‘Eva Lasting’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide

From Season 1 to Season 2, the characters of Eva Lasting have grown up so much. They’ve faced a lot of challenges that have really made them mature. It’s amazing to see how they’ve changed and evolved. So, what exactly happened to these characters? We’ll find out all the answers in this Eva Lasting cast and character guide.


Spoilers Ahead


Eva is headstrong, courageous, and always up for a challenge. She truly is one of a kind. Francisca Estevez, as Eva, is a showstopper for all the boys at Jose Maria School, being the first girl in the class. Naturally, she stood out not just because she was the only girl and stunning, but also because of her rebellious spirit. Eva challenged the norms, stood against injustice, and was always there for her friends in times of need. She wore her feminist badge with pride. As the series progresses, we see Eva start to develop feelings for Camilo. Just as their relationship was about to blossom, she was sent off to the US because her father was arrested for marijuana dealing and money laundering. But in Eva Lasting season 2, Eva returns and she has blossomed as an even more mature and selfless person. Her initial reason for coming back to Bogotá was to reunite with Camilo. However, she discovers that he is about to become the father of Luisa’s child. Naturally, she was shocked, and she decided to end the relationship to avoid being an obstacle to his happiness. She knew that Camilo didn’t love Luisa but loved Eva. So, she stopped them from making the rash decision to get married. Eva tries to tell Luisa that terminating a pregnancy is not a sin, as she herself had to make that difficult decision when she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. She believes it’s a woman’s body and, thus, her choice. But when Luisa decides to keep the baby, Eva not only supports her but also lends a shoulder to Camilo. She decides to stick with him through thick and thin, even though she still has feelings for him. We’re not sure what the future holds for their relationship, but with Eva’s maturity, we know she’ll make the right decision for everyone. Eva also protests to get Luisa back in school, arguing that being pregnant shouldn’t take away her right to education. She even runs for student council to ensure her friends, Castro and the Acunas brothers, get a chance to stay and graduate after they get arrested for robbery and thus expelled from school. She believes they deserve another chance to pass the year.



From the very first season, we’ve seen that Emmanuel Restrepo, as Camilo, was head over heels in love with Eva. He even slept with Luisa just to make Eva jealous. Little did he know that this would lead to him becoming the father of Luisa’s child. Faced with this new reality, Camilo realized he couldn’t just be a puppy dog running after Eva. He had to take responsibility and become a man for his child. Camilo started working as a sports journalist at a newspaper while still studying at school. When Luisa’s parents kicked her out of their home, he took full responsibility for her. Just because he wasn’t in love with her didn’t mean he could turn a blind eye to the situation. His parents raised him better than that. But that didn’t mean he stopped loving Eva. He was willing to do anything for her, even agreeing to an open relationship for her sake, which ended up hurting him in the process. By the end of the series, we see Camilo becoming a father. This new role is likely to make him even more mature. By taking his responsibilities seriously, he’ll also maybe start making better decisions for himself, Luisa, the baby, and, of course, Eva. 


Verónica Orozco plays Ana, Camilo’s mother, and I have to say, Ana’s character is by far my favorite. She’s kind, headstrong, and never makes impulsive decisions just for the sake of it. When the whole school was against the idea of letting Camilo and Luisa continue their studies by saying they were setting a bad example, Ana stood firm. She believed that adults shouldn’t jeopardize their children’s future. Ana understood that having a child out of wedlock wasn’t a crime. She herself was two months pregnant when she married her husband, Jose. Even though it happened a long time ago, she never thought she had committed a sin. To her, getting married isn’t the solution to everything. This attitude eventually led to her separating from her husband. She realized they had core differences in values and ethics, and just because he was the man of the house didn’t mean she had to follow whatever he decided. Ana became the woman of the house by taking a job as the principal’s secretary at the school and taking care of Camilo and Luisa in any way she could. She set an extraordinary example by showing that women can do it all, especially in an era where being a feminist was often looked down upon. Ana’s strength and resilience are truly inspiring.



Jose, played by Santiago Alarcón, was the complete opposite of Ana. He believed that being too soft on Camilo and not disciplining him with the belt enough, combined with his mother’s coddling, led to Camilo becoming a father at a young age. He seemed to forget that he himself had faced a similar situation in the past. Jose was so focused on setting an example of what it meant to be a man for his son that he forgot to simply be a father. But this didn’t mean his intentions were wrong—just his approach was. He was a devoted father and husband, but maybe that wasn’t enough, which eventually led to his separation from Ana. Then José found out that, from his previous relationship with a woman named Rosario, he had a daughter with special needs named Janet. He started taking care of Janet as well, because being a father and protecting and caring for his children was all he ever wanted. Maybe this time, his approach will be different. Maybe this time he’ll be a little more considerate rather than condescending.


Sara Pinzón, as Luisa, shows us how unrequited love feels. She was completely in love with Camilo and ended up sleeping with him, which led to her getting pregnant with his child. But the problem was, she realized he was never in love with her—his heart belonged to Eva. This made her feel like a burden to everyone: Eva, Camilo, his family, everyone. Her own parents slut-shamed her, and this made her feel like no one would ever understand what she was going through. That is, until she found love with Rodrigo. He was understanding, gentle, and much more mature. With him, she finally felt like she belonged. She realized that she made the right decision by not marrying Camilo just because of this terrible situation. If she had, none of them would have been happy—not her and not Camilo. With her becoming a mother and completing her studies, Luisa dreams of becoming a doctor. We hope she achieves her dream and proves everyone wrong who believed that, just because she had a child, her future was over, because it is not.



Julián Cerati as Gustavo Pabón returns in the second season, which was a surprising twist. However, not much had changed with him. He left Bogotá because society didn’t accept him for being gay, and in his new town, Bucaramanga, he still pretended to have a girlfriend just to avoid disappointing everyone. But after reuniting with his friends, Gustavo realized he couldn’t keep living this lie. He finally told the truth about who he was. He feared this would get him rejected from the town and bring shame to his family, but thankfully, that didn’t happen. By the end of the series, we see Gustavo reunited with the whole crew, as he is back in Bogota. He’s now determined to start a theater group at Jose Maria School so people can be accepted for their preferences or identities. He learned from personal experience how important it is to be true to yourself.

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