight but is conscious.


The Rescue

Alberto got his glove caught in the blades of the bait chopper while trying to take out a large piece of bait. Safety Officer Manny Perez shut down the piece of equipment, but his hand isn’t coming out. Alberto’s pulse is fading due to blood loss, so they need to hurry. Vince decides to try and turn the blades in the opposite direction so that they can pull out Alberto’s arm manually.

Bode, Rebecca, Freddie, and the others find Eve badly pinned under the tree, which is also not allowing her to breathe properly. If the tree falls further, it will crush Eve. Three Rock has no one to tell them what is to be done. So it’s time for them to finally improvise. Eve suggests contacting support because if something happens to her, Three Rock will be held responsible. Rebecca starts looking around for Eve’s radio. Meanwhile, they need to hold the trunk in position. Rebecca finds the radio, and Bode calls for a rescue team.


Jake and his mother, Lilly, are at the hospital. Lilly tells him that he still has the choice to say no to the transplant. But Jake tells her that he is ready and that he wants to do it. Lilly then comes to Sharon’s room and finds her listening to her radio. They find out about Eve’s situation. Sharon radios Bode that the ground team lost its way, but a rescue helicopter is close, and it just needs a place to land. The sun is meanwhile going down, and Eve isn’t looking too good.

At the harbor, manual extraction of Alberto’s arm isn’t possible. They need to open up the bait cutter piece by piece to bring out the arm. But before that, they need to stabilize Alberto, who is losing his vitals due to a lot of blood loss. Gabriela brings a flat board and puts it behind Alberto, which will serve as his spine. If he loses his footing and falls, his arm will tear right off. They put the oxygen mask on him, and Gabriela gives him CPR. Alberto finally regains consciousness. They now need to dismantle the bait chopper.


Final Moments

Bode sees a helicopter overhead and radios Sharon about it. She radios the helicopter and finds out that, due to low visibility, the helicopter cannot get low enough to carry out a hoist rescue. Sharon has the map on a tab in front of her and suggests the helicopter land half a mile away where there is space. Meanwhile, a nurse walks into a room and starts Sharon’s IV for the transplant. Freddie hears the helicopter landing nearby. Three Rock has been able to cut off the branches around Eve, and it might just be possible to pull her out now that the trunk is held stable. They pull her out halfway when her leg gets stuck in a branch. Rebecca heads under and lifts the branch. Eve is carefully pulled out from under the trunk after several hours. Bode radios his mother to say that Eve is out. She is put on a stretcher and taken to the helicopter. Rebecca stretches her hand out to Bode. Bode stretches his hand to pull her out, but before he can reach her hand, the trunk loses traction, shifts suddenly, and hits her hard, throwing her to the ground. Rohan, the medical expert, checks her out. It seems that she is bleeding internally and needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Freddy, meanwhile, finds out that the tree had already been cut and was just fitted back into position. This whole event occurred because some crew made a mistake and tried to fix it. Bode informs Sharon about it. The helicopter will not be able to get back there quick enough, so Bode and the others will have to carry Rebecca down using a makeshift stretcher made out of branches. Sharon is about to have her operation and tells Bode the same. Bode knows he can’t leave the scene and can only wish for the best for his mom. Rebecca tells Freddy that he is up for a retrial, which means he might soon be able to see his baby. She is then put on the stretcher and taken away.

Gabriela unscrews the last bolt of the bait chopper, and Alberto’s arm is slowly brought out. Vince, realizing that Alberto is out of danger, leaves for the hospital. Alberto thanks Manny for taking the blame for not overseeing him. Gabriela hears this and approaches her father. She tells him that she thought he was back to gambling, and after finding out what he was actually doing, she couldn’t be more proud of him.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 15: Ending Explained – Is Sharon’s Transplant Successful?

Vince arrives at the hospital right when Sharon is being taken inside for the transplant. They kiss, and Sharon is taken away. Three Rock brings Rebecca to the rescue team. She doesn’t seem to have a pulse. One of the nurses begins giving her CPR.

An hour has passed since Sharon and Jake were taken in. Rebecca has been brought to the same hospital. Suddenly, one of the doctors comes out and tells Vince and Lilly that there has been some issue with Jake. On the other hand, the doctor looking after the patient, who had been brought in with internal bleeding, approaches Manny and gives him the news. Rebecca is no more. Sharon opens her eyes and finds Vince and Bode looking at her. Bode’s CO has permitted him to see his mom. However, Sharon is told that the transplant could not be done as Jake suffered a severe reaction to the anesthesia. Jake is told the same by his mother, and he is heartbroken. Sharon decides that she won’t have the transplant again and will live her remaining days just the way she wants with her family. Manny, who is waiting outside, gets a call from Cal Fire headquarters. He has been called in relation to an ongoing investigation into a case of arson.


The ending of “Fire Country” Episode 12 showed someone lighting a forest fire. Sacramento Cal Fire headquarters is investigating the case and searching for this person, and Manny seems to be somehow connected to him or her. Episode 15 ends on a sad note with the possibility that Manny might have to face charges of arson after all this time of good leadership. This will certainly affect those around him at Three Rock and Station 42, especially Gabriela. We will have to wait for “Fire Country” Episode 16 to find out whether Manny was indeed involved, be it directly or indirectly, in the arson. 

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