‘Fire Country’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Cal Fire Save The Siblings?

“Fire Country” Episode 8 shows Manny and Vince trying to cope with their personal issues, which are a hindrance to their job. While Manny is in a difficult financial situation (“Fire Country” Episode 7) that is affecting his judgment, Vince’s conscience is getting in the way of his ability to act as the leader of the Cal Fire squad. Will both be able to work together to save the situation, or will things slip out of hand? Let’s find out.


Manny has been at the casino till late at night, trying his luck. He has been trying to make money to clear his credit card bills and pay his mortgage, but luck isn’t much help. Sharon has just returned from her medical visit to Los Angeles, thanks to Lily, only for Vince to tell her that it was him and not his brother Luke who told the board about her sickness. As angry as Sharon is, she accepts Vince’s apology and decides to stay at home for the time being. Three Rock Camp is on a hike. Freddy tells Bode that he will be proposing to his girlfriend, Cookie. He has also noticed what’s cooking between Bode and Rebecca. Meanwhile, Eve is back at Cal Fire after her recovery (“Fire Country” Episode 6). Three Rock Camp is clearing an area by a road when a car zooms past them, almost hitting Manny had it not been for Freddy, who pulls him out of the way. A few moments later, they all hear a crash followed by what seems to be a car turning over. There’s been a hit-and-run.

Spoilers Ahead


A Family At Work

Manny and his team rush toward the scene. They find a car teetering on the edge of a bridge overlooking a river. Falling certainly means death. They also notice a girl running around the scene after pulling herself out of the overturned car. It is the same car that almost hit Manny a few minutes ago. They let the girl go and return to the car hanging by the bridge. Inside the car, Bode and Manny find a boy and a girl bleeding, siblings Yara, who is awake, and Sam, who is unconscious. They notice a leak, and Manny orders his team to put some dirt on the fuel and then transfer it to buckets. They have to clear the fuel before the engine arrives, and they can pull the car off the edge.

Vince, Jake, Eve, and Gabriela are stuck in traffic on the way to the bridge. They decide to go on foot with the necessary tools and equipment. Back at the site, Manny reassures Yara, who is stuck inside the car, that help is coming, but she needs to be strong and calm and not move, as any movement can make the car topple over. Vince’s team arrives with the tools and a stretcher. Gabriela approaches Bode and tells him that her father (Manny) is behaving strangely, an opinion that Bode shares too. Manny is tired and stressed, and preoccupied with something. Bode promises Gabriela that he has her father’s back and will make sure he is okay.


Not A Good Plan

Manny and Vince take different approaches to the rescue. Manny intends to cut the car open and pull out Yara because she has more chance of making it out alive than her brother Sam. However, Vince isn’t convinced about the plan and wants to ensure the safety of both Yara and Sam by securing the car, which thus negates Manny’s plan. As the parents come rushing towards the scene, crying and yelling for their children, Vince cannot help but think of the night of Riley’s death. – The burning car; Luke trying to hold Vince from running towards the fire,  a heavily wounded Bode apologizing to him with tears rolling down his eyes; It was an endless pain- Vince imagines all this when Manny snaps him out of the nightmare. Vince gives the order to anchor the car to a guardrail post using chains to secure it until the engine arrives. Manny, yet again, tries to make Vince understand that Sam is trapped and the most sensible thing to do is get Yara out before anything goes wrong, but Vince is not willing to compromise Sam’s life at all. All Manny can do is listen to him or stay away. Vince then approaches Yara and tells her to keep Sam calm if he wakes up. Yara tells him that she wants to talk to her parents. Vince agrees. Meanwhile, Manny tells the parents, who are at a distance from the scene, that they cannot go close to the car as even a slight movement can cause the car to fall. That’s when Vince arrives and tells the parents that they can talk to their kids. The parents rush toward the car. Manny knows how wrong it is but, as usual, can’t say anything about it. Gabriela approaches Manny and asks him what’s going on. Manny tells her that he has lost the house. Then, Gabriela and Bode talk about how neither of them trusts their father’s decision. Bode tells her that he has tried time and again to keep his father from mixing work and personal life (Riley’s death) but hasn’t been really successful as such. The father tells Vince how it was his fault that his children are fighting death now. The same happened with Vince, who blamed himself for missing Riley’s call on the night she died. Had he picked up her call, she would have been alive. Gabriela tells what she learned about Vince from Bode to Eve and Jake. Eve believes that they need to talk to Vince, but Jake disagrees. Vince is already preoccupied, and questioning him about Riley will only make it worse. They decided to talk to Bode instead.

The Snap

Vince asks the parents to leave the spot. Manny warns Vince about the undercarriage of the car, which is not looking good and can compromise the rescue at any moment. The very next moment, the harness attached to the undercarriage snapped, shaking the car. The only thing holding it from falling is the chain. Vince orders his team to find another anchor point and use another chain to hold the car in position. Eve, Gabriela, Bode, and Jake realize that there is no leadership working within the team. Eve tells Jake to talk to Vince and convince him about Manny’s plan to bring Yara out first. Jake joins Manny, who is still trying to make Vince understand what needs to be done, and reaffirms Manny’s plan. Vince, who trusts Jake, finally agrees to it. Manny gives Three Rock Camp and Cal Fire the instructions to cut open the car and bring Yara out. Thankfully, the back of the car is cut open, and Yara is brought out safely, put on a stretcher, and taken to an ambulance. Bode and Freddie watch as Manny tells Vince how it was Vince’s stubborn attitude that made the mission more precarious. As Manny heads away, Bode sees his father walk towards the car. He realizes that Vince is going to pull Sam out.


Riley Is Dead

Bode runs toward his father and stops him mid-way. Vince tries to push him away, but Bode is hugging him hard and telling him that it isn’t Riley inside the car. She is dead. As painful as it is for both of them, Vince has to accept it just as Bode has. Unfortunately, Bode’s words don’t work, as Vince shoves him away and runs towards the car. Bode realizes that his father won’t listen and joins him near the car. This time, Bode tries to make him realize what can go wrong and the outcome. Just like Vince blamed Luke and Bode for Riley’s death, the parents of the siblings will blame Cal Fire for the death of Sam. If Vince tries to pull Sam out by going inside the car, it can cause the car to fall to the river beneath and take Vince along. And Sharon cannot lose him. Bode mentioning Sharon brings Vince back to his senses. He tells Bode that Cal Fire needs to do whatever it takes to save Sam. He decides to stay with the family while the team rescues Sam and walks away. Bode then hears a male voice from the car. Sam is awake.

Love Like A Brother

Luke, Vince’s brother, arrives at Leone’s household, and Sharon greets him at the door. Vince is at work. They sit to talk, and Luke states that he wants to talk about something that Sharon might not find pleasant. He knows that she asked Manny to remain at Three Rock Camp despite there being enough evidence for his transfer—punching Jake. He heard about it from somewhere, which means others can come to know about it too, including the board, and everyone knows what will happen then. Luke is there just to make her understand that they need to be prepared in case someone begins questioning them about the matter. Sharon tells him about her new treatment plan that she received from her nephrologist in Los Angeles and how she feels like she is getting better. Luke didn’t know how bad her situation was or that she had been dealing with it for quite some time. Sharon reveals that she didn’t want anyone at work to know about her, as it would compromise her post as division chief. And then there is Bode, who she is finally able to get back after all these years. So she never hesitated to use her position to get her son back. This is when Luke mentions that he thought the reason Manny let Bode stay at Three Rock was that he and Sharon had a thing going on. The very next moment, he tries to get close to her. Sharon reads the room and gets up from her seat. She asks Luke to leave after telling him that they will never speak about these things again with anyone, especially Vince.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Is Sam Rescued?

Bode rushes towards the car to talk to Sam, who is in a state of panic. He tries to make him understand that moving will make things worse, but all that Sam wants is to get out of the car. Realizing that there’s no other choice, Bode jumps into the car from the cut and tries to free Sam. Vince and the others rush towards the car, which is now shaking heavily and can fall at any moment. Bode manages to free Sam, and he heads towards the ledge. Vince pulls Sam out safely and puts his hand out for Bode to catch. Time is running out. Bode is about to catch his father’s hand when disaster hits. The car turns further and falls straight into the river and is seen no more. Bode is gone.

Eve had already called for dispatch when Bode was inside the car. We have to wait to find out if Bode survives the fall. All the misunderstandings will fade away with Bode’s death. However, Sharon will never forgive Vince for it, and Cal Fire will be in pieces. Needless to say, Vince will be released from duty, and it can even bring to light Bode’s past, which will eventually bring out the fact that Sharon used her power to keep Bode at Three Rock Camp. Thus, she will also be suspended. The Leone family will have nothing to live for.


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