‘Fire Country’ Episode 11: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Bode Find Odin?

“Fire Country” Episode 11 offers a more “personal” take on the members of Cal Fire Station 42. While the battalion is more than capable of protecting Edgewater from any mishap, will they be able to help each other when the casualties are their own heart and mind? “Fire Country” Episode 11 is the toughest test yet for Cal Fire as well as the Leone family.


Spoilers Ahead


Edgewater has organized a fundraiser for Chief Sharon Leone’s kidney transplant. Vince and Luke are also going to play, as they used to when they were young, at the event with their band Fire to Burn. While Sharon and Vince are talking about it, Luke enters and reveals, to Sharon’s surprise, that Manny received a loan from Vince. Sharon isn’t happy that Vince gave the money to Manny without consulting her and drives off on her chopper, dropping off only a hint about how the Leone brothers lack a sense of boundaries. Luke understands what she means. Vince doesn’t.


Back at Three Rock Camp, Bode is talking to someone on the phone when a group of bikers passes by the place. Meanwhile, Freddy approaches him with a newspaper with a picture of him carrying Gabriela. Bode is a hero. Bode isn’t really affected by it and heads to the office of Manny, who has just lost some more money in horse betting, to request him to put in a word for Bode as a donor for Sharon’s transplant. The phone call earlier was about him scheduling an appointment for the donor test on the same day. After being reminded how much he owes Sharon for letting him stay at Three Rock, Vince agrees.

An Eventful Edgewater

The day of the fundraiser arrives. Sharon enters Smokey’s Tavern and is welcomed by her teammates, former members of Cal Fire, including Dolly and Paulie Burnett, as well as another Edgewater folk. Jake meets Gabriela, and they share a brief few moments before Jake bumps into Cara (“Fire Country” Episode 10). Clearly, Cara has made quite an impression on Jake. Vince asks Luke the truth behind Sharon’s statement. Luke tells him how he mentioned to Sharon that she was lucky to have Vince. Vince quickly realizes that his brother had tried to hit on his wife, and they almost get into a verbal quarrel when Paulie cuts in, making them take the stage and perform. Gabriela finds out from Sharon that her father borrowed money from Vince and has possibly been gambling. During the performance, Sharon is approached by a biker who tries to force himself on her. Paulie tries to interfere, and the guy pushes him away. Vince walks down the stage to put the matter in check, and he, too, gets shoved. The bikers and Cal Fire members are about to get into a fight, but this time it is Sharon who lowers the heat. Jake tells the biker guy and his gang to leave for their own good before the cops arrive. Vince takes Sharon home. The fundraiser has to be rescheduled.


Bode, who is at the dispensary with Manny, gets tested, and the results are to arrive in a week. While on their way back to the camp, they encounter a motorcycle accident involving two bikers. Bode recognizes one of the bikes as Sharon’s and rushes towards it. However, it isn’t Sharon but Dolly, whom Sharon told to take the bike home. The other biker is Paulie. Both of them are heavily wounded; Dolly cannot breathe, while Paulie has multiple fractures and a burned leg. Bode checks the bike and finds out that the brakes have been cut. Dolly tells him about the outlaw bikers and the fight at Smokey’s Tavern. Manny calls for emergency services.

Within a few minutes, Sharon, Vince, Jake, Gabriela, and Cara arrive at the scene. They have to make a hole in Dolly’s torso so that the air stuck between her lungs and chest wall can escape. This will prevent the already-punctured lung from collapsing. Jake uses Dolly’s knife to do the trick, guided by Cara, who is a nurse, and Dolly is finally able to breathe. Meanwhile, Manny and Vince put a plank between Paulie’s burnt leg and the hot tailpipe. Within minutes, a couple of ambulances arrive, and along with them, the outlaw bikers’ gang. Bode strides towards them, making it clear that he means business. It is revealed that the name of the biker who cut the brakes off Sharon’s bike and has been ousted by the gang is Odin AKA Owe Fletcher, a guy who Sharon sent back to prison from Three Rock camp many years ago. Now, Odin is back for revenge.


The Spiraling

Paulie and Dolly are being treated at the hospital, and they will both make it. Now back home, Sharon shares her regrets with Vince about not giving Odin a second chance at Three Rock. Odin, like Bode, was the First Saw. Moments later, Jake walks in with the news that Odin is missing. However, Sharon is more worried about Bode, who she knows wouldn’t sit this one out. And she is right.

Bode shares the news with his friends at Three Rock. It is obvious that they are all equally angry at what has happened, but Manny knows better. He tells Bode to calm down and not do something wrong out of desperation. Bode reacts by mentioning what he found out from Gabriela about Manny, who is also doing something that’s not supposed to be done (gambling with borrowed money). Saying this, Bode gives Manny a glare and goes back to bed.

At the station, Gabriela and Jake are still not comfortable with each other. Jake is heartbroken because Gabriela chose Bode over him, and she is distressed for being unable to make Jake understand that it wasn’t up to her to make the choice. Her explanation is interrupted by a call from Manny, who, after accepting his new gambling habit and debt from the Leones, tells her to talk to Bode, who is spiraling and needs help. Watching her leave for Three Rock, Jake charges her with getting her kick not from saving people physically but from saving them emotionally. Gabriela gives him the perfect reply, telling him that every person deserves to be saved, be it physically or emotionally.

Bode is about to leave his camp in the middle of the night when he sees Gabriela. She holds his hands and makes him understand that the only real way to protect his mom is to return inside so that he can serve his time and join his family. The way they look at each other makes it clear that, both Gabriela and Bode have feelings for each other. Naturally, he heads back inside his camp. Back at the station, Vince confronts Luke about hitting Sharon. Luke tries to explain that he got carried away by his emotions, but it isn’t enough for justification. Nothing is. What Luke says then explains the truth behind his actions. Vince had a family, a loving wife, and a great job, none of which Luke had. So, he was jealous. Vince realizes this and decides to leave. An apology from Luke isn’t even close to forgiveness.


Odin’s Revenge

Everyone is asleep at Three Rock Camp when the smell of smoke wakes them all up. They rush outside only to discover that they are surrounded by fire on all sides. Bode knows that the guy behind it is Odin. The sensors at Station 42 go off, highlighting the location Three Rock on screen. Vince tries to stop Sharon from going to the location, fearing that it might be Odin’s work, but Sharon doesn’t seem to care. Only moments have passed before the guys at Three Rock find out that the hose has been cut, which means that they will have to cut a line to prevent the fire from eating the camp up. Bode realizes that Odin is watching what’s happening from behind the shadows. Fire Engines from Station 42 are on their way and reach Three Rock after some time, their arrival having been delayed by a burning tree in the middle of the road, another of Odin’s acts. The fire is ultimately put out, but it’s not over for Bode, who looks around the place to see if he can get even a glimpse of Odin. And he does. Without wasting any time, he rushes in the direction of a headlight he has spotted behind the trees.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 11: Ending Explained – Does Bode Find Odin?

After following the sound of the chopper, Bode finally comes face to face with Odin. A brief fight follows, involving hard punches from both sides, after which Bode pins Odin to the ground and is about to knock him out when Jake intervenes. The rest of Cal Fire and Three Rock arrives there, along with two cops who arrest Odin. Bode apologizes to Gabriela for not listening to her and going after Odin.


Everything is back to normal in Edgewater. The day arrives for the results of the donors, and Vince is hopeful that his wife Sharon will get a kidney transplant. Back at Three Rock, Bode is sketching a picture of him carrying Gabriela (the one from the newspaper, which Freddy showed him) when Manny walks in. Bode closes the notebook before Manny can see it. Manny approaches him and gives him the result of his test.

Vince is back performing solo at Smokey’s Tavern, surrounded by his wife Sharon and his Cal Fire team, among others. Luke enters, lets Jake know that he is leaving Edgewater and exits. Manny approaches Sharon and opens up to her about his condition and the fact that he needs help. He then apologizes to his daughter Gabriela for what he has done and promises to be a better father. Cara and Jake are getting to know each other better. Bode opens the test result and finds out that he has passed as a donor for his mother. While Bode is officially viable as a donor for his mother’s transplant, he still has to convince his mother about it. Knowing how Sharon is, she will be a tough nut to crack, and Bode will need all the help he can get.


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