‘Entrapped’ Ending, Explained: How Were Lina and Andri Connected To Ivar’s Murder?

Well, some crimes are hard to figure out. “Entrapped” on Netflix is a popular Icelandic crime-thriller series and the third installment of “Trapped”. The series garnered massive attention and acclamation for its conceptualized themes around the idea of murder and investigation. Moreover, “Entrapped” concentrates on the mysterious murder of Ivar Kristjansson, who was a member of the Asar cult. One day, their peaceful lives were vexed by the Horns, the biker gang of Hopper. Ivar involves himself in an infuriating fight with Gunnar, and things become more complicated when Ivar is found lifeless in the caves of Asar. All fingers are immediately pointed at the biker gang and Gunnar. The storyline takes us to the main character of this series, Andri Olafsson. He quickly reminisces about his earlier days when he was convicted for wrongfully dragging Ivar into the disappearance of Ivar’s girlfriend, Lina. Andri informs Ivar’s parents about his death, and they charge him with the responsibility of finding the murderer. Together with his old mate Trausti and Hinrika, Andri begins to unravel the unsettling details related to Ivar’s murder.


In the past, Andri was sure about his convictions, and out of rage, he had ended up hitting Ivar during his interview session, where Ivar was brutally injured. But Andri’s lack of control delayed him from figuring out the real reason behind Lina’s disappearance. The cult members of Asar were deeply grieved by this incident, and none of them wanted to become a part of this cult anymore. They had cops and bikers roaming around them, and this was very risky for their livelihood, as together, the cult sought patience and calmness. Andri began searching for clues to figure out what had exactly happened that night. But the higher authorities were keener on the drug scandal led by Hopper’s gang. In this process, Trausti and Andri were officially prohibited from conducting any further investigation with Gunnar since he was a prime suspect in the drug ring.

But Trausti didn’t follow up on the orders and eventually blurted out his evidence regarding the drug scandal. The higher authorities had connections within the biker gang since Ivar’s best friend Bergur and his boyfriend Sverrir were regular suppliers of the drug ring. Because of Trausti’s mistake, Gunnar paused his conversations with Bergur, and this led him to send Sverrir to the North. Bergur’s major plan was to figure out the exact timeline of the drug supply, but Sverrir’s involvement with Hopper and cops became overbearing since he couldn’t hold on any longer to his lies. Hopper eventually found out about his betrayal as he was the prime informer working under Sonja, Chief of the Narcotics branch. Hopper pushed him down the cliff, and by this time, the situation had become even worse. 


Hopper used his tactics to convince Sverrir that Gunnar and Baby Lars were responsible for Ivar’s murder, and under Bergur’s suggestion, Sverrir ended up confessing this secret to the cops, which resulted in his death. Andri figured out more information on the relationships of Ivar’s parents, Kristjan and Magdalena. They were hiding a major truth about Kristjan’s location during Ivar’s murder. Now, all the fingers are pointed at Kristjan, but he ends up confessing his presence at the company. Andri managed to get a hold of the CCTV footage, which directly showed that Kristjan wasn’t lying. But there’s a catch, that night, not only did Kristjan reach his office, then he tagged Bergur along with him. Upon revealing this strange phenomenon, Hinrika, Andri and Trausti began to question Kristjan.

Here, Kristjan reveals a shocking truth about his connection with Lina. It seems Lina and Kristjan had an illegitimate relationship, and Bergur was extremely disappointed by this revelation as Lina was his sister. But Kristjan was not involved with his son’s murder. The cops chase Bergur, and here he confesses that he had killed Ivar that night. Bergur visited Ivar to let him know about his father’s mistake, but to his surprise, Ivar was aware of everything. And guess what? Throughout the series, viewers were desperately waiting to learn about Lina’s disappearance and Ivar’s murder. So, Ivar was the one who had murdered Lina since her infidelity became too overwhelming for Ivar. Outraged by this revelation, Bergur attacked Ivar and killed him. Bergur wanted Ivar and Kristjan to pay for their mistakes, and with Lina and Sverrir gone, Bergur had no other purpose for living.


Bergur attacked Soley, a girl who worked with Ivar, and threatened Andri with a gun pointed at her head. Andri tried his best to convince him, but Bergur’s mind was taken over by the grief of losing Lina and Sverrir. So, Andri had to shoot him to rescue Soley. Andri is convicted at the court for manslaughter as he was held responsible for his previous outrage on Ivar as well. But Trausti and Hinrika give testimony on his behalf since Andri’s intuitions were right all along. Andri was freed from all the charges and this time Andri was truly changed since Ivar’s case became a huge lesson for him. Several viewpoints give a strong hit to the storyline of “Entrapped”. Many people were blamed for Ivar’s murder, but it was extremely difficult to figure out the involvement of Bergur. Well, this was possible through the sudden entry of a drug scandal, which illuminated the presence of Bergur’s rage for Ivar.

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