Who Is ‘Moriarty’ In The Film ‘Enola Holmes 2’? How Is That Person Connected To Sherlock Holmes?

‘Enola Holmes 2’ on Netflix is a detective crime drama film that revolves around the life of Enola Holmes. Enola managed to gain massive attention from the public by saving The Marquess of Basilwether, Viscount Tewkesbury, but people didn’t recognize Enola for her talents, and she still had a long way to go. Everyone compared her abilities with her infamous brother Sherlock Holmes, the master of decoding criminal cases. But she had to step out of his shadow somehow, and Enola managed to get her first case, which was about the disappearance of Sarah Chapman. Things turned out to be a lot more complicated than Enola expected, and she had to rely on Sherlock to solve the case. While finding evidence to lure out the criminal, Enola gets herself tangled in a murder mystery and becomes the culprit. Meanwhile, Sherlock was working on a high-profile case of government officials who were blackmailed, but the similarities between both cases made it easier for him to interpret that both cases were somehow connected. Well, Sarah disappeared from her house and her sister Bessie approached Enola to seek her out after a week of her disappearance. Enola found out several pieces of information about Sarah, and according to these pieces of information, Sarah worked at the Lyons match factory and the paragon theatre. 

Meanwhile, Sarah is blamed for thieving, but Enola discovers that Sarah has a lover, and she finds his poem in her drawer at the theatre. The poem was a secret cipher that revealed an address. So, Enola decided to follow the address and found that the whole place was destroyed, and Enola also found Mae’s body. In her pocket, Enola found a sheet of piano chords. But Enola was blamed for murder by Grail, yet she managed to escape from their clutches and hid in Sherlock’s house. Sherlock advised her to stay away from the case, but she still visited the matchmaker’s ball by Lyons. The siblings discussed their cases together and expressed their doubts; where Sherlock revealed that the money was extorted from government officials, but he couldn’t figure out the details of the account holder. The money was transferred to multiple accounts, but none of the accounts was traceable. 

Meanwhile, in Sherlock’s case, his culprit is a game player, as he’s got separate filings from five different accounts. Moreover, the culprit managed to cover their traces at every turn. Sherlock had no evidence against the culprit, as only a number was left behind. Now, he had to figure out the code behind the number. So, Sherlock connected all the locations and understood that these locations were a cipher – a hidden code. At every location, there was a number left, and according to these numbers, all the locations were steps of dance movements. So, Sherlock went through the book, The language of the Dance, and figured out the code. Soon, Sherlock concluded the term ‘Moriarty,’ and found all the numbers were connected to this word. Meanwhile, with the help of Tewkesbury, Enola figures out William Lyon is Sarah’s lover and manages to have a conversation with him. 

To avoid any problems, William convinced her to meet in the library at midnight. But the police arrived and arrested Enola. Things took a different turn since Superintendent Grail denied Enola’s bail. So, Sherlock decided to approach his mother and Edith, and with their help, Enola managed to escape from the prison. Now, she had to warn Bessie since her life was in immense danger. Meanwhile, Sherlock figured out that Grail got Enola’s fingerprints from the oxidized phosphorus that was collected from the factory. Moreover, Enola found bits of phosphorus in Sarah’s home. Here, Enola understood the real reason behind Sarah’s disappearance. She was working with William to eliminate the use of phosphorus in the match factory. Mr. McIntyre and Mr. Lyon were using cheaper products to incur more profit. Well, this resulted in the death of several girls that were working in the match factory.

 To avoid any controversies, The owners decided to spread the rumors that the girls passed away due to an infectious disease called Typhus. To get more help, Enola visited Tewkesbury’s house, but an unknown visitor decided to pay a visit. But it was none other than Cicely from the matchmaking ball, and she always approached him to talk about the factory laws. Enola figured out her identity, and all this time, Cicely was Sarah. So, Enola decided to go back to the factory with Tewkesbury, and fortunately, Sherlock was there too. Together they went through the entire factory and found William’s dead body, but someone had staged the whole spot to frame McIntyre; Sherlock managed to find out the differences. Meanwhile, Enola found the same sheet of paper that was found in Mae’s pockets. But guess what? The sheet of paper was a map of the top row of the paragon theatre. Enola found the documents that would easily help them to boycott the factory. There was a written document for changing phosphorus and a list of young girls that died because of its poison.

Grail arrived at the theatre and threatened to kill Bessie, but Enola managed to save her while Sherlock and Tewkesbury fought with the officers. Grail gravely injured her, but she managed to escape from him, resulting in his death as he fell from the rooftop. Mr. McIntyre arrived and burned all the documents to avoid any controversies, but Sarah was heartbroken since many people lost their lives in passing this bill. Meanwhile, Sherlock figured out that Moriarty was none other than McIntyre’s secretary Mira Troy. She wanted to play this game by blackmailing the Lyons and McIntyre to extort money. But William and Sarah stole the evidence, and this could’ve destroyed her only way to earn more money. So she hired Grail to kill Mae and the others. Throughout Mary’s entire career, the McIntyre family treated her very badly, and she wanted to claim her position as women are oppressed in society. But Sherlock got her arrested, and Mary warned him that she’d be back! The movie ended on a good note as Enola opened up her detective agency at Edith’s place, and Sherlock agreed to work with his sister!

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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