‘Fatal Attraction’ Episode 6 Recap & Review: What Happens To Dan In The End?

Paramount’s prime-time show Fatal Attraction released its sixth episode today, and it didn’t go well for Dan Gallagher in the slightest. From unfounded charges to get him indicted to repeated insults, it seems the whole world has turned against the once-decorated DA of the court, and now he’s at his wit’s end. The previous episode left us guessing whose blood could be in Alex Forrest’s apartment after Dan assaulted her, and it’s confirmed in this episode that the police suspect it to be Alex’s blood, and they hold Dan responsible. With all the walls closing in on Dan, can he save himself?


Spoilers Ahead

A Little Glimmer Of Hope

In the present day, Mike goes above and beyond trying to help his buddy Dan and interviews a woman named Olena, whose fingerprints were found in Alex’s apartment. Olena says Alex had helped her as part of victim services, and she’d gone to Alex’s apartment to rest because Olena’s abusive boyfriend, Artem, had beaten her to an inch of her life. Mike tries following up on Gabriel Ibarra, who almost puts his hands on Mike for bothering him. Mike and Dan visit Elijah, whose fingerprints were found at the scene of the crime, and interestingly, he already had the record of smashing his father’s head but walking away scot-free. Elijah makes a scene in front of Dan and Mike, making them suspect that something’s up with him. Mike and Dan finally locate the guy they thought were called Biff Smithcliff, but it turns out it was Clay Bishop, and he was in a relationship with her 15 years ago. Clay lambasts Dan for calling Alex evil instead of realizing how troubled she is and leaves after horribly insulting Dan for accusing Alex in his defense. With Mike at a party at Andolini’s, Olena’s boyfriend Artem sneaks into Mike’s place and assaults Dan until Mike arrives, and the duo has their first suspect with cause.


Ellen’s Plan 

Meanwhile, Dan’s beloved daughter Ellen informed her professor that his relationship with her friend Stella was no longer a secret. Ellen acts sympathetically when Stella arrives, upset that the professor has ended the relationship, and then questions Ellen if Dan really killed Alex. Having googled a lot about the case, Stella had concluded that Dan couldn’t back up his alibi for the night Alex was murdered, severely angering Ellen. She later sneaks on Stella and the professor going into a posh building as a plan cooks inside her head.

15 Years Ago

Before she ever met Dan and took him down the rabbit hole, Alex Forrest exchanged a few niceties with Clay from Legal Aid, and they quickly became a thing. At the apartment, Alex’s neighbor Emma showed motherly affection towards the new tenant and offered her complete assistance. Clay, a sensitive person who grew up in a disturbed family and witnessed how mental issues impact people, could see through the various ways Alex was suffering and offered help. However, Alex misconstrued Clay’s earnest offer as an insult and threw him out of her apartment. She also severely insulted the elderly Emma because she’d gone to visit her pregnant daughter out of town when Alex needed her. People pitied Alex and tried to understand her when what she truly needed was immediate treatment for her worsening mental condition.


Worse Times Are Yet To Come

On the night after Dan left Alex’s apartment having assaulted her, Emma spotted him going down the stairs, and she knocked on Alex’s door, but it didn’t open. The next morning, Earl, the detective, turned up in Dan’s office and claimed that Alex had lodged a complaint of assault against Dan. The DA kept his usual swagger on and tried swaying the detective, saying she was delusional and that he’d never met her, but Earl quickly called Dan’s hoodwinking, saying his fingerprints were all over her apartment and that she was dead. Earl hated Dan with a passion, and now that he’d found a way to indict him, he’d relish every bit of it. Realizing his prospects were dwindling, Dan headed to his boss, Conchita, for help, and she chose to throw him out of the office and set detectives on him. Dan was rejected by anyone he sought help from, including his father-in-law, who by now was aware of his affair. The only two people who stood by him were Beth and Mike until Beth’s best friend Arthur and his wife came forward to shoulder the entire legal fee for Dan’s case. Beth broke down in gratitude, while Dan couldn’t speak out of embarrassment.

What Happens To Dan In The End?

The money from Arthur got Dan the best lawyer in town, and he intimidated Earl a little, and for a moment, the DA could breathe easy. In his home, Dan spotted his dog Quincy barking and, from the corner of his eye, saw Alex walk by. Dan darted out of his house, trying to chase down the woman who was trying to frame him, and pursued her using Quincy’s barking. He went around in circles until he sat up from his dream, only to realize a loud knocking was coming from the front door. At the door, it was Det. Earl with two cops, and they were here to arrest Dan.


For now, we can theorize that Earl was here to take Dan downtown because he’d brought two cops with him. If it wasn’t an official arrest, there’d have been no additional cops guarding the rear, and least of all, Earl wouldn’t have turned up at Dan’s place because of how much he hated Dan. He was here because Dan was to be arrested, and we can hazard a guess that it was because of testimony from the neighbor Emma, who saw Dan depart Alex’s apartment on the night she was supposedly killed. The question that remained, however, was about the missing body of Alex because nobody could find the woman’s body. Earl must’ve found Alex’s body, giving him enough reason to get an arrest warrant to indict the DA he hated the most. However, if Emma did testify about seeing Dan, did she not mention that she’d seen Alex come to the door because of the shadow on the other side of the door? Or did Earl choose to ignore this because he was desperate to throw Dan inside a cell and exact revenge for being a proud public prosecutor? The questions keep growing, and the showrunners don’t seem to be in any hurry to finish the series, so we need to keep our eyes glued to the TV for next week’s episode.

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The questions keep growing, and the showrunners don't seem to be in any hurry to finish the series, so we need to keep our eyes glued to the TV for next week's episode.'Fatal Attraction' Episode 6 Recap & Review: What Happens To Dan In The End?