‘Fire Country’ Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained – Does Charlie Get His Deserved Send-Off From Cal Fire?

Bode and Gabriela have survived the cold waters of Edgewater. Vince has managed to get the charges against Bode dropped by speaking to Meg’s parents. The heroic action of Bode has certainly earned Vince’s trust, and it seems that the Leone family is about to get back together after a long separation. Episode 10 of “Fire Country” shows how everything at Cal Fire is falling into place, but disaster is always nearby, ready to strike.

Three Rock Camp is arriving for their training at Cal Fire Station 42, i.e., Vince Leone’s battalion. Before leaving for his station, Vince mentions to Sharon how proud he is of Bode. Sharon also finds out that she is eligible for a kidney transplant. Back at the station, Gabriela reassures Jake that, as far as she and Bode are concerned, there is nothing left to discuss. She is happy with Jake and expresses her gladness at how he and Bode are getting along. Jake, too, apologizes for doubting her and tells her how proud he is of her for her dedication to her job. Gabriela reveals that she has decided to move in with Jake.

Spoilers Ahead

Cal Fire Catastrophe

Three Rock Camp arrives at Station 42. Eve is glad to have Bode back, but things don’t look good for Manny, who has his insurance and credit card payments piling up. He decides not to waste time thinking about it and rejoices. Why? Because it is the last day for Charlie, Three Rock Camp’s eldest member, who has received early-release parole. Every member is happy to see Charlie return home to his family. However, Charlie mentions that he has already submitted his application to Cal Fire. As for their training, Eve is going to show them routine safety protocols during a fire breakout. Also, Fire Station 42 is having a demonstration for small-business owners regarding fire safety. Jake asks Gabriel to ignite a controlled fire so that they can show the owners how to use an extinguisher to put it out. Vince has arrived and is present there as well.

Only a few minutes have passed since the demonstration when a loud crash is heard, followed by a power outage. The crash must have brought down a power line. Cal Fire receives radio intel saying that a box truck has crashed nearby, and Eve decides to head out and check what has happened. As soon as she raises the shutter, a box truck rushes in at breakneck speed and rams into their engine. One thing leads to another, and a metal rack topples and hits the gas pipe that was the source of the fire and was connected to the container holding the controlled fire, letting it loose and allowing the pipe to blow fire in all directions. Jake somehow manages to slide under the fire and rotate the lever on the cylinder, thereby stopping the pipe from spreading any more fire. But that’s only the first step, as the fire has already begun spreading. Some people are hurt as well. Cal Fire is in flames.

Sharon is at home with her dialysis machine when Cara, a girl from their neighborhood and Bode’s ex-girlfriend, leaves her some soup to eat. Sometime later, the power goes out, and along with it, the power to the dialysis machine and the air conditioning. Sharon cannot do without either and calls to find out when the power will return. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say when the power will be restored. That’s when Cara returns with an electrical burn on her waist.

Not The Last Day

Manny and Eve bring out Daniel, the truck driver, who has a broken collar bone and is all sleep-deprived due to all the overtime he’s been working. As he is put on a stretcher, he tells Manny that he works three jobs, but it still isn’t enough. Manny is able to sympathize with him because he, too, is struggling to make ends meet. Daniel is then sent to the hospital in an ambulance. A hose is about to be brought in to put out the fire at Cal Fire Station 42 when Bode notices a pair of legs and a lot of blood under the engine that the truck had rammed into. Upon looking under the engine, he sees Charlie, who is pinned. He tells Eve and the others, and they start working on a way out for Charlie from under the heavy vehicle. Airbags will be used to lift the engine, and Charlie will be pulled out.

Sharon is debriding Cara’s burn, but the heat is starting to take a toll on her too. Her health is fragile, and she needs to be in a cool environment. Cara observes that Sharon is sweating more than usual and asks her to rest. While having a conversation, Sharon stands in front of the refrigerator to make herself feel better. After returning to her seat, as they are talking about Bode, Cara feels a pain in her arm. It’s then that Sharon notices an exit wound on her left thigh, through which the current left her body. This means that the current has gone through her midline, and she has a heart attack. Cara loses consciousness as Sharon tries CPR.

Back at Station 42, as the airbags begin to inflate, a sound from the engine reveals that its weight is shifting and could come crashing down on Charlie at any moment. Eve radios Vince, who is putting out a fire with Jake, and asks for a supporting strut to hold the rig in place. Charlie is bleeding profusely, and Eve, who is a medic herself, tells Manny that if the blood is from the femoral artery (that is located in the upper thigh in both legs) of his left leg (the one pinned under the engine’s tire), Charlie could bleed to death very soon. So as soon as he is brought out, he will need medical attention. Meanwhile, after Sharon manages to revive Cara, she calls Vince and informs him of her and Cara’s state. Vince decides to head back home in an ambulance. While attending to a woman who received burns on her arm, Gabriela is told by her to do whatever her heart wants and not waste time waiting.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Does Charlie Make It Out Alive? Does Sharon Receive Medical Assistance On Time?

Charlie is pulled out from under the engine and put on a stretcher. While Freddy puts pressure on Charlie’s wound, Eve checks the pulse. Unfortunately, it is slowing down, and Eve has to do CPR. After some crucial moments, the pulse returns, and Charlie opens his eyes. He is okay but is critically ill and needs to be taken to the hospital immediately. Watching Manny and how occupied he has been with something throughout the incident, Eve tells him not to do the double shifts and to talk to Vince if he needs help. As much as Gabriela loves Jake, she tells him that she has feelings for Bode. Jake is heartbroken. Charlie’s condition won’t allow him to return to Cal Fire. This means that he will be going home. As the medics put Charlie inside the ambulance, Cal Fire and Three Rock bid him farewell.

Vince arrives home with a team of two medics and finds Cara resting against the sofa while Sharon is unconscious. Thankfully, she regains consciousness after a short while on oxygen support. Cara is taken to the ambulance. A few minutes later, emergency services arrive. The situation at Cal Fire is under control. What’s great is that Bode has decided to drop his adopted surname “Donavan” and take up his real surname “Leone.” Bode is now a member of the Leone family. It remains to be seen what happens to Gabriela and Jake now that they aren’t together anymore. Also, how will this affect Bode and Jake’s friendship?

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