‘Eye Love You’ Episodes 1-2-3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Are Yuri’s Powers?

Eye Love You is a J-Drama that looks and feels very much like a K-Drama, and I’m not even kidding, but it very much does. So much so that even the male protagonist is a Korean boy who charms his way up the ladder of the rather cutthroat corporate Japan. 26-year-old Tae-o might just have the most foolproof plan to fit into Japanese society at this point, and that’s okay as long as it seems to work for him. The portrayal of Japan in Eye Love You is why weeaboos are illusioned into moving to Japan and testing the waters of Japanese work culture until they’re disillusioned (haha). Some time ago, while studying the Japanese language, I came across the word ‘Rabu-Rabu,’ an onomatopoeia that means lovey-dovey. In its essence, Eye Love You feels like rabu-rabu to its core. The atmosphere of the series very much feels like a dream sequence; I mean, nobody’s complaining, right?


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Yuri Get Her Powers?

Yuri Motomiya is the 30-year-old CEO of an up-and-coming chocolate and coffee company called Dolce & Chocolat. A few years prior, along with her father, Makoto, she had been on an expedition to look at sea otters, an endangered marine mammal found in the Pacific region. During the expedition, the ship they’re aboard comes across an oil spill heading towards a raft of sea otters. Getting agitated by the sight, Yuri jumps into the water to rescue the helpless animals, but instead gets caught in the fishing net, unable to swim to the surface. However, her father jumps in as well, nearly sacrificing himself but saving her from drowning. 


In the aftermath of the incident, her father develops full-body paralysis and has to receive intensive treatment. While helplessly trying to talk to her father, Yuri realizes that she can hear the thoughts of her father, who can’t even verbally communicate at this point. As it turns out, she has developed the ability to read people’s minds as long as she looks into their eyes. 

Even though this comes as a shock to her initially, seeing the exorbitant hospital bills, Yuri decides to use her newfound abilities for the success of her company. In fact, Yuri had started the chocolate and coffee company in honor of her father, who himself owned a cafe and had an ingenious obsession with coffee. 


Yuri’s extraordinary abilities bear a resemblance to a Korean folktale that a mother tenderly reads to her son in the opening scene of the series. According to this legend, a young girl hears the desperate cries of a group of squirrels in distress. Rushing to their aid, she discovers that one of their friends is trapped beneath a fallen tree. She frees the squirrel, who, upon being rescued, joyfully acknowledges the young girl’s remarkable powers. This tale, echoing Yuri’s own abilities that she developed after attempting to save the sea otter, serves as a bridge between the folklore and the events of the series.

How Does Yuri Meet Tae-O?

Tae-o, a 26-year-old Korean man living in Japan, is dedicated to studying endangered marine life at his university. To supplement his studies, he works part-time as a delivery executive for the food delivery app Gohan. It’s through this job that he encounters Yuri for the first time. Yuri, prone to extreme agitation when hungry, relies heavily on Gohan to order food rather than cook for herself. On one such occasion, her love for Korean cuisine leads her to order bibimbap from a random restaurant, which Tae-o is tasked with delivering. Being Korean himself, Tae-o includes a thoughtful note with a charming sea otter doodle, recommending ‘Odoru Shokudou,’ a Korean restaurant known for its superior food. Impressed by the meal from Odoru, Yuri reciprocates Tae-o’s gesture by leaving a note with her next order, even doodling a sea otter, marking the first time someone has responded to his note, which strikes Tae-o quite deeply.


On a particular rainy day, Yuri’s order from Odoru is unexpectedly canceled, leaving her agitated due to hunger. As she steps outside, she encounters Tae-o for the first time in person. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Tae-o explains the situation calmly, revealing that the rain caused an accident, ruining the food. Sensing Yuri’s distress, Tae-o swiftly offers to fetch her some homemade sundubu from his apartment, which is only 5 minutes away. Yuri finds the gesture deeply comforting, as the meal not only satiates her hunger but also evokes fond memories of her father’s cooking from her childhood.

What Does Yuri Notice About Tae-O?

Yuri’s romantic life has been scarred by the first breakup she had with her high school boyfriend, an event that unfolded rather horribly after she revealed her mind-reading abilities. His reaction, finding her ability “scary,” left a lasting impact on Yuri, prompting her to stay away from romantic advancements altogether. The constant bitter thoughts she involuntarily hears from others only reinforce her reluctance to pursue love. However, upon encountering Tae-o, Yuri experiences a strange revelation: she cannot decipher his thoughts, an occurrence entirely new to her. This development even leads her to entertain the notion that Tae-o might even be God himself, shielding his thoughts from her involuntary abilities.


In a gesture of gratitude for Tae-o’s kindness in delivering homemade sundubu, Yuri reciprocates by gifting him eco-friendly soap. When she attempts to leave it at his doorstep, she coincidentally crosses paths with Tae-o returning home. Seizing the opportunity, Tae-o invites her inside and offers to cook her some japchae, a gesture that leaves Yuri feeling vulnerable once more due to her inability to understand his thoughts. It dawns on Yuri that while she can hear the thoughts of those she encounters, her understanding is hindered by the language barrier—Tae-o’s Korean thoughts remain untranslated to her, unlike the thoughts of the Japanese people around her. 

How Does Yuri React To Tae-O’s Immunity To Her Abilities?

For Yuri, encountering someone whose thoughts she cannot decipher is a novel experience, one that challenges her deeply ingrained aversion to love. While initially intrigued by Tae-o’s immunity to her mind-reading abilities and hopeful that it might even have a potential for romance, Yuri finds the newfound lack of access to what he is thinking quite unsettling. Years of relying on her ability to read minds as a defense mechanism against other people have left 30-year-old Yuri cautious and withdrawn when it comes to matters of love. Instead of feeling liberated by Tae-o’s enigmatic presence, Yuri is in discomfort, realizing she is no longer in control as she used to be before. As Yuri spends more time with Tae-o, particularly during a tender moment shared on his rooftop, she finds herself increasingly drawn to him despite the age difference. 


Why Did Tae-O Quit His Part-Time Job?

Yuri and Tae-o’s gastronomic correspondence is abruptly interrupted when Tae-o decides to leave his part-time job to embark on a new venture. Much to Yuri’s surprise, Tae-o reveals that he has secured an internship at Dolce & Chocolat, Yuri’s own company. This unexpected turn of events leaves Yuri reeling. Already unsettled by Tae-o’s presence in her life, his newfound role as an intern at her company worsens her discomfort. Hanoka Akito, Yuri’s colleague in the HR department, further compounds Yuri’s shock by confirming Tae-o’s appointment and even hinting at the possibility of a permanent position if all goes well. Yuri finds herself grappling with a whirlwind of emotions as she navigates the implications of Tae-o’s presence in both her personal and professional lives. Tae-o, on the other hand, rejoiced to have been reunited with Yuri, even though he was her junior, which seems to not affect him at all. As I mentioned earlier, Tae-o’s plan to deal with his new corporate life is to charm his way around, including all of his bosses. 

Who Is Professor Toshikazu?

Even after joining Yuri’s company as an intern, Tae-o and Yuri continue to meet outside work because of Tae-o’s persistently charming nature, which Yuri cannot seem to resist. She even googles Korean romantic gestures to understand what he means when he shows a certain gesture, as she is unable to understand his thoughts. On one such occasion, while meeting outside for lunch, Yuri asks Tae-o about his relationship with his professor. Tae-o reveals that his relationship with Professor Iiyama Toshikazu comes from their shared history. The professor, Tae-o’s neighbor during his childhood in South Korea, was conducting research at a university there. Their close friendship blossomed over the years, with Professor Toshikazu playing a significant role in developing Tae-o’s love for sea otters, a shared interest that bonded them even tighter.


Tragically, Tae-o’s life took a downturn when his mother passed away during his high school years, leaving him grief-stricken and adrift. Throughout this tragic period, Professor Toshikazu remained a steadfast source of support, offering companionship and guidance. In a gesture of generosity, the professor extended an invitation for Tae-o to accompany him to Japan, where he could pursue higher education at the university where Toshikazu worked. Since then, Professor Toshikazu has assumed a paternal role in Tae-o’s life, providing stability and guidance in the absence of Tae-o’s own father, whose whereabouts remain unknown. Tae-o regards the professor not only as a mentor but as his foster father. 

Coincidentally, Tae-o isn’t the only one with a connection to Professor Iiyama Toshikazu. Yuri, too, has crossed paths with him in the past. It’s revealed that the professor was present aboard the same ship during the harrowing incident when Yuri nearly drowned while attempting to rescue sea otters. Years later, their paths intersect once more when the professor observes Yuri telepathically conversing with her father. This encounter piques Professor Toshikazu’s interest, prompting him to wonder about alternative means of communication beyond verbal discourse.


Why Does Yuri Want To Keep Her Connection With Tae-O A Secret?

Despite Tae-o’s overt displays of affection for Yuri, she is adamant about keeping their budding romance discreet. As the CEO of the company, Yuri feels a weight of responsibility on her shoulders, added to by her understanding of her colleague, Hanaoka Akito. Yuri perceives Akito as strict when it comes to office romance and fears potential consequences, even though this may not necessarily be the case. However, Tae-o’s thoughtful gesture of gifting her a bouquet of linaria flowers during Valentine’s Week proves to be a source of inspiration for Yuri’s creativity. Inspired by the flowers, she conceives of a brilliant idea to present at a prestigious chocolate festival. The success of their idea not only boosts Yuri’s confidence but also catches the attention of Akito, who joins her in celebrating their achievement in her office.

Observing the flowers, Akito inquires if they played a role in inspiring Yuri’s innovative idea, prompting a blush from Yuri as she agrees. Intrigued, Akito later witnesses Tae-o conversing with the vendor at the flower kiosk and overhears his expression of gratitude. Curious about the significance of the linaria flowers, he delves into the language of flowers, or ‘hana kotoba,’ discovering that linaria symbolizes an expression of having a significant other notice one’s love for them.


What To Expect In Episode 4?

With that realization, Akito might have a role to play in Yuri and Tae-o’s relationship. It is likely that Yuri’s fear of Akito is baseless, but he might make a remark about the situation, which might in turn make Yuri hold back even more. As for Professor Toshikazu, the next episode might see more of him and his potential research about Yuri’s abilities. 

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