‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Episodes Recap, Breakdown And Ending, Explained: Is Emily Still In Paris? 

It’s that time of the year, and we’re all ready to revisit the cringe-max Netflix show that is “Emily in Paris.” While it is our dream to live a wonderful life in Paris one day too, it’s certainly not in the “style” of Emily Cooper. This fish-out-of-water situation for Emily is getting a little old and boring, but we say, “ah merde,” and trudge on for an excuse to brush up on the four French words we’ve learned across the three seasons. While “Emily in Paris” season 3 most definitely has its decent moments, it’s also suffering from a case of “try-hard,” and we’re not here for it. Although within the show it seems Emily will never fail, we’re not so sure that applies outside of TV land, and here’s why.


Spoilers Ahead

‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3: Plot Synopsis – What Is The Third Season About?

Season 3 of “Emily in Paris” begins with Emily stuck between choosing her mentor- her old boss, Madeline- or Sylvie- her new fierce challenger. While she does choose Sylvie, she finds it difficult to leave pregnant and lonely Madeline alone in a new country where no one is willing to help her. So, she chooses to work for both of them until she can find replacements for the team under Madeline. Unfortunately for her, the secret is soon out, and she gets fired from both jobs. Workaholic Emily, who’s never spent a day doing nothing, is suddenly tasked with the burden of freedom. She uses this to spend time in the tourist spots of Paris and becomes a true influencer for those who aren’t there. Sylvie and Madeline are both out of luck, as Sylvie cannot steal Savoir’s clients due to a non-competition contract, and Savoir’s clients all leave because Sylvie isn’t there.


Luc and Emily together try and get them together. To everyone’s amusement Madeline apologizes to Sylvie and asks her to join back but is declined quite immediately. At the same time, Sylvie’s only client, Pierre Cadault (the Haute Couturier), decides to sell his brand to luxury conglomerate JVMA (LVMH who?). Sylvie sticks to her idea, decides to continue her new business, and manages to throw Madeline out of Paris altogether. Emily finally makes a decision for herself and stays back. Sylvie and the rest (with Emily on the team) fight JVMA for Pierre and start a fight with fashion’s biggest family. Emily does a wonderful job back at work, giving all clients exactly what they need and running Julien’s pitches for him because of her ever-ready ideas. Julien gets upset and may possibly be quitting the team?

Nicolas is the youngest son of the JVMA group, and Sylvie has some “tea” on his father. Nicolas and Mindy are friends from boarding school and start to have a thing after Benoit and Mindy break up. Emily does not appreciate Nicolas’ approach to Pierre’s work. and she and the team embarrass him in front of his entire family and the press. Nicolas is not happy with this and tries to break the ties between Emily and Mindy. Antoine appoints Alfie as the CFO of Maison Lavaux, and he decides to stay back in Paris. Alfie and Emily are able to bring Antoine to the ground. Gabriel is honest with Antoine and wants to work towards getting a Michelin star and a raise. Alfie convinces Antoine to let Gabriel have a share of his business and make the decisions for it. He finally puts his own name on the restaurant and starts to work it all out. 


Emily’s Personal Life

Emily and Alfie have a tough time in the beginning when Alfie is about to leave back to London but she refuses to meet him halfway because of work. Emily is left heartbroken with lovey-dovey Camille and Gabriel. Nothing is going her way as she has no job or lover in her dream city, Paris. Mindy is her biggest support in all this and shows her true loyalty to Emily throughout the series. Alfie then returns as CFO of Maison Lavaux without giving Emily a warning, and she is upset. She then manages to show him she really likes him with a grand gesture on the summer solstice and wins him back (of course). Camille is having a great time at the gallery and finds Greek artist Sofia attractive. The two start a fling, and Emily happens to see them kissing on Alfie’s roof. Emily doesn’t know how to process this information and tells Mindy about it. Mindy tells her it’s just some fun and that she should not worry about it. Camille then travels to Greece with Sofia while Alfie is in London visiting his mother for her birthday, leaving Gabriel and Emily alone in Paris. Emily and Gabriel of course spend some time together, and in a drunken daze, Gabriel tells Emily that he thinks Camille is cheating on him with some men in Greece and confesses that he is in love with both Camille and Emily. Emily is devastated to find out the truth but lets it pass the next day as Garbiel seems overjoyed after Camille’s return. Gabriel then tells Emily he wants to marry Camille and asks for her help. Emily has a client who wants to use a proposal for their marketing campaign, and Emily suggests Camille and Gabriel for the job. Gabriel is up for the money and agrees, but before they can do the campaign, Camille asks Gabriel to marry her, and they are engaged. Emily and Alfie continue to get closer and tick things off Emily’s Paris bucket list. Emily is slightly upset that Alfie doesn’t tell his parents about her, but she then forgives him as he explains to her why he couldn’t. Camille’s family decides to throw a huge party for Gabriel and Camille’s engagement, and everyone is invited to their countryside chateau. There, Emily hears some good news for Gabriel and lets him know. Seeing the two share such a sweet moment with each other, Camille breaks down, and while they are having a surprise wedding on the same day, she decides to call it off at the altar. She confesses to Gabriel about the pact with Emily and that she thought the two of them were meant to be all along. Alfie, too, believes Camille and leaves Emily to “go get her man.” The season ends with Gabriel and Emily single, but will they end up together? To dish out the details, let’s do an episode-wise breakdown of “Emily in Paris” season 3.

Episode 1: La lutte à la corde | The Tug Of War 

In episode one, we see Emily in a tug-of-war between Madeline and Sylvie. We know that at the end of season 2 of “Emily in Paris,” Emily spoke to Sylvie, and now it is confirmed that she wants to join her so she can remain in Paris, but because Madeline has helped her out through her career, she’s reluctant to tell her the truth. Emily is so confused that she decides to change her hair up! By giving herself a midnight fringe, which miraculously turns out perfect. “There are consequences to not choosing,” says her French teacher very aptly (yes, she’s already speaking more French) when describing the episode. Alfie, while waiting for Emily at a party she organized for him, ends up speaking with Antoine. Emily’s workaholic nature keeps her away from Alfie in the last few days he’s in Paris after he asked her to come to visit him in London. By the end of the episode, Alfie, who’s been trying to get a hold of Emily, loses hope, and it seems like he finally lets go as he leaves for London. Madeline finds out the truth about Emily’s debacle due to naive Luc’s big mouth and makes a plan. During a very important pitch to McDonald’s (yeah! The clown one) for the mcbaguette in France that Emily sets up for Sylvie through her ex-boyfriend Doug, Madeline shows up hysterical. Madeline’s water finally breaks during the argument and Emily is left without a job by the end of the episode. On the other hand, things are looking up for Mindy and the band, who are invited to perform at a huge jazz club. But in the end, it turns out the jazz club only wants Mindy and not the band. 


Episode 2: Mise en place | Everything’s In Its Place (?) 

It is almost the summer solstice, another grand day in Paris, and Emily is sad and lonely and now still working for Madeline (Sylvie’s fired her). They’re looking for a new French president for Savoir. While meeting with Antoine, it is revealed that Alfie has in fact been in Paris (while chatting with Emily) and is now the CFO of Maison Lavoux (ouch! scandalous). Emily is hurt that Alfie wasn’t honest with her, whereas Madeline wonders if she is even trying to keep the office together at all. We see that Camille is feeling a little bit sidelined by Gabriel, who is always too busy, but also that both of them knew the truth about Alfie. Alfie tells Emily how it all happened, and she comes home sulking to Mindy about how she was hurt even though he was the one left hanging when leaving for London. Emily realizes the only solution to all her problems is to get Sylvie back to Savoir, and she makes a plan with Luc. Luc lets Madeline know where Sylvie will be and informs her of the ways of the French. Sweet talk. Madeline reluctantly agrees. The event is for Pierre Cadault, whose account is still with Sylvie (her only one), and Emily and Luc’s plan is in action. Madeline ends up wearing the same dress as Sylvie but still manages to fish out some compliments her way. Emily’s plan is proven futile when Sylvie’s ego gets in the way and she declines Madeline’s offer to return. Pierre then announces that the brand will be acquired by JVMA, and Sylvie, who has been in the dark about all this, is left with no accounts for her new business. Madeline then tells her that the offer has expired and that she is on her way (ah, the ego of a boss woman). On the day of the solstice, Nicolas de Leon (JVMA) offers Sylvie a “lifeline” to work for Pierre exclusively under JVMA. Sylvie finally decides to speak to her team, and Luc and Julien tell her to go ahead and start her own business. A wonderful moment is shared between the three of them (ah, we’re all waiting for that spin-off). Emily, Gabriel, and Camille visit Mindy’s show, and Alfie shows up. Emily tries to apologize to Alfie, who is still hurting, for being here to enjoy the music and not so politely suggests they just watch the show. Emily then takes Mindy’s advice to take what she wants and goes up on stage to profess her love(?), like for Alfie. They kiss, and all is well. Mindy, who had declined the offer to sing alone at the jazz club, finally accepts courtesy of Benoit, and everything seems to be in place—or is it?

Episode 3: Pigeonne  

Alfie and Emily are all lovey-dovey (and we’re here for it), and Emily is suggesting staying in on a workday! What is going on here? At work, it turns out the elevator to Savoir is broken (again), and Emily and Madeline have to climb up. Emily calls Luc for help with the building manager, Henri, and he agrees to help them speak with him. Sylvie overhears this conversation and tells Luc they should take Henri out for dinner. It turns out Sylvie’s neighbors are not so happy with her home becoming an office, so she’s stooping very low to get her Savoir office space back. Not so honorable Henri decides to help Sylvie after dinner, and they begin to sabotage Madeline and Emily. Camille and the new couple are out together to see Mindy’s jazz performance, and Gabriel can’t make it again. Camille gives Emily and Alfie the advice of not letting this time go. Mindy meets Benoit backstage, and a calming moment suddenly turns really sexy. Mindy gave a magnifique performance of a Dua Lipa chart-topper in a Mugler bodysuit, leaving everyone open-mouthed. Back at the office, it’s too hot; there’s no air conditioning, and no windows are open. Emily has prepared a pitch for a pet food company that includes animal filters, and Madeline is impressed as always. Madeline has a very important zoom call with the Gilbert group, and just before it’s about to begin, there’s a pigeon in the office. Madeline tells Emily to go rush and get the building manager while she attends the call. The animal filter is still on, and Madeline manages to create a mess in the zoom call with the pigeon and the heat. Finally, Emily arrives with Henri, only find it is too late. Alfie tells Gabriel that Camille is missing him and gives him some ideas for a rendezvous. Gabriel thanks him for the advice but seems to be content with their lives. Madeline decides to ditch the office and Paris too, booking tickets back to Chicago for both her and Emily. Emily finally ends up taking a stand for herself, choosing to stay jobless but content (pun intended), and Sylvie finally gets her office back!


Episode 4: Bonjour la liberté | Hello Freedom! 

Unemployed Emily is stepping into her influencer boots and exploring the Parisian streets. We all know Emily is a creature of habit and cannot survive this period. Luc and Julien end up pitching the pet food company Emily had made the presentation for. They then tell Sylvie it was Emily’s idea, causing her to get frustrated and throw a fit. Camille is at the gallery with a new artist from Greece, Sofia, and it seems there are some sparks between the two (yes, they went there). Gabriel fires an employee, and Emily offers to fill in. Of course, she’s Emily, so it seems she’s “tres bien” even as a waiter in Paris (oh yeah, her French is just that good now). It appears, though, that Camille still worries about Gabriel and Emily’s relationship. Sylvie invites her husband Laurent to help her with finances and paperwork, and Erik is not happy. It turns out Camille’s mom may be the reason she even came up with the pact with Emily. Although she’s not happy that Emily is working with Gabriel (even if it’s for a week), she appreciates her “free” ideas for their champagne. She also advises Sylvie to take Emily back (in not so many words). Camille and Sofia share another moment together. Emily makes a grand mistake at the restaurant by mixing the words for Champagne and mushrooms, causing an allergic reaction in a customer. After apologizing profusely, Gabriel, who doesn’t seem upset at all, tells Emily to go rest and stop working so hard. She thanks him and goes on her way. Sylvie then receives signals from the universe and ends up taking Emily back to work!

Episode 5: C’est la vie 

While Emily is back at Savoir, she cannot be a part of the team because of the work visa she doesn’t have. Sylvie tells the team the only way they can get new clients is by getting her on “La Liste,” a prestigious list of 10 faces who are changing Paris. Janine Dubois is the mastermind behind La Liste, and she just so happens to be following Emily on Instagram (oh mon Dieu, so simple). Emily, Alfie, and Mindy bump into Nicolas, and it turns out Mindy and he went to the same boarding school. Emily then invites him to Alfie’s new abode, courtesy of Antoine, for a celebratory party. Emily gets the interview with Janine, and the two hit it off immediately while waiting for Sylvie. It turns out she’s Australian, so the expats unite (you’ll know where this is going). The lunch is set up at Gabriel’s restaurant, and everything seems to be going wonderfully. At Alfie’s party, Nicolas actually shows up only to talk to Mindy, it seems (strictly no business with Emily), and the two look like there might be more than an underlying friendship. Benoit notices, and immediately it seems the two men can’t stand each other. Sofia’s also at the party, and she and Camille go up to the roof to have a “chat.” Emily, who finds the party too crowded, asks Alfie if he could show her the roof (yikes). When they get there, she sees Camille and Sofia kissing, and with an excuse to leave immediately, she follows. When she tells Mindy what happened, Mindy brushes it off as just some fun. Nicolas has invited them over for a launch event, and of course, Emily comes up with the brilliant idea of using Mindy and Benoit’s song Mon Soleil to advertise Soleil de Paris, JVMA’s perfume. Nicolas is awestruck by Mindy’s voice and suggests buying the song from them. Mindy likes the idea, but Benoit is hurt that she would agree with the idea even though he wrote the song for her romantically. It turns out Emily is the one who made it to no. 1 of la liste and Gabriel happens to be No. 8, leaving Sylvie very, very angry. Emily manages to calm her down by telling her that Agence Grateau is now repping Soleil De Paris for the JVMA. Sylvie gives Emily her documents for the work visa as her presence on “La Liste” will easily get her the visa. Nicolas sends Mindy some flowers before her show, and she doesn’t show Benoit (who is performing with her) the note, causing him to believe his fears and break up with her. Why is it always the same shallow reasons that shatter the best relationships on such shows? They perform a very deep and passionate French version of “Shallows,” and he walks away. Janine tells Sylvie the list is only for newcomers and puts up a better article about Agence Grateau leaving everyone very happy. 


Episode 6: Vont-ils Ou Ne Vont-ils Pas | Will They Or Won’t They? 

A consequence of an error causes Agence Grateau to host an event at Antoine’s vacation home in beautiful Provence for the launch of a new luxury sports vehicle, which happens to be purple. What better place to do it than a field of lavenders? Of course, Gabriel is the chef for the event. Alfie and Gabriel are set to visit a Michelin-star restaurant that Emily passes up on because of work. When they arrive in Provence, there is a huge mess, and Antoine gets Alfie to stay back, leaving Emily to go to lunch with Gabriel (tell us something new). At lunch, everyone thinks Gabriel and Emily are a couple, and they don’t deny it; it’s a scene for the food ASMR fans (not). The chef even shows up, and Gabriel asks the chef how he created this wonderful space for him and his family, overjoyed by the thought of himself one day proving to his children that he makes good food. Sofia tries to convince Camille that the two have something special and that you don’t have to love just one person. At the event, Erik is taking pictures and spots Laurent. He confronts Sylvie leaving her with the camera (hope it’s not his) and Laurent seemingly for good. Emily saves the day yet again by convincing Antoine not to make a new batch of perfume but to sell it as a limited edition piece along with the car (yes, it’s basic demand and supply, and they know it too). Finally, Sylvie and Laurent end up getting together and end up back together. Emily and Alfie leave Provence in Antoine’s new luxury car, leaving behind everything that happened in Provence.

Episode 7: C’est quoi ça | What Is This? 

If you thought that “Emily in Paris” Season 3 was chaotic until now, beware, my friend, as it just goes downhill from here. Mindy is invited by Nicolas to see an outdoor movie with some friends; she in turn invites Emily and Gabriel, both of whom are alone because Camille is in Greece with Sofia and Alfie is in London to celebrate his mother’s birthday. Dupree (Pierre’s nemesis), who has an account with Agence Grateau, is participating in a competition for the modification of Air France’s hostess outfits. The team clearly tells him it won’t work, but he pitches it anyway. A distressed Pierre, on the other hand, calls Sylvie and asks her if she can come visit his new store, which will be launched by JVMA. Pierre is apologetic and terribly upset by how the big luxury conglomerate is treating him and wants Sylvie back. Emily, Mindy, and Gabriel head to the movie, and Mindy chooses to wear Dupree’s latex design that failed to impress the people at Air France, and Emily is all praise for Dupree to Nicolas. At the screening of everyone’s favorite misunderstanding-turned-love movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” Emily and Gabriel are hit on by a woman, and they decide to leave. They find a cute ‘pop-air’ event (very romantic, of course) and decide to go in. They have a wonderful time doing couple-y things, and in an attempt to be a self-aware show (Dieu help them), Gabriel mentions how people love to watch two people “attempting to fight their natural attraction to each other.” Mindy and Nicolas say “I like you” to each other (we’re team Benoit though). Finally, Nicolas decides they need help with Pierre and invites Sylvie to meet. At lunch, Nicolas reveals his great plan of replacing Pierre with Gregory Dupree (yikes!) and Emily, who has invited Pierre, for dinner panics. Unfortunately, Pierre’s already there, and when he’s about to meet them, he gets hit by a car. 


Episode 8: Mort Ou Vif | Dead Or Alive 

The team meets a blindsided Pierre, who’s not dead yet… They don’t reveal to him that they’re working for his company, which he will not be working for soon. Back in the office, Dubree tells the gang that he doesn’t want to ‘hurt a man when he’s down’ but given their history, everyone is quite skeptical. He reminds them that they work for him, not Pierre, and storms off. Emily tries to speak to Nicolas about delaying the announcement of the replacement, but he’s got everything going for him the next day at the store opening. Sylvie takes matters into her own hands and has a word with Senior De Leon. It seems the two have a history (something bad that we wish wasn’t a part of this), and Sylvie is ready to gaslight the man into convincing his son to change his mind. Emily meets Nicolas later in the day at Mindy’s show, and the two have an argument because of Sylvie’s encounter with his dad. Emily leaves as she can’t separate business from pleasure. On her way back she gets a call from Gabriel who is mulling away his sorrows with drink. He tells Emily that Camille looks too happy in Greece and may be cheating on him. Emily doesn’t break (to our surprise) and tells him everything will be alright. He tells her on the cab ride home that he’s in love with them both and proceeds to fall asleep. Sylvie tells Pierre of Nicolas’ plans and Pierre is furious. Emily gets a merveilleux idea. At the opening party, Emily and Mindy have a small tête-à-tête where they promise that anything relating to work between Nicolas and Emily will not come in between their friendship. The Agence Grateau team starts talking about Pierre’s death and soon the whole world believes the rumour. Turns out this was Emily’s big plan to beat Nicolas at his own game and have Pierre get what he wants. Sylvie gives the De Leon family the finger (verbally) and leaves. It seems all is well with Gabriel and Camille after all… or is it? 

Episode 9: Tromperie | The Deception 

Emily meets Alfie at the train station because she can’t wait to see him, but finds out he hasn’t told his family about her. She’s agitated by this but doesn’t let it show to Alfie. Gabriel seems to be spending some time looking at children and then visiting Antoine about a raise and a new plan for the restaurant, claiming he has another offer. Ami Paris is Agence Grateau’s new client and they pitch to them a live-streamed proposal to spread their message of love (how romantic, our eyes are bleeding). Mindy’s residency at the jazz club is ending because they’re switching up to a birthday-suit style show. Meanwhile, Sylvie is looking for someone to go to the opera with last minute, Luc agrees as he’s a massive fan. While at dinner in Gabriel’s restaurant Emily tells Alfie about the Ami Paris idea, he in turn asks Gabriel where she could find such a couple, hinting he knows something. To Emily’s utter shock, it turns out Gabriel is going to propose to Camille. Gabriel agrees to the gig because he could use the money and Emily and he decide to go scout out places for the big event. They settle on the ‘wall of love’. At work, Julien lets Sylvie know that he is upset because Emily is taking over all his accounts but she’s too distracted to respond. Alfie and Antoine give Gabriel the perfect deal with Antoine as his ‘silent partner’, and they shake on it. Gabriel wants to give Camille the news immediately and they have a sweet little date at a museum where they had their first date. They end up spontaneously professing their love for each other and Camille proposes right when the team is pitching them to the Ami Paris team. Emily butts in again and suggests they change plans entirely and use hot air balloons as their logo looks like a balloon already for this campaign. Julien is MAD as the client loves the idea. It seems it is Laurent and Sylvie’s anniversary and that’s why she had tickets to the opera. When she lands there alone (minus Luc, hurtful) and tries to return the second ticket Laurent shows up, showcasing that they in fact are the perfect couple. Nicolas throws Mindy a party for the end of her reign at the jazz club but when Emily arrives he gets her to leave without Mindy’s knowledge. Alfie tells Emily the reason he hasn’t told his parents is because of his past and how he always gets his heart broken when he takes a big step. Emily is understanding of him but he says he’s finally ready to tell them now. It seems love is actually in the air. 


Episode 10: Tout est bien qui finit bien | All Is Well That Ends Well? 

The finale of “Emily in Paris” Season 3 begins with Gabriel’s restaurant’s rebranding and his grandma visiting to help him launch it in her name (Gigi). Emily and Gigi get along immediately, but it is very clear that Gigi hates Camille. The gang is all invited to Camille and Gabriel’s engagement celebration at Camille’s family chateau. The Agence Grateau makes a secret plan to help Gabriel get his Michelin star through Luc’s ex-girlfriend (discreetly). Emily and Mindy meet Camille and Sofia at a restaurant, and things seem off between the two immediately. At the restaurant’s opening, everyone arrives, including Luc and his discreet ex-girlfriend. She loves the food, and things are looking up. Alfie lets Mindy know about what Nicolas did, and she immediately leaves to have a word with him (awww, we love true friendship). She tells him that Emily is her family, and he needs to make it to Camille’s chateau if he wants to stay with her. At Julien’s pitch, Emily blurts out more unwanted ideas, and Julien finally blows his top in front of the client. Sylvie tells him he should finish his pitch and that she sees his problem. They can fix it after this is done. Mindy is left hanging as the rest of the gang is already at the chateau. When she decides to give up, there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Benoit! Benoit informs her that he never wanted to sell their song because he submitted it to the Eurovision contest and they’ve been selected (YAY Bendy, is there a ship name?). Nicolas then calls Mindy and gives her a cryptic message. They end up flying on a helicopter to the celebration! At the party, Emily confronts Camille about her and Sofia, but she says it’s over. Nicolas apologizes to Emily, and all seems well. Luc calls Emily to give Gabriel the good news that they’re headed for a Michelin. Gabriel is thrilled and hugs Emily, thanking her. Overjoyed, he tells Camille they should get married immediately. At the altar, she finally chickens out and tells Gabriel the truth about the pact with Emily. She tells him he only loves her and that they should end up together, leaving her mom’s wishes in the drain (well done, Camille!). Unfortunately, Alfie has a similar mindset (which makes no sense) and immediately decides to leave Emily. With Gabriel and Emily finally together, she tells him she still has feelings for him. Gabriel, however, tells her that Camille came back to Paris to tell him she was pregnant, causing more trouble than we began with.

Just as chaotic as Emily’s outfits, “Emily in Paris” Season 3 was filled with flaws and decisions that made no sense. Was it really so easy for Alfie to just walk away from Emily just because Camille said so? What is the secret Sylvie is going to reveal about Louis De Leon. We’re going to have to wait for another winter to know. I hope we don’t get yet another season of Gabriel and Emily pining over each other because it’s definitely time they end up together or far from each other. “Sylvie in Chicago” we’re waiting for you. 


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