‘Fire Country’ Episode 3 And 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Does Bode Return Home?

At the end of Episode 2 of “Fire Country”, we find out that Sharon, Bode’s mom, has chronic kidney disease. Manny tells Bode that he will remain in Edgewater. Bode might not have liked his decision, but we can tell that somewhere deep down, he is glad about it. Sharon, too, discovers that it was Vince who told Bode to leave home after Riley’s death and never return. “Fire Country” Episodes 3 and 4 will further the plot by exploring the relationship as Cal Fire tries to protect Edgewater.


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‘Fire Country’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending

Bode has trouble sleeping at night and decides to have some fresh air. Manny is awake too. Bode tells him how he believes that his father wanted him to die in the car accident and not Riley. And it is his father’s voice that led him to stick a gun at an innocent man’s face at a liquor store. He wanted to get high enough to escape that voice. Manny explains to Bode that he cannot let his past actions decide his present. There’s goodness in him that Edgewater needs.


Vince and Sharon are at home. Vince will not be joining her to see Bode due to a red flag warning. Furthermore, he tells her that helping Bode is taking a toll on her emotionally. Sharon says that her family is the best medicine for her, and she wants Vince to talk to Bode. Before their conversation can come to an end, they receive info about a vegetation fire.

On the way to the location, Jake admits to Vince about Bode punching him. However, Vince is under the impression that Bode did it because he is jealous of Jake. And Jake, rather than explaining to Vince that the truth behind the punch is about Riley, decides to keep things the way they are. Back at the station, Eve begins training the new recruits, one of them being Gabriela, before they join the frontline in 2 weeks.


Vince, Jake, and other firefighters reach the location and begin working on the fire that is slowly spreading up a mountain. During one such moment, a “burning man” comes running out of the forest in their direction, crying for help. They take out the fire off of him and call for the medics. The kid reveals that he and his friend lit a joint, and the wind kicked up. His friend Caleb is still out in the mountains somewhere with fire about to devour him.

Sharon visits Bode at the Three Rock Camp, who tells her that he is making up for Riley’s death by saving as many lives as he can. His father (Vince) thinks that he is a liability, but Sharon tells him that Vince is just afraid that he will break Vince’s heart again. But she is not afraid. She wants Bode back. She knows she probably doesn’t have much time left, so she wants to be with her whole family before she can die peacefully. Meanwhile, a truck arrives for the inmates to go to the location and assist Cal Fire. Sharon gets the info that the fire has spread to 50 acres, and there is a missing teen in the mountains.


Vince and Jake are in the mountains looking for the missing kid when they come across what seems to be a weed plantation. They then find the kid in a pit trap dug several feet in the ground with his right leg pierced through by a sharpened tree branch. The Three Rock Camp inmates arrive at the location and start working on a cut and a scrape. Bode finds out that his father and Jake are carrying out a search and rescue. He tells Manny about a guy named Mojave Sutton, a guy he knew from back in the day, who is an outlaw weed grower who runs his business in the mountains. If Mojave finds out that his business is under attack, even from firefighters, he wouldn’t like it at all.

Before Vince and Jake can begin their rescue, Mojave and his men arrive at the scene and hold them at gunpoint. Vince is only able to radio the words “Mayday” before he is told to stay off the radio. Sharon picks up the distress signal and contacts the cops. Mojave states that the kids were there to steal his crops and the sustenance of his family, and he doesn’t want to go to prison for it. He then uses Vince’s radio to notify the authorities that he has three hostages with him (Vince, Jake, and the kid Caleb). Sharon, who is back at the station, and Manny, who is with the inmates making a cut for the fire, both receive the message. Sharon calls Manny and tells him to keep Bode out of the situation. She orders Manny to bring the inmates back to the camp. But with his father as a hostage, Bode isn’t willing to leave. He convinces Manny that Mojave will only listen to inmates like them, and sending the cops in will make it worse. Both then leave in the direction where Vince and Jake went, disregarding a direct order from the station chief, Sharon. After not being able to contact Manny, Sharon decides to visit the location. She takes Eve along, who has been training the recruits all this while. Sharon tells Gabriela that her boyfriend and Vince have been taken, hostage. Sharon and Eve arrive at the location in a chopper, all the rigs being already at the spot.


Mojave and his men hear a chopper and realize that things are only piling up against them. That’s when Bode and Manny arrive at the plantation. Mojave recognizes Bode, who tries really hard to make him realize that what he is doing isn’t right. A kid will die if he doesn’t let them do the needful. And Mojave has two choices, he can either surrender to the cops and Manny will make sure that he becomes a part of the camp, or they can all die in the fire that is almost upon them from all sides. Mojave surrenders. Bode points to Mojave’s car, which they use to escape the fire.

Sharon, Eve and a group of cops are already on their way into the mountains when they see a car coming toward them. Mojave is arrested. Caleb is hurt but safe. Vince, Jake, Manny, and Bode are safe too. Sharon takes Vince home. The situation is under control. Gabriela successfully passes the first day of training under Eve. Bode and the inmates return to the camp.


That night Vince visits Bode, who tells him that Jake and Riley are together and that Jake broke her heart the night Riley died. Vince is taken aback as it has been two years since Riley’s death, but Jake didn’t tell him anything despite working alongside him for so long. Bode doesn’t want to be a part of the family because he knows that his father will make him look like the bad guy. Saying this, Bode leaves and goes back to his room.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 4: Recap

Manny introduces the male crew to the female crew, led by Liv, whom they now have to work with. Bode finds out that his friend, inmate Freddy, was falsely accused. Bode decides to talk to one of the women inmates, Rebecca, who is a lawyer, about Freddy’s case. Maybe, she can change the judge’s mind about Freddy. Rebecca agrees to look into the case.


Sharon tells Vince that she has qualified for Phase 3 of her clinical trials. The trial is at the forefront of slowing down her chronic kidney disease. She is very happy, and so is Vince (other than the fact that Jake hid his relationship with Riley from him). At the bar, Eve has an awkward conversation with Aydan, the owner, whom Eve seems to like a lot. Aydan has a catering order at a wedding. At the Cal Fire station, Sharon decides to find out for herself just how prepared Gabriela is for becoming a firefighter.

Aydan is at the Zenith Sky Hotel, taking care of things. The bride has been talking to Aydan, appreciating her food, when the groom decides to take a picture on the sky bridge. Eve calls Aydan and tells her that she wants to be friends. Aydan wants to talk more but can’t as she has to organize champagne for the toast. She tells Eve that she will call her back later and heads to the spot carrying the champagne glasses. This is when two sky bridges collapse in the lobby.


The alarm at Cal Fire goes off. Vince and his team arrive at the location, a wedding venue. The casualties are many, with some of them trapped underneath the rubble. Multiple teams have arrived to carry out the rescue operation. The bridges collapsed onto the sub-level that can still be accessed through the stairwell. Eve realizes that the wedding is the one Aydan was catering to and that she is probably stuck under the debris. Vince calls for additional help. Sharon notifies Manny, who arrives at the scene with Bode, Freddy, and the others, as well as the women. Sharon, who is at the scene, decides to go to the location and takes Gabriela along.

With the power and utilities turned off, which will prevent any gas leak or fire, Jake and Eve begin searching the sublevel for casualties. While Eve is desperately looking for Aydan, they find a guy who has his left hand under a metal beam. He needs help immediately. Vince arrives and sends Eve outside, where they need more helping hands. He also radios Sharon for a med bag ASAP.


Outside, Sharon arrives with Gabriela. The debris pile that is being dumped outside needs to be removed as it is blocking the firefighters’ way in and out of the building. The crews of Manny and Liv receive the orders that they have to remove the rubble piece by piece and make way for the firefighters. Sharon calls for a crane after finding that there are 15 people stuck underneath a huge piece of the sky bridge that cannot be removed by any other means. While Manny isn’t happy about his daughter Gabriela working alongside him in fighting the fire, Sharon’s words prove that Gabriela is a tough one. Eve helps the bride, who has just been rescued, but the bride is still stuck somewhere under the structure. The bride isn’t willing to leave without knowing where her husband is. At the sub-level, Gabriela brings the med bag to Vince and a surprised Jake. Gabriela returns outdoors. Vince, Jake, and a couple of other firefighters free the guy’s hand after trying a tourniquet, and two firefighters take him away. Only Vince and Jake remain. Upstairs, the bride tries to go and check for her husband despite Eve’s warning. She steps foot on top of a pile of debris that brings down a big piece of the sky bridge on top of Vince. Now, Vince is trapped as well, with no way to get out, and he is bleeding through his forehead. To make matters worse, a water pipe burst near Vince, who is lying down, and the space is now filling with water.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Is Vince Saved?  

Jake radios to Sharon about Vince’s state. Sharon has to decide whom to rescue first, her husband or the 15 people. She orders the rescue of the 15 people first and tells Jake to do whatever it takes to keep her husband alive. Meanwhile, the water level has reached Vince’s neck. Jake apologizes to Vince for not telling him about Riley and the fact that he is still unable to prove himself, helpless as he is with his chief stuck. But Vince reassures him that he is one of the best firefighters Vince has trained, and thus he needs to act like one. Jake finds a pipe in the med bag and sends it through a hole that reaches Vince’s mouth. Vince will now be able to breathe through it even if submerged. But not for long. The crane arrives in the nick of time, the piece of the sky bridge is lifted, and Vince is rescued. The bride, too, is brought out of the rubble by Eve, followed by Aydan. Jake brings out Vince to Sharon, Bode, and Gabriela, who have been waiting. The bride and the groom meet outside and kiss. Sharon rushes out and hugs Vince. Not one but two happily married couples survive the day. Bode and the others are ordered by Manny to return to camp.


Later at the bar, Gabriela finds out from Sharon that her father, Manny, asked Sharon to haze her so that she would leave Cal Fire. Gabriela then confronts Manny, who is at the bar as well. She tells him that her choice to be a part of Cal Fire is not up for debate, especially between them. Manny decided to train Bode but not his own daughter. This is just hypocritical. Gabriela then walks away.

At the station, Aydan comes to meet Eve and thanks her. They end up kissing. Back at home, Vince and Sharon are having a fun time watching baseball. Sharon decides to share a beer with her husband. She goes to the fridge to get it but doesn’t return to the sofa. Vince hears a bottle break into pieces. Sharon has fallen.


It seems that Sharon’s chronic kidney disease has finally gotten to her. This can take a huge toll on Cal Fire and Bode. She is the only strong link between him and his father, Vince. If something happens to her, the Leone family will never be together again. Only Episode 5 will reveal the truth.

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