‘Entrapped’ Characters, Explained: What Is The Main Reason For Hatred Between Oddur And Gunnar?

“Entrapped” on Netflix is a 2022 crime series directed by Baltasar Kormakur. This show is a continuation of “Trapped”. The story revolves around the lives of Andri Olafsson, a metropolitan cop, and Ivar Kristjansson. Viewers will encounter the differences caused by rage, jealousy and murder. But apart from this, there will be several concepts that might attract you, and this particular series holds significant attention to the relationship between Oddur and Gunnar. After the gruesome murder of Ivar, Andri tries his best to dig out information about his death. Since Ivar was a part of the Asar cult, people of that group weren’t that supportive of his interrogations, and the cops failed to negotiate on good terms with some of them. The day before Ivar’s murder, he got into a huge argument with Gunnar, a member of the Horns Biker Gang. They had to resolve land dispute issues, as Gunnar believed that Oddur’s land belonged to him and his uncle Hopper. But the sudden murder dragged these three men into the spotlight. Since any of them could be responsible for his death, Andri and his mates, Trausti and Hinrika, began investigating the case, where they had to pin down major suspects that were closely related to Ivar. 


Gunnar and Ivar were best friends, but misunderstandings led them to fall apart. While interrogating all the other members of the gang, Andri got more details on Oddur and Gunnar from Flosi. Flosi was never involved in any of these proceedings since his main purpose was to enjoy life and make friends. But with Flosi’s help, Andri figured out that Gunnar is Oddur’s son. Andri approached Oddur and confronted him about his relationship, but Oddur didn’t refrain from his statements and confessed that he and Gunnar were not on good terms. But Andri informs Oddur about the importance of this information since it could easily bring in a lot of clues. Here, Oddur reveals the inside details of his relationship with Gunnar.

Gunnar and Oddur became enemies after Oddur separated Gunnar from his mother. But Gunnar was unaware that his mother was a bad influence on him. Her addiction to drugs and alcohol became a major reason for Oddur to separate his son from her shadows. But Hopper manipulated Gunnar into believing that he had abandoned his mother to die. Oddur was helpless since he had no way to make him understand the reasons behind his decisions. But Gunnar decided to join in with Hopper in his biker gang as they dealt with an illegal supply of drugs. In reality, Gunnar never wanted to become a part of this, he was extremely light-hearted, and Hopper never appreciated this. Hopper often bullied him for his decisions, and Gunnar blindly trusted his uncle. Since Ivar chose Oddur over Gunnar’s friendship, the duo got into a fight. 


Oddur never hated his son as he was aware of all the consequences that Gunnar might have to deal with. Hopper is short-tempered and adamant, and he would never trust anyone with this work. Gradually he began separating Gunnar from the biker gang. The story takes a different turn when viewers are introduced to all the other friends of Ivar.  They all worked together, except for Ivar. Bergur and his boyfriend Sverrir supplied drugs and laundered cash on Gunnar’s behalf. Since the cops had their eyes on the biker gang, Gunnar stopped contacting Bergur, and this worried him extremely as drug dealing was very important. As each day passes by, Gunnar becomes more and more frustrated with the drug shipment. Hopper assigns him the responsibility of finding the informer, and amidst this process, Gunnar hurts Flosi severely since he was the first person to be interrogated by the cops.

Back at the biker club, Hopper was sure about the presence of an informer, and to pluck him out, he came up with an insidious plan. Sverrir meets up with the biker gang to figure out all the details regarding the drug shipment. But guess what? He is the secret informer working under the chief of the Narcotics branch, Sonja. Hopper knew about Sverrir and Ivar’s fight since Ivar had kicked him out of his bar for conducting illegal laundering methods. So, Hopper misled Sverrir and revealed that Gunnar is Ivar’s killer. Sverrir was drowned by Hopper as he confessed everything to Andri and his team. On the other hand, Oddur decides to check on his son, and guess what? Hopper brutally injures him and orders Oddur to take him away. Oddur and Gunnar reconcile, and together they head back to the Asar cult.


Apart from Gunnar, Ivar was very important to Oddur as well. He had supported Oddur with the cult, and also forgave him for all his illegitimate actions. Ivar and Oddur’s wife Asa were in a relationship secretly. Andri had all the reasons to convict him of Ivar’s murder, but to his surprise, Oddur knew about this. All he ever wanted was to prioritize the safety of Ivar and his son Gunnar. To honor Ivar’s wish, Oddur conducted a huge ceremony after his body was cremated. Moreover, Andri was shocked to learn that Oddur and Asa had no connection despite being married to each other. So, Asa’s infidelity didn’t matter to him. Oddur was the founder of the Asar cult, and his main purpose in forming this cult was to inculcate the powerful forces of nature that lay beneath our feet. Moreover, he was relieved to have his son back, as Gunnar had no choice but to join his father since Hopper was only using him for his own benefit.

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