‘Family Of Two’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Maricar Start Dating Ed?

I believe our homes are our safest places because of our mothers’ existence. They sacrifice so much for their children—happiness, careers, everything—to look after and protect us in every way. The story of a mother and son is no different in the movie Family of Two by Nuel C. Naval. The mother Maricar would sacrifice anything and everything for her son Mateo. After her husband dies, Maricar’s only source of happiness comes from caring for Mateo. She devotes herself to him so much that she forgets what truly made her happy. But then, Mateo has to move to Singapore for a better job opportunity and to live with his girlfriend, Zari. Now, Maricar will have to live by herself, something she isn’t used to. How will she cope with it all? Let’s find out in this explainer!


Spoilers Ahead

Why did Mateo not want to move to Singapore? 

Mateo’s character portrays a son who always bickers with his mother over silly things but still loves her very much. Maricar, like all our mothers, is very protective and looks after Mateo a lot. She packs his lunches and forces him to have breakfast before leaving home so that he won’t feel hungry. After Mateo’s father died, he always remembered how his mother sacrificed going to school or attending her job to take care of him all the time. So, Mateo thought it was his turn to pay her back by always looking after her. His mother had no one else but him, so he felt it was his job to be there for her. Mateo had a huge crush on his boss, Zari. She was beautiful, ambitious, and always dedicated to her work. She never really had time to eat because she was always busy. Mateo noticed this and thought it was better not to bother her with his feelings because he was afraid she might not feel the same. However, Zari noticed how Mateo not only packed lunch for himself but also for his friends and even saved food for the security guard. She realized he was genuinely a good guy, showing how well his mother had raised him. This is true because even though Mateo often came home after eating out, he still sat with his mother for dinner, knowing she might have been waiting to eat together.


Meanwhile, at the office, Mateo and Zari got the opportunity to work together on a campaign about a coffee shop. Mateo was obviously happy to spend time with Zari, so much so that he forgot the time. His mother was so worried that she even came to the office with food, thinking her son might be hungry. But as she saw them discussing work and how Mateo enjoyed Zari’s company, she told Mateo to confess his feelings to Zari. She even invited Zari to work at their home so that they could spend more time together. There, they got to know each other a bit more. Zari has always felt alone in her home because her mother did not interfere in her life since she had moved to the USA after Zari’s father died and started a new life there marrying some other man. When Maricar told Zari that she would adopt her like her own daughter, it gave Mateo the sense that his mother really approved of their relationship.

After the campaign was over, Mateo asked Zari out on a date and proposed to her. Zari also felt the same way about Mateo, but as mentioned earlier, she was very ambitious about her career. She made a pact with Mateo that if she wanted to move for a better job opportunity, Mateo couldn’t hold her back, and if he wanted, he could come with her too. Mateo agreed to that, but then he started thinking that he really couldn’t. He couldn’t abandon his mother for selfish reasons. The only way he thought he could leave was if his mother started dating so that she could have a companion. But his mother was really opposed to the idea. She was somewhat old-fashioned, you know, she didn’t really understand the concept of online dating, and thought she was becoming too much of a burden to her son, and maybe that’s why he was trying to “sell” her online, which was clearly not the case. All Mateo wanted was for her to find a good man to spend time with so that he could feel relieved, but obviously, his mother did not approve of that. Then, a job opportunity came along for both Mateo and Zari after their campaign idea became a big hit. They got an offer to work in Singapore. Even though Zari accepted it, Mateo had to turn it down. This obviously broke Zari’s heart because she thought they were good together and could be with each other. Mateo felt the same, but leaving his mother was never a question for him. So, Zari moved to Singapore, bidding farewell to her boyfriend, while Mateo stayed back home.


Why did Maricar start dating Ed? 

Maricar realized that if she didn’t start dating to make her son happy, he would never take the job in Singapore and would stay behind, leaving his girlfriend alone. So, she started going on dates. She met multiple guys who were never really her type. And what did Mateo do? He tagged along with her to the restaurant where the dates happened, booking a seat behind her to keep an eye on her. He couldn’t just let her mother venture on a relationship without his input, and he had to make sure her mother was safe. See how the roles have reversed! It’s heartwarming to realize that throughout our lives, our parents take care of us, and when they grow old, it’s our turn to take care of them, making sure they are safe, happy, and healthy. To him, his mother’s happiness was more important, so choosing the right man was necessary for that to happen. All the dates were either too self-obsessed or just not a good fit until she met Ed. This man was really good; he made sure Maricar became his priority. He even took them to his farm to show that he could provide for her and be there for the rest of his life. At their age, dating wasn’t for fun but for companionship, which was exactly what Maricar was looking for. Finally, Mateo was happy. When his mother insisted he move to Singapore and promised she would be okay without him, he finally agreed this time. All her life, Maricar had only looked after Mateo and never got the chance to look after herself. So, she went on another date with Ed, where he asked her to delete her dating profile and meet his children to make sure that their relationship was serious. But Maricar confessed that she had kind of used him to show Mateo that she would be okay with dating a man. But in reality, she needed to find happiness within herself and focus on herself instead of someone else. And how is she planning on doing that? By attending business classes in the Alternative Learning System (ALS), she can complete her undergraduate degree and eventually her master’s. This way, she can open her own business one day.

Obviously, Mateo was really proud of his mother. Eventually, the day of her graduation came, and Mateo was there to surprise her. Seeing his mother holding her degree, wearing a cap and gown, was a truly proud moment for him. He congratulated her and then surprised her with some more shocking news: he and Zari were coming home from Singapore after finishing their campaign contracts. Maybe this time they will be together as a big, happy family. Maricar was finally happy, having found her true purpose in life and getting her son and future daughter-in-law back home.


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