What Did Sarah Chapman Steal From The Match Making Factory In The Film ‘Enola Holmes 2’?

‘Enola Holmes’ is a popular crime drama film that intrigued its viewers with several twists at every minute. Now, the second installment of this film has provided an interesting angle to both films. ‘Enola Holmes’ revolves around the life of a young and ambitious girl named Enola, whose entire life has been directed by her mother. From the very beginning, Enola’s mother provided more attention to the things that mattered to survive in this world, and she trained her daughter with knowledge, strength, and defense. She can figure out any riddle or a hidden clue within seconds, and by the end of the first film, Enola established an identity for herself by saving Viscount Tewkesbury, The Marquess of Basilwether.  But that wasn’t the case. Well, after her huge success with the Tewkesbury case, Enola decided to open up her detective agency in London. She waited for days, but none of them approached Enola for her assistance. She was drowned in the shadows of her famous detective brother, Sherlock Holmes. People often approached her to seek help from him and also belittled her precision. Well, being a woman was indeed a tough job for Enola. Unlike other women, Enola was different and extraordinary. But things took a different turn when a little girl named Bessie arrived at her office to seek help for her missing sister Sarah Chapman. 


Bessie explained that it’d been more than a week since Sarah had disappeared, and people around her were already claiming that she had escaped her dreadful life. But Bessie believed that Sarah would never abandon her. Enola went through her room and checked Sarah’s belongings, and she found burned papers in the corner of the room. Even though she couldn’t find anything peculiar, Enola’s attention landed on a paper with the date March 12. Throughout the entire search, one of her close friends, Mae, refused to comply with the search, and Enola found it very strange. So, to find more information, Enola decided to work at the Match factory since everyone claimed that she stole important belongings from the match factory and the owners were looking for her as well. Now, Enola had to step inside the owner’s office inside the match factory. So, with the help of Bessie and the other girls working in the match factory, Enola managed to get inside the office by distracting the guard next to them. She stepped inside and figured out that Sarah had stolen a few papers from the factory register.

 Before entering the factory, all the girls were checked for Typhus – a deadly infectious disease that is fatal. Enola found it pretty strange and wanted to get to the core of it. But Sarah’s disappearance made it difficult for her to figure out the connection between these two things. Enola’s mother often suggested she pull on every loose thread she found. So, for Enola, Mae was that loose thread. From the very beginning, she gives off suspicious vibes and even questions Enola’s way of searching for clues. Enola decided to follow Mae and figured out that Mae worked as a dancer at the paragon theatre, and Sarah worked there too. Here, Enola went through her belongings and found a note that Sarah’s lover left for her, which was a poem and, indeed, a secret message. Enola figured out the address and decided to visit the place. But to her surprise, the place was a mess. 


Someone tried to break in the door and murdered Mae. Though Enola tried to save her, and the officers blamed her for the murder, she managed to escape from them and hid in her brother Sherlock’s place. They discussed their cases with each other, and Sherlock realized that both of them were connected. Meanwhile, Enola figured out the significance of the date March 12. It was the Match Makers Ball hosted by Henry and Helda Lyon. So, Sarah’s lover was Mr. Lyon’s eldest son, William. She managed to have a conversation with William through dance, and he requested her to keep it as low as possible. So, they decided to meet up in the library at midnight. But the police arrived, and Mr. Grail arrested Enola for the murder of Mae and the disappearance of Sarah. Well, Enola knew that Grail was connected to the case, and somehow he was the reason behind everything. But Enola needed strong evidence to prove that. Meanwhile, Sherlock tries to bail her out, but Grail doesn’t allow him to.

So, Sherlock approached Edith and his mother for help, and they managed to get her out, and Enola escaped from the prison. All this time, a girl named Cicely tried to approach Tewkesbury since he was the new reformer. But, Tewkesbury revealed that Cicely was working on a bill to change factory law, and she needed his help. All this time, Enola didn’t figure out that Sarah was right under her nose. Cicely was Sarah, and she even attended the ball to meet William and seek help from Tewkesbury. William and Sarah were working together, and they knew that the factory was corrupt; to earn more, they were dealing with illegal products that caused serious harm to the girls working in the factory. Enola and Tewkesbury visited the factory at midnight to get more information on the case, and Sherlock was there too! Sherlock understood that Grail used oxidized phosphorus dust to mark Enola’s fingerprints on the murder weapon that was used to kill Mae. Well, Enola found William’s corpse in the factory, and the entire crime scene was staged.


Soon, Enola figured out that William stole the contract between Lyon and McIntyre, which was related to the phosphorus content in Matchsticks. Moreover, Sarah stole the document, which contained the names of all the young girls that died from inhaling phosphorus. To earn more profit, McIntyre and Lyon decided to change the matchstick contents to phosphorus. But this, in turn, became harmful for the girls working in the factory, and the owners covered it up with Typhus. While in reality, none of them suffered from Typhus. Meanwhile, Grail and the other officers attacked them to destroy the evidence, but Enola managed to keep the document safe. But McIntyre arrived at the scene and burned the documents to prevent any mishaps that might stop his business. Sarah was devastated to lose the document since, in the pursuit of justice, she lost two of her loved ones, Mae and William. But Enola convinced her to persuade everyone at the factory to voice out their opinions. Meanwhile, Sherlock’s main perpetrator was McIntyre’s personal secretary, Mira Troy, who disguised herself under the name Moriarty. 

She used this evidence to blackmail McIntyre and Lyons, but William, Sarah, and Mae were about to ruin her plans since she used this document to blackmail McIntyre and Lyons and extort money from them. So, to keep her blackmail plans intact, she murders Mae and William with the help of Grail and all the corrupt officers. With the help of Tewkesbury, McIntrye was arrested for destroying the evidence and corruption. Meanwhile, Sarah and all the other women in the factory stood up with their evidence and revealed the factory’s ugly truth. The creators of ‘Enola Holmes 2’ captured the real-life story of Sarah Chapman and fictionalized it in their way to provide a deeper insight into Sarah’s revolutionary act of saving the lives of other women working in the factory. She stood up for their rights to improve the working conditions in the factory. Moreover, female workers were often degraded and mistreated at work. Around 1400 women stood up for the strike and managed to convince the officials to boycott Bryant & May matches.


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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