Angela Ferrer In ‘Fake Profile’ Season 1, Explained: Was Angela Wronged By Her Father And Her Husband?

In Fake Profile, among the many leads and supporting characters, there is only Angela Ferrer, whom one might feel bad for. She is the only daughter of the rich and powerful Pedro Ferrer, and she is aware of the power she holds over people around her, including her husband, friends, and neighbors. Angela and her husband Miguel have lived quite a torrid married life with two kids, but somehow they have managed to keep it working because, at the end of the day, Miguel wants to stay in the marriage and does not want to lose her and his kids.


It is implied that Angela had many proposals from rich families willing to marry her, but she chose to be with Miguel. Her father always thought Miguel was not the right partner for her. He believes Miguel was only after his and Angela’s money, and he was probably not wrong about it. This was something maybe Angela knew, but she kept him around, knowing he would always worship her for who she was: rich, powerful, and beautiful. He also turns out to be a good father to his kids, despite his obvious adulterous tendencies.

Angela was also told that she would be the one to take over the company, and she always had Pedro and Miguel by her side, encouraging her to be the best. Behind her back, her father pulls the strings and plans to replace Angela with Miguel because he is a misogynistic man.


On the other hand, Angela is surrounded by people who would never lie to her, which is a good thing because she is always appreciative of having honest people around her. Angela learns of Miguel’s infidelity again thanks to her son, who has placed cameras all over Camila’s home. Angela is heartbroken, but she is too preoccupied with her son’s suicide attempt to notice Miguel’s dalliances. Angela initially did not let her marital issues cause any form of distress in their children’s lives, but with Lucas harming himself, Angela takes steps to make sure Miguel is gone for good. Her father, Pedro, manipulates her son, Lucas, to gather enough information against Miguel and give it to his mother in the hope that this will help Angela make a final decision. Angela does not realize her son is being used by her father to manipulate her and make it look like she decided to leave Miguel.

Angela loses her patience, and she confronts Miguel about his actions. Though he admits it was a mistake, she is in no mood to entertain his apologies. She asks him to move out because she knows that with Miguel gone and the proof she has of his cheating, she can make sure to get custody of her kids, and he will disappear into oblivion. As a viewer, one feels sad for a woman like her to go through this turmoil because she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. But again, she has an affair with Inti, a man hired by her father to break up Adrian and Cris. It is not revealed when the affair began or if she did it only because her husband cheated on her. The latter scenario seems more plausible. It comes across as morally wrong, but if she senses her husband distancing himself from her, she will have to look for other avenues for herself.


Angela stands up for herself when her father accuses her of being a bad woman who is indulging in an affair, knowing she is a mother and a wife to another man. She confronts him for being a hypocrite because all he did all his life was cheat on her mother. She stands by her choices and does not let Pedro belittle her.

Angela’s anger towards Camila is justified, which proves that maybe she did love Miguel despite his betrayal from the past, and this one stings her to the point that she is not ready to believe Camila’s truth. Camila attempts to let Angela know that her father is the master manipulator here and that she was lied to as well by Miguel. But Angela is too livid to even entertain Camila. But throughout the show, there are moments between Miguel and Angela where they come together as parents to confront Lucas and his many nefarious activities. This again proves that they are good parents, but just as husband and wife, they are not meant for each other. Angela would lose nothing because she has her business to fall back on, and she knows Miguel has everything to lose, including the kids. This would make her feel validated for who she is.


Even on the day of her being appointed as the new CEO of her father’s company, there was a flare-up between her and Miguel over Camila’s showing up at the event. Angela never stopped shaming Camila for the profession she was in. She made sure to use it against her in every argument. Here, the writing was problematic because the two women who were cheated by same man were pitted against each other. They could have come together against Miguel so that he wouldn’t stand a chance. But the catfight is only to get attention, and it is proved right when Angela gets into a tussle with Camila just out of pure rage. She thinks Camila is dead, and she asks for Miguel’s help to get rid of her. Miguel knew her father was powerful enough to make him the suspect to save his daughter. Though Miguel forces her to confess, she deliberately causes the car to crash, which she survives, but seemingly Miguel does not.

To Angela’s horror, Camila and Miguel turn up hale and hearty at her doorstep just to rattle her, and in that scuffle, she accidentally kills her father. Angela, by the end of it, was not ready to believe that her father was the one who managed to end her marriage and Adrian’s relationship. Angela’s relationship with her father might have been complicated, but blood is thicker than water, and she would never betray his memory or legacy.


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