‘Eye Love You’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Yuri Jealous Of Nishina?

Eye Love You is back with its fourth episode, and I cannot get over how much it seems like a K-drama. Even the male protagonist is a Korean man living in Japan, charming his way through life. I think the makers of this series are aware of the fact that Chae Jong Hyeop is quite charming and have not shied away from making use of his charm. 


Eye Love You is a story about Yuri Motomiya, who has the ability to read minds when she locks eyes with another person. Because of her involuntary ability to do so, she often ends up hearing the bitter thoughts other people may have regarding her, making her seclude herself from any romantic interests in her life. She is the CEO of an up-and-coming chocolate company, Dolce & Chocolat, which she started in honor of her father. Her father was a chocolate and coffee connoisseur himself until the unfortunate incident, which left him completely paralyzed. The same incident also gave Yuri her powers, because of which she can telepathically communicate with her father. Part of the reason she has used her mind-reading abilities for the success of her company is to pay for the exorbitant hospital expenses of her father. 

Following a breakup in high school, she has never been in another relationship or even considered any romantic interests. Her previous breakup happened because she confessed to her boyfriend about her mind-reading abilities, who thought it was creepy. This goes on until she comes across Tae-o, a 26-year-old Korean man studying in Japan. Tae-o and Yuri met through the latter’s obsession with ordering Korean food through Gohan, a food delivery app, for which Tae-o used to deliver. As they get closer, Tae-o quits his part-time job and gets hired as an intern for Dolce & Chocolat, Yuri’s company. This complicates things further, as Yuri is the CEO and has an image to uphold for herself in a conservative society. Yuri had already been at a crossroads about her feelings for Tae-o, as she had never really addressed her feelings before, but Tae-o’s arrival in her life stirred things up a notch. 


Spoilers Ahead

Does Akito Have Feelings For Yuri?

As the HR representative of the company, Akito comes off as intimidating to Yuri. She thinks that he might make a comment if he finds out about the brewing romance between Yuri and Tae-o. In the previous episode, Akito noticed the linaria flowers in Yuri’s office. He asked Yuri if these flowers served as her inspiration for the flower language idea for the Chocolat Festival, to which she agreed. Coincidentally, Akito saw Tae-o talking to a flower vendor, thanking him for suggesting linaria and claiming that it worked out well for him. Connecting the dots, he figured out that something was going on between him and Yuri. 


As Valentine’s Day arrives, Tae-o and Yuri are excited about their date later this evening. However, a work emergency comes up when a strawberry shipment is delayed. The wife of the strawberry farmer collapses, delaying the harvest. This prompts Akito to take Tae-o to the strawberry farm. Although Tae-o is hesitant, he doesn’t want people to find out that he has a date later that evening. En route to the strawberry farm, Akito claims to know about Tae-o’s feelings for Yuri, but Tae-o playfully denies any such claims. 

After Akito and Tae-o finally solve the problem, out of gratitude, the owners of the farm offer to make them dinner and to stay the night. But, seeing Tae-o’s eagerness to head back, they realize that he might have a date since it’s Valentine’s Day. Coming to the conclusion that Tae-o might indeed have date plans with Yuri, Akito deliberately agrees, even on Tae-o’s behalf, to stay the night at the farm. It seems like Akito is jealous of Tae-o and is trying to sabotage Yuri and Tae-o’s date. Later in the evening, Akito gets drunk and tells Tae-o he feels sorry for him because Yuri isn’t the kind of person who would reciprocate his feelings at all, but Tae-o pays no heed to it. 


The next day, Akito sees linaria chocolates in Yuri’s office, which makes him realize that Yuri wants to reciprocate Tae-o’s feelings as well. It turns out that Akito indeed has feelings for Yuri. Years ago, he overheard Yuri telling her friend that she was not going to date ever again, which Akito took seriously. Perhaps Akito found a sense of security in Yuri’s disinterest in romance. Knowing that Yuri will never be with anyone else, Akito feels as if he will never lose Yuri, but his delusion shatters once Tae-o comes into the picture. 

Is Yuri Jealous Of Nishina?

After Tae-o’s arrival at Dolce and Chocolat, it was quite obvious that Tae would start bonding with the other staff at the office. However, Yuri starts becoming a little insecure when she sees Nishina and Tae-o spending time together and getting closer, even though they are friends. She knows that Tae-o is a very charming man. Perhaps she even feels a bit insecure about being 4 years older than Tae-o. Nishina is almost Tae-o’s age, which makes her believe that Nishina might be a better match for Tae-o. It is not uncommon in Japanese and other Asian societies to have prejudices regarding age differences in a relationship, which, I feel, might make Yuri feel inferior to Nishina. 

To seek advice, Yuri tells Mahiro, her friend and colleague at her company, about her date plans with Tae-o. Mahiro, however, only adds to her insecurities, claiming Yuri is not the only one who has eyes on Tae-o. Even Mahiro thinks that Nishina might have a crush on Tae-o since even Nishina had ordered chocolates for someone. The day after Valentine’s, Yuri sees Nishina and Tae-o speaking in Korean, which she misunderstands as a romantic gesture between the two. 

Do Yuri And Tae-O Go On A Valentine’s Date?

Yuri and Tae-o’s date plans are thwarted because of the office emergency. Tae-o, however, does make it to Yuri’s apartment to see her before he heads back home. The next day, Tae-o asks her to go out again, and she agrees. During their date, Tae-o reaffirms his feelings for Yuri, who seems to be more receptive towards her own feelings as well. Tae-o notices Yuri’s hesitation towards Mahiro and clarifies that she already has a lover. In fact, the restaurant was suggested by Mahiro herself. Towards the end of the date, walking under the night sky, Yuri faces her feelings for Tae-o rather than running from them. Finally, she gathers the courage to give the linaria-flavored chocolates to her date, suggesting that she wants him to notice her feelings as well. 


What To Expect In Episode 5?

Now that Akito’s secret is out, he might want to disrupt the brewing romance between Yuri and Tae-o. However, Akito isn’t the kind of person who would blatantly go behind people’s backs. He might try to confess his feelings to Yuri as well. As for Yuri, she has finally realized that she indeed likes Tae-o and might consider dating him, but there are a plethora of obstacles she must face to do that. 

Shrey Ashley Philip
Shrey Ashley Philip
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