Pedro In ‘Fake Profile’ Season 1, Explained: Why Was Pedro The Controlling Figure?

Fake Profile, the latest telenovela-style Columbian Netflix series, is out, and there are plenty of characters with less than pure intentions. The lead antagonist, however, is Pedro, the patriarch of the multimillionaire business group. Pedro Ferrer was the father of Angela and Adrian and comes across as a man who, on the surface, is loving, but behind the scenes, he is the rule-maker and the rule-breaker.


Pedro is under the impression that he could get away with any crime, and because of his connections and powers, nobody would dare to question him. The man is a misogynist who was initially ready to replace his daughter Angela, the heir to his business empire, with her husband Miguel. Pedro probably wanted his son to take over his business, but the only thing Adrian cared about was starting a restaurant. Though Pedro seemed tolerant of the fact that Adrian is gay, it seemed like he had issues with the kind of lifestyle his son leads. As a patriarch, he would have wanted his son to be heterosexual and to talk about hitting on women with him to bond. But things didn’t go as planned for Pedro over the years, and that is why he took it upon himself to do the right thing for himself and his family.

Pedro indulged in his grandson Lucas’ obsession with getting rid of his father Miguel because the boy had caught him cheating on his mother one too many times, and this time he had proof of it. What Lucas did not understand is that Pedro was good at manipulating people and situations, and he did that by placing newly purchased security cameras right in front of Lucas. This allowed the boy to go ahead and breach the privacy of another person. Lucas was not afraid because he knew his grandfather would back him up over the fact that Miguel must go. Pedro did not stop himself from instigating the hatred Lucas had for his father, and he let the distaste grow. This proves the amount of toxicity Pedro spreads just so that things work in his favor. Using his grandson, he gathers enough information against Miguel so that it could be used to manipulate her daughter into divorcing her husband. This plan worked because Angela was fed up with her husband’s constant infidelity and filed for divorce.


Pedro was seemingly doing this with his son Adrian as well; even though he claimed he did not want to interfere in their lives, the man’s actions contradicted his words He hired a man named Inti so that he could seduce Adrian and plant seeds of distrust and insecurity in the hope that it would create a rift between Adrian and his fiancé Cris. Pedro’s plan was working again. Because he was a master manipulator, he knew his connection with Inti would never reach his son’s ears. But Inti had other plans; he intended to eventually marry Adrian to be privy to Pedro’s assets. Though Inti was successful in breaking up the couple, Pedro again had issues when Inti and Adrian started dating. Knowing Inti was planted by Pedro himself, the man saw all his plans backfiring.

Pedro also comes across as a hypocritical person when he witnesses Angela having a fling with Inti. He accuses his daughter of not being a perfect mother and being an uncultured woman. But Angela, being his daughter, stands by her choices and asks him to look in a mirror and think about what he did to her mother while she and Adrian were growing up. It is implied that Pedro regularly cheated on their mother, and now he happens to question his daughter, who has technically left her marriage behind. Pedro’s view of the world is very limited, and that is why he did not hesitate before shaming his daughter.


It is revealed that Pedro was the one who hired Camilla and paid for all the extravagances in Columbia so that she was successful in breaking up Angela and Miguel’s marriage. Though his plan was successful, he again underestimated Camilla and her human side. She was manipulated by Pedro and Tina, who exploited the love Camilla had for ‘Fernando Castello’, but she was the first one to approach Angela, letting her know she was being manipulated by her father, but she is too blind to see it. Pedro also reveals he has a brain tumor and does not have enough time, so he would rather sort his family out, secure his legacy, and leave this world.

This behavior of Pedro also comes across as toxic and selfish because he took it upon himself to influence and sabotage the lives of his children, setting the wheel in motion by staying behind the scenes. He had hoped no one would be able to second guess his role, but again, he was wrong here. He underestimated the power of love and emotions. Camilla went ahead and revealed his plans, and Adrian, though he broke up with Cris, was still lamenting over their relationship. Pedro, as a father, could not be an understanding parent or a friend to his children. He only cared about his assets and legacy and was willing to ruin the lives of his children to secure them.


The show ends with Pedro’s right-hand woman, Tina, getting arrested, and he threatens Inti to leave his son alone. Pedro was sure his problems were over with Miguel, Cris, and Camilla out of the picture. But the father and daughter were in for a surprise when Camila and Miguel turned up alive. Miguel reveals that his father knew that Cris was the son of their mother from another affair, and that was the reason he broke them up. Adrian was heartbroken over the fact that his father kept this secret from him, and if not for Miguel, he would have died with it. Angela is in a scuffle to get rid of Camilla, and Miguel kills her father. Angela is imprisoned for the death of her father, and from the jail, she is told about how many did not turn up at his funeral. Pedro was probably a ruthless control freak all his life, and that might be the reason why his company did not give him any respect even in his death.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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