‘Exposure’ 2024 Series Cast And Character Guide

Exposure is a gripping series that dives into the harsh realities of trauma and justice. It follows Jacs Gould, played by Alice Englert, who is devastated by her best friend Kel’s tragic and sudden death by suicide. Jacs returns to her hometown seeking answers in order to uncover disturbing truths about men who may have played a role in Kel’s death. And along the way, she discovers truths about herself that change her. Let us dive into the cast and character guide to get to know these characters properly.


Spoilers Ahead

Jacs Gould

Jacs Gould, portrayed by Alice Englert in Exposure, is a character who undergoes a transformation driven by grief, anger, and a quest for justice throughout the series. Initially, we see her as a vibrant and carefree photographer, but then Jacs’ world is shattered when her best friend Kel dies tragically. This event becomes the catalyst for Jacs’ journey to find the truth surrounding Kel’s death. Throughout the series, Jacs evolves from a grieving friend to an investigator who is determined and unwilling to accept that Kel’s death was a suicide. Why did she have to die? Why did she not tell Jacs anything? Was she not a good friend? Her journey takes her back to her hometown, where she confronts painful memories and seeks out clues about what led to Kel’s death.


Jacs’ investigation leads her to discover disturbing truths about the men in Kel’s life about whom she did not even know, and that makes her wonder what else Kel had hidden from her. To find the truth about her best friend’s death, she goes to the extreme of taking risks by sleeping with and meeting strange men because she has this in mind: even if she dies doing this, she will know the reason, not just be clueless and blind. Maybe she was afraid of being a terrible friend, and that’s why she did all that. So actually, she is portrayed as someone who struggles with guilt and self-blame, particularly regarding her relationship with Kel’s boyfriend, Angus. Her conflicted feelings towards him add layers to her character, which shows us her complexity and vulnerability. Despite these internal struggles, Jacs shows remarkable courage and resourcefulness in her pursuit of justice and finding the truth. Even though there was not much to find, she ended up blaming it all on those men and herself for the reason behind her best friend’s death. She realized the loneliness Kel might have felt, and if only she was there to hear her torment, and if only she would have been kind enough and not a bad friend by sleeping with Kel’s boyfriend.

One pivotal moment in Jacs’ journey is when she confronts Ruffa, a school teacher who assaulted her. But she was not brave at first. Even so, she blamed herself for being too drunk and careless and thought she should have slept with him. It was a scary thought for her to have. Her character’s an accurate portrayal of many other girls who often blame themselves for not being properly dressed or not coming home on time rather than blaming it on the men who force themselves upon them without consent. But as she showed the courage to send Ruffa the video showing him his monstrous self, it became a powerful scene in the series about showing the power of her character and how to hold perpetrators accountable. Jacs’ decision to confront Ruffa shows us her refusal to remain silent in the face of injustice, even as she goes through her own trauma. Ultimately, her journey in Exposure challenges societal norms and explores themes of sexual violence, consent, and the complexities of female friendships.



Kel’s character, played by Mia Artemis in the series, is portrayed as someone who keeps her emotions hidden, even from her closest friend. Although we did not get to see much of Kel, we at least know this much: this girl was the type of person who believed she could handle all the pain on her own rather than sharing it with others. Maybe that’s why, despite facing abuse from men, both physically and emotionally, she couldn’t bring herself to talk about it and ended up dead. To the outside world, Kel was vivacious, funny, and charming, but inside, she was dealing with it all alone. So much so that Kel knew her best friend Jacs was sleeping with her boyfriend Angus, yet she didn’t say anything to her. She wanted to protect their friendship because that’s all she had. Perhaps that’s why she believed that if her own friend could betray her like that, all men could do the same, and maybe that’s why even though she needed Jacs, she couldn’t tell her anything. It’s a sad truth that those who want to protect others often end up alone. Kel’s silence represents how many feel inside—needing help but not able to ask for it. Her story in the series shows how complicated relationships can be and how hiding emotions can really hurt a person.

Benny, Bronson, and Jim

All these characters actually make you say “men” with the utmost disgust. Benny is portrayed as this laid-back, bearded surfer guy, always seen hanging out at the beach. He’s introduced in the series as a potential link to Kel’s mysterious life. When Jacs investigates, she finds out Benny has been part of a group that shares ‘private photos of women without their consent, which shocks her. It shows how people can seem normal on the outside but have hidden sides. Bronson, on the other hand, is a darker character. We have seen him force Jacs giving an interview about her best friend’s tragic suicide as if it’s a newsworthy event. He is blunt and emotionless, and later it was found out that he’s the one who sent around the private photos of girls, including one of Kel, which is a violation of trust and privacy. When Jacs confronts him, he denies responsibility for Kel’s death because he justified his claim that he did not directly harm her in any way. It shows how some people refuse to admit their wrongs even when caught red-handed. Jim, in contrast, appears to be a family man on the surface. He’s the very “do not contact” guy on Kel’s phone whom Jacs thought to be the reason behind Kel’s death. Later, it is revealed that he had an affair with Kel, keeping it a secret from his family. This shows how people can live double lives by hiding secrets that can hurt others deeply. Each character adds layers to the story, reflecting different aspects of human behavior and relationships. They show that people aren’t always what they seem, especially men, and actions have consequences, especially when they involve betrayal and exploitation. 



Imagine being a teacher, someone trusted to educate and care for students, yet choosing to harm, abuse, and molest women. Ruffa’s character in the series shows this darkness. He forces Jacs into a situation where she’s drunk and high, and he even hits her to make her sleep with him. He crosses another line by secretly recording it without her permission. Despite this, it’s good to see Jacs summon the courage to confront this abuse at the end. She gets to Ruffa by forcing him to see the video of his actions so that he has to live with the knowledge of his wrongdoing. This moment is powerful because it shows Jacs refusing to remain silent and holding her abuser accountable.

Jacs’ mother 

Jacs’ mother, played by Essie Davis, is a crucial character in the series. She supports and guides Jacs by helping her cope with losing her best friend, Kel. Her influence is the very reason why Jacs decides to confront Ruffa towards the series’ end. Her mother shares her own experience of being abused when she was twenty and never speaking up about it. She didn’t want her daughter to go through the same pain, so she encouraged Jacs to stand up against abuse. Her mother’s support and wisdom play a significant role in Jacs’ journey throughout the series.

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