‘Fake Profile’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Pedro Separating His Children And Their Partners?

A long soapy drama is just the thing you need to get your mid-week crisis going. Fake Profile, the new Colombian Netflix Original, is nothing short of a telenovela. With so many subplots, twists and turns, and sleazy intimate sequences, it is only fair to wonder what makes the show long and exhausting despite it having only 10 episodes.


Spoilers Ahead

Camila Roman And Fernando Castello’s Love Story

Camila Roman, a dancer at a well-known dance club in Vegas, matches with Dr. Fernando Castello on a dating app and thus begins their four-month-long journey of dating and eventually falling in love. Everything seems too good to be true until reality hits.


Camila In Cartagena

Fernando disappears for weeks, leaving Camila dejected by his attempts to dodge her. Camila knew there was more to this man’s lies, and she wanted to check them out herself. On reaching Cartagena, Colombia, she is helped by a local driver, David, to search for Fernando Castello. To her surprise, she meets a different Fernando. Camila’s worst fears come true, and she has no intention of going back to Vegas. Her plan to go after Fernando, whose real name is Miguel, works because she gets the intended reaction from him by showing up as his neighbor, and she decides to spook him regularly. It is not clear what her purpose is in going after someone who cheated not just on her but on his existing wife as well.

Angela And Lucas’ Findings

Lucas, Miguel’s son installed security cameras all around and inside Camila’s home because he does not trust his father, whom he knows had an affair with another neighbor previously. Lucas believes he is doing his grandfather and mother a favor by recording the video of Miguel’s intimate moments with Camila, allowing him to conclude that his family would be happy without his father in it. Lucas’ multimillionaire grandfather Pedro encourages him to give him more footage. By the looks of it, Pedro’s intentions seem to be to get rid of Miguel by gathering enough evidence. Lucas also shares this footage of Miguel’s adultery with his mother, Angela, Pedro’s daughter and the heir to his empire. It seems like it will be easy for Angela to decide on the fate of her marriage after this, and she is not planning to have an amicable split.


Adrian And Cristobal

Adrian, Angela’s younger brother, is a restaurateur living with his fiancé, Cristobal. The two had their share of issues, just like any other couple, but things between them were only going to flare with the entry of a waiter named Inti. Inti has a history with Cris and is now seducing Adrian. All of it seems like an elaborate plan to split the couple because it seems he is obsessively in love with one of them. Inti’s intentions are not clear here, but that does not stop him from aggressively flirting with Adrian.

Why Was Pedro Separating His Children From Their Partners?

Angela and Miguel’s family go through their ups and downs with Camila as their neighbor. Angela is aware of her husband’s affair, and she has had it with him because she cannot deny the fact that Miguel only wants her father’s money. Their divorce is inevitable. Miguel might come across as a gold digger, but he loves his children. Lucas hates his father because he feels that Miguel is responsible for their family disintegrating and his mental health deteriorating. Lucas also believes his father could have avoided having an affair and saved their family, but his father’s inability to do that makes him livid.


It turns out Pedro had hired Inti through his right-hand person, Tina, to make sure that Cris and Adrian broke up. The man is a multimillionaire, and he does not want anybody to come close to his children and the assets he owns. He believes he knows what is best for his kids, but he does not trust his kids’ partners. Pedro’s elaborate scheme is to push Lucas to gather as much evidence against Miguel as possible and for Inti to create as big a rift between Adrian and Cris as possible so that he can go back to controlling his children’s lives.

To add more shock value, it is revealed that Camila was hired by Tina as instructed by Pedro. They used Camila by manipulating her feelings for Fernando/Miguel by letting her know she was catfished. She heads to Cartagena thanks to Tina and Pedro to confront Miguel. Her entire stay’s expenses were paid for by Pedro. Pedro went out of his way to gather evidence against Miguel so that it would give his daughter enough reason to leave him. This is the kind of toxic manipulation Pedro was involved in, and he forgot to understand the cost of human emotions, especially in the case of Adrian and Cris, who broke up over severe trust issues caused by Inti.


Camila tries to make Angela understand that Miguel lied to her, and that’s how the affair began, and it was Pedro who hired her to sabotage Angela’s marriage. Out of sheer anger, a scuffle erupts between the two, which leads to Camila’s supposed death. Miguel helps Angela get rid of the body because, by the looks of it, there is still some love left between the two. On his way to make her confess to killing Camila, they both get into a car crash, killing Miguel instantly, or at least, that is what Angela, and the viewers perceive it to be. The viewers can only hope right now that there won’t be any more shocks left for them to experience in this telenovela-style show. But to everyone’s surprise, Camila and Miguel turn up at Angela’s home to let her know they never died, thanks to their luck. This kind of revelation only leaves the audience perplexed as to what is happening and why this information is coming out in the last half hour of the show.

Miguel reveals that Pedro separated Adrian and Cris because the latter was the son of their mother’s other affair, deeming them half-brothers. This is the kind of disclosure that makes the show cringe. This last twist disgusted and pained Adrian about how his life had just fallen apart, and he knows there is no way he and Cris will ever get back together having found out about the relation. In a scuffle, Angela ends up accidentally killing her father, and Camila injures herself. The pain will never leave Angela because she was manipulated by her father and cheated on by Miguel.


Why Did Camilla Choose David In The End?

The ending sequences in Fake Profile finds Angela in jail for killing her father. She still has some love left in her for him, which proves the relationship dynamics in her family will always remain complicated. Camila is recovering from her injury with the help of David, and she is finally going back to dancing at the Golden Lips in Vegas. By the looks of it, Camila chooses to be with David over Miguel because their disturbing past will probably not allow them to be close to each other as before, and she knows the love she and David share is uncomplicated. Miguel does not stop being around Camila because, after everything they went through, he feels protective of her. They do not speak anymore; they only acknowledge each other’s presence and move on with their lives.

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