‘Extraordinary’ Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Carrie & Kash Break Up? Is Jen Ready For A Relationship?

The OTT space is filled with superhero genre stories. This is the era of storytelling where men and women of every race, color, and nationality have tremendous superpowers and are not afraid of experimenting with them. We have “The Boys” and the animated series “Invincible” on Amazon Prime, “Peacemaker” on HBO, “Ms. Marvel” on Disney + Hotstar, and “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix. The titles are endless, and so are the number of superpowers that the characters carry. “Extraordinary” joins the club of superhero television shows. Created by Emma Moran, streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, people in this universe are born with superpowers, which usually surface when the kids are in their teens. One girl, unfortunately, has yet to showcase any power, and she is frustrated. Her journey of living in a world where everyone she loves has a superpower makes her feel obsolete; how will she survive? Released on January 24, 2023, this superhero comedy takes you on a ride.


Spoilers Ahead

The Story Of Jen And Carrie, Best Friends Forever

The story begins with Jen heading for an interview because her current job is at a dead end. She works at a costume-for-rent store, where she has been working for years. She craves a change of scene, but she ends up not getting the job at all and goes back to her routine day job at the store. Jen is a person who is constantly frustrated with her situation. Her lack of a good job, her lack of stability—all of this and more bothers her daily. She tries to fix it, but it always ends up going wrong. Jen comes in the minority; she is one of the very few around her who has no superpowers, and they are not showing up either. She is a late bloomer, but everyone around her, including her best friend, mother, and stepfather, has special powers. This is also the reason for her constant bitterness. She dislikes the fact that everyone around her flaunts their powers; meanwhile, she is a topic of wonder, and the questioning that follows is what makes her all the more livid. But she is living her life.


Jen’s best friend is Carrie, who is also her roommate, and her superpower: she can bring the soul of the departed to her body and use her body as a medium to communicate with anyone who wants to talk to the dead. She works with a law firm that helps with cases involving deceased people. Her eyes turn blue, and her voice changes the moment the dead person enters her body. Carrie is a sweet girl who loves her boyfriend, Kash, and her best friend, Jen. She makes sure she is there for them. She understands the fact that Jen is frustrated with her superpowers not showing up and is constantly on the lookout for a solution to this problem. Carrie’s boyfriend also lives with her, and he has the power to turn back time. This allows him to deal with one situation in a different way if plan A does not work. He sadly cannot go back very far to change the entire scene. There is no explanation of how people have received all the varied kinds of superpowers, there is no origin story to that, nor for why some people do not show any superpowers at all.

Jen’s half-sister Andy is always considered to be ten steps ahead of her and she makes sure she lets her know about it. Andy considers herself to be her parents’ favorite, and Jen is jealous of the fact that she gets all the attention. Her mother, Mary, though, is constantly worried about the fact that Jen’s powers have not shown up. Mary’s power is she can work her way through all technology-based devices as per her choice. She can change channels on television without the remote, delete items from the phone without touching the phone, and make a quick search on the internet using any device without having to touch it. Andy, on the other hand, makes sure she one-ups her sister on every occasion she can, including the fact that she will be leaving school as one of the best students and she has been chosen to study at one of the premier music schools in the country.


Andy is a violinist, and her superpower is that she can lift the heaviest of objects. The problem lies in the fact that she loves to rub it in her sister’s face. The constant tiff with her sister is a sore topic in the family, and neither Jen tried to fix her relationship with her sister, nor Andy tried to fix her relationship with Jen. Jen is infuriated about the fact that her powers haven’t shown up and lashes out at her sister, which brings out her insecurity. To calm herself down, Jen speaks to her father often, a person who understands her notions towards life and her insecurities. Turns out Jen’s father is no more, and she speaks to him by making Carrie the medium. Jen is not dealing with her problems, and that is the reason she needs to speak to her father through Carrie. Instead of dealing with the situation head-on, she prepares to receive contentment in speaking to her now-deceased father. She should consider herself lucky to have a friend like Carrie who lets her indulge in this. Jen is emotionally detached from her family, and her only source of attachment is her father.

Jen is in a causal relationship with Luke, whose superpower is that he can fly. She secretly loves the guy but is unable to convey her feelings to him. Luke, on the other hand, has made it clear that she shouldn’t expect an emotional relationship from him. This does not stop Jen from pursuing Luke using passive-aggressive moves. Jen, on her way back one evening, picks up a stray cat. Unbeknownst to anyone, the cat is a man whose superpower is shape-shifting. He keeps transforming himself into a human body just to let someone at home know that he is not a cat but a human who is looking for some answers, including his name. One day, the cat transforms himself into human form, and he claims he has no memory of anything. He doesn’t remember his name, or which part of the UK he came from, and he doesn’t remember when he transformed into a cat. Carrie, Kash, and Jen do the math and conclude that he became a cat three years ago, and they decide to help him retrace his steps so that he can remember his past. Since they don’t know his name, they call him Jizzlord. Carrie, Kash, and Jen are decent people who decide to help Jizzlord figure out his past. They could have abandoned him like a cat, but the constant clueless expression on his face helps the trio decide that it would be good to help put his life back together.


Do Carrie And Kash Break Up? Is Jen Ready For A Relationship?

Kash doesn’t have a stable job, and most of the time, he procrastinates on how to utilize his superpower. He is dependent on Carrie for everything, and Carrie is a supportive girlfriend who has supported his ventures since college. Once, after standing up for Carrie when she was being mugged, Kash decides the only way his superpower can be used if he began a vigilante group that would help reduce crime in the city. Kash is like Peter Pan, who has simple, yet compulsive motivations and beliefs believes things could be done rather easily but does not understand the complexities of carrying out such dangerous activities. Reducing crime does not happen overnight, and Kash’s hopes of his vigilante group being the solution is immature. But Kash, being himself, goes ahead with his plan. Carrie is an understanding person, and she never says no to anything Kash does. This leads to her ending up in uncomfortable situations and being unable to communicate the fact that she can’t tell him no. Carrie is the breadwinner in the couple and never lets him know, which is a sign of a good partner. She also starts helping Jen with figuring out how to make sure Jen’s superpower surfaces. Both initially plan to head to a clinic that specializes in helping people like Jen.

The clinic idea turns out to be very expensive, for neither of them earn enough to be able to fund this treatment. They try to find natural remedies to push the superpowers to come up. Both confront Jen’s fear of the dentist and try to provoke an emotion and make sure an emotion will bring up the power in her, which does not help. Carrie is offered a job by a music company that wants her to bring back a deceased musician to her body and help them finish his album; he died a few days before the recording could start. Jen acts as her agent and agrees to the job, for they will be paid a handsome amount for the work. Jen and Carrie hope to use this amount for Jen’s treatment at the clinic. But the deal falls through as Jen meddles unnecessarily with the contract, which leads to Carrie being thrown out of the studio. Jen comes across as a selfish girl who lashes out at minor moments around her, and she does not seem to realize how it affects other people.


Kash, on the other hand, starts recruiting people for his vigilante group, but then it turns out to be a lot harder than he thought. He manages to bring together a group of misfits who believe in his idea of fighting crime. While one of them can penetrate through walls, another is made of magnets that can attract metal objects; and yet another one can run very fast, while the last can create objects using his buttocks. They come across their first task in their attempt to help others and end up getting beaten black and blue. Since this vigilante group aren’t the only people who have superpowers, and others have them too, they are overpowered, and Kash reaches the spot only to realize he cannot help his group and runs away from the scene of conflict. Kash realizes he is an idealistic crime-fighting superhero only in his head, and when it comes to facing reality, he is unable to gather the courage to fight people. Kash locks himself up for days, unable to come to terms with the humiliation. Carrie, on the other hand, is missing the intimacy she and Kash shared. Kash previously was working tirelessly to form the vigilante group, and since it is a failure, Kash is now drowning in despair which upsets Carrie. Carrie is craving for love because every time people ask her to be a medium, no one asks her about what she wants. She expects Kash to be understanding, for they’ve been together for many years. Carrie contemplates meeting with a man who Jen previously dated. He induces orgasms whenever he physically touches anyone. Carrie meets him but realizes it would be wrong and drops the plan. Carrie believes there are a million ways to make her relationship with Kash work.

Jen overhears the fact that her sister Andy never got into the prestigious music school, and that she’s been lying to her parents. Jen starts blackmailing her to the point that she humiliates Andy at a school event. Jen comes across as a petty woman who would sabotage her little sister just for the fun of it. The same event had Carrie speaking as an alumnus, and she was excited to be given that honor. Carrie and Jen’s senior from school, who now has the superpower of going back to the past to understand and make sure she doesn’t repeat those mistakes in her life, reminds Carrie that Jen is selfish, and she has ruined many of Carrie’s important events since her school days. Carrie can’t believe the fact that it might be true, but the tantrum Jen throws at the alumni event makes her rethink her friendship with Jen. She confronts her, and Jen is unable to recall any information about Carrie’s life. They stopped talking to each other for the next few days. Carrie pulled the plug on their friendship because she felt she was giving too much time and energy to a person who did not bother to know anything about her. Carrie puts a stop to Jen’s drama so that Jen can deal with her anger and insecurity because her superpower has not come up yet. Jen, out of anger, joins the clinic, where she meets Hannah, another person who has the same condition as Jen. They both seem to have a rebellious streak, and they decide to leave the treatment halfway through, for they think they can live life happily without a superpower. During one of their acts of rebellion, Hannah’s superpower shows up, as she learns she can teleport.


Hannah, being herself, abandons Jen, for she now has a superpower to brag about. Jen is again back to being livid, for she realizes Hannah is just as selfish as she is. Jen also concludes that Carrie had never abandoned her and starts making amends with her best friend. Carrie accepts her because she informs Jen that she misses her too. Jen starts being more considerate about Carrie’s likes and dislikes. She admits to being selfish and decides to work on it from here. Jen’s admission of selfishness is her step forward towards being more of a considerate person and less of a drama queen. Jen also starts helping Jizzlord retrace his way home. She goes out of her way to let him slowly understand and get a grasp of what is happening around him. Since he has been stray, many things around him are new and fresh to him. Jizzlord appreciates Jen for helping him and repays by transforming into a cat so that he can win the cat show, the prize money from which she can use for her treatment. Jizzlord was named Hercules, and they found out who his previous owner was. David was Jizzlord’s previous owner, who used to regularly showcase Hercules at cat shows, which he has won many times. Jen and Jizzlord try to recreate that magic, but Jen has a hard time managing Hercules, the cat. As they realize they cannot win this competition anymore, they make a day out of it. Even though she isn’t aware of his real name, Jen can’t help but fall in love with Jizzlord for helping her to gather the money. Jizzlord is thankful for the fact that Jen has been helping him find his roots, and he starts falling in love with her too. Meanwhile, Carrie is having a hard time reconnecting with Kash, and she wonders if they should be together or not.

Kash, after much contemplation, brings his team back together with the same agenda as before, but again he starts prioritizing his vigilante work more than Carrie’s feelings. Carrie again starts feeling left out, but his team makes him realize his love for Carrie is more important than fighting the bad guys. Carrie is happy to see him make her a priority, but she slowly realizes that Kash is irresponsible and immature. Kash throws a surprise party to showcase how much he loves her, and soon she starts getting uncomfortable around him again. Kash picks up on the fact that Carrie will break up with him and refuses to deal with the conversation. When Carrie drops this news of her wanting to break up, Kash keeps going back so that he doesn’t have to deal with the breakup talk. This is an immature move by Kash, for he should be understanding of Carrie’s feelings, and he is unable to deal with the fact that Carrie is going to exit his life. Jen and Jizzlord are slowly falling in love when Luke comes along, which messes with Jen’s mind.


Jen soon realizes that Luke just wants to keep her around, but Jizzlord likes her for who she is. Jen decides to go back to Jizzlord and convey her feelings for him. Jen finally understands the fact that she needs to choose what makes her happy and not what she thinks would make her excited, but she ends up being heartbroken. Jen choosing Jizzlord over Luke is proof of the fact that she is moving on with her life and choosing the right person for herself. This will probably help her be a better person in the long run. Luke tries to fly, but he is unable to take off. This would mean Jen’s power might be showing, and possibly her power might be her ability to take away other people’s superpowers. Carrie and Kash break up, and Jen and Jizzlord get together. Unfortunately for Jizzlord, while at a store, a child looks at him and points out to her mother that he looks like her father. The woman is shocked to see this man alive, which might be the first clue to knowing about Jizzlord’s life. He is married with kids. Jen and Carrie were happy when they made a monumental decision for themselves. This probably helps both going forward in their lives.

What To Expect From Season 2?

Season two of “Extraordinary” will be about Jizzlord’s life and the fact that he is married now, and what the status of his relationship with Jen will be. We will also know what the reason he changed into a cat and lived like one for three years without transforming was, and how he came to transform after three years. Hopefully, there will be a revelation about how people are gaining these superpowers. Jen will finally discover her superpower, and hopefully, her power of suppressing other’s powers might be for real. Carrie’s life would be different without Kash in her life. It will be interesting to watch Carrie without him and how they intend to live the way they want to. Jen will probably continue speaking to her father through Carrie and will try to maintain a healthy communicative relationship with her mother, stepfather, and half-sister.


Final Thoughts

“Extraordinary” tried to fit into the superhero comedy genre so hard that the entire show fell flat when it came to humor. None of them generated any laughs, and in many places, the humor felt forced and done for the sake of shock comedy. The show focused so much on delivering a comedy that it forgot to address the superhero part. After a while, the show feels more like a young adult drama than a superhero show. The superhero part of the genre is not utilized at all by the writers because, after a point, as a viewer, I forgot this is a superhero show. There is no origin story of why all of them have superpowers and why some of them don’t have them. Hopefully, all of them will be answered in the second season. Writer Emma Moran wanted to fit in both the genres and several elements of both genres but failed in bringing up anything new when it comes to comedy or the superhero genre. The writing of this mirrored “Derry Girls,” but “Extraordinary” did not come close to the authenticity that “Derry Girls” brought to the screen. We only hoped to see some originality, but sadly, none was found.

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