‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Top 9 Worst Outfits, Not By The Fashion Police

It is essential to watch a show about fashion like “Emily in Paris” with an eagle’s eye for detail, to find the most prominent designers and the best looks, but with Emily’s atrocious styling, it’s difficult to love them all. Before we get to the dirt, let’s compliment the chef on the Schiaparelli look of the third season of “Emily in Paris.” Sylvie and Mindy have been a highlight this season, wearing the likes of the aforementioned Schiaparelli and everyone’s dream Mugler bodysuit (Dua Lipa, who?). It also seems like in the third season of “Emily in Paris”; we see a little bit of influence of personality within the main characters. Sylvie is seen clashing prints (in such elegance we could never imagine) and wearing more color. Emily is seen wearing more French styles, albeit in her own way, and we love this mishmash of realism this far from the reality show. Is life really so easy for a marketing executive in Paris?

Now that we’re past that, the most important question is still left unanswered: how can Emily afford all these luxury designer labels? Emily does mention a rental this season, so are we supposed to imagine she’s always wearing gifted and rental clothes? It seems this season’s staple is sparkly knee-high boots and lots of flamboyant sleeves and coats. Outrageous would be an understatement to describe Emily’s outfits, but we do have to give her brownie points for the confidence with which she wears these outfits! After all, fashion is all about expressing oneself, and designer Marilyn Fitoussi is definitely having fun creating these custom looks. Even still, here’s a list of some of the outfits that made our simpletons’ eyes bleed in “Emily in Paris” Season 3.

Rainbow Vomit 

It seems Emily took the idea of unicorns very seriously in episode 1 of “Emily in Paris” Season 3. The green metallic Skorpios boots should be the highlight of this outfit, but there’s just so much going on that when you look at the whole thing, it makes your head spin. 

Credits: Netflix

The Try-Hard Mod Mum 

Oh, how we love a miu miu moment. But this outfit is here specifically for this ‘vintage’ hairstyle that they have been trying to plaster onto Emily since the 1st season. Yes, Sylvie is getting signs from the universe to bring Emily back, but she did not have to dress up as a green highlighter to make sure of it. It has never been “when in Paris, wear a bouffant,” so why? Say no to boring baguettes and bouffants.

Credits: Netflix

You Can Not Be Brighter Than The Stars 

Yes, red and purple are analogous colors on the color wheel, and it’s very exciting to try new things, but to go metallic over metallic over more metallic is a “bit” too much. Or at least we’re under that impression. Alfie went up to that stage to get her to stop singing and also because her outfit was too distracting for everyone at the solstice. 

Credits: Netflix

Amoeba On Crack 

Are harem pants in again? Did we not get the memo? Specifically, metallic ones? Yes, it’s almost the new year, but this overdose of sparkles is making us avert our eyes from the parties we’ve been invited to (or maybe that’s just the introvert in us). 

Credits: Netflix

Spotted And Dotted 

Ah! A pattern-on-pattern look we’ve all been dying to see. If we found ourselves on the cover of a magazine wearing THAT, we would run for cover ourselves. At least the colors complement each other. Minus the metallic jacket (yes, it’s another one, party season is in full swing).

Credits: Netflix


It seems this is Em’s take on the old Parisian nautical look. The paper boy hat paired with the black checked top is great on its own but added to a pair of tri-coloured houndstooth trousers; we have no comments left. We saved you the sight of the entire look with the printed coat and bag as well though. You’re welcome. But we give props to this outfit for representing how chaotic this entire season was. 

Credits: Netflix

Which Color Do You Choose? 

If you look closely, this dress has a really adorable robot on the front, but because of the purple knee-high boots and this organza jacket, how exactly can one notice? It is true that overall, this outfit is cohesive in terms of colors, but something’s just off about it, ya know? 

Credits: Netflix

Black, White, And Blood Red

Leave it up to Emily Cooper to wear a neutral-colored outfit and still stand out in a crowd. The silhouette is decent, and everything seems to be rightly put together, but maybe it’s the fact that it’s on Emily that’s making us turn away.

Credits: Netflix

Modern Cowgirl

Coincidentally, this is the outfit worn by Emily when the pigeon enters the office, making it the perfect cowgirl look. The purple boots are back (seasonal favorites?), and it seems the analogous colors are on Emily’s radar in “Emily in Paris” Season 3. Red, white, cream, purple, or tan—pick any because it’s all there. 

Credits: Netflix

Bonus Outfit 

Every season, Emily wears some fabulous outfits by accident, and this particular cut-out blue dress, which matches the stunning atmosphere of Provence, is a favorite across all seasons. Definitely, one to take inspiration from, specifically the bellowing sleeves that give a whimsical feeling. 

Credits: Netflix

We think the Dolce and Gabbana zebra top with the giant sleeves is sure to be a crowd divider, but the unique outfit is a highlight for us for sure. A special shout out to Emily’s comfy platforms in the third season—definitely ones to collect for us. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying Emily Cooper has us wrapped around her fingers, and we’re definitely going to be catching it next season for whatever fashionable reason.  We’re sure you understand we love Lily Collins but our reason to word-vomits all over her outfits is how obnoxious Emily is!  With that, we’d like to ask: What were your favorite and least favorite fits in the season 3 of “Emily in Paris”? 

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Ruchika Bhat
Ruchika Bhat
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