‘Emily In Paris’ Season 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Will Emily Choose Sylvie Or Madeline? 

“La Plouc” or “Le Grand,” let’s recap “Emily in Paris” season 2 to know for sure. To begin with, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Emily is a little less obnoxious and a little more open-minded this season. While she’s still struggling in all aspects of her life, love, and work, she’s making progress in learning the ways of the French through the help of her new roommate Mindy and, finally, some actual French classes. We’re definitely not here for sweet Camille’s villain origin story arc, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide after reading this recap of “Emily in Paris” season 2.


Spoilers Ahead

We ended “Emily in Paris” Season 1 with Emily having to take a trip with Mathieu to Saint Tropez even after she and Gabriel shared an intimate night together (which they decided to keep a secret from Camille). Mindy becomes a singing sensation after performing at the drag show. Emily interferes with Julien’s account because clients are looking for more OTT ideas like they did with Pierre and suggests they have a collaboration between Ramone (Julien’s luxury suitcase account) and Pierre. She speaks to Mathieu and makes it work without having a word with Julien, and she receives a package from Ramone. It is a suitcase with Pierre’s face on it. Julien is flabbergasted by this outcome and tells Emily that they are no longer friends but enemies from now on. Emily takes the suitcase for her travels to Saint Tropez. Just as they get on the train to Saint Tropez, Emily gets a phone call from Gabriel. She tells him that they made a mistake and that she could not break Camille’s heart. Mathieu overhears this lovey-dovey conversation she’s having with Gabriel and storms off the train by telling her that he cannot go to Saint-Tropez with a woman who is in love with another man. Emily ends up going to Saint Tropez alone, and as the extravagant stay is already paid for, a heartbroken Camille decides to join her.


Emily is afraid of blurting out the truth or doing something stupid, so she decides to invite Mindy along too. On arrival, Emily meets Grégory Elliott Duprée, who claims to be a dear friend of Pierre after seeing his face on her suitcase. Emily decides to take some pictures with Duprée and the suitcase to create buzz around the collaboration. Unfortunately, Duprée was lying, and he’s actually Pierre’s ex-prodigy and current nemesis. Emily has almost been fired from the job yet again. She then visits the restaurant that has collaborated with Champère and gets herself ‘sprayed’ for her ever-growing Instagram account. Emily and the girls decide to go to a kooky party at night. Camille meets a dashing man and heads out with him. Later, she texts Emily and asks her to pick her up from an old church. At the church, Camille confesses to Emily that she is still deeply in love with Gabriel. The weekend at Saint-Tropez ends with the girls on Duprée’s yacht and creating a super cool campaign for Champère. When they return to Paris, Mindy finds out that the next day is Emily’s birthday. They decide to have a mini party. Mathieu and Camille run into each other, and when Camille asks him why he decided to end things with Emily, he tells her she was with another man behind his back. Meanwhile, Emily and Gabriel are out shopping for her birthday party and share a sweet moment. Everyone arrives for dinner, and Camille ends up seeing Gabriel’s frying pan in Emily’s kitchen. Putting two and two together, she realizes it’s Gabriel and Emily who had an affair. A vengeful Camille makes a scene at the dinner and leaves. Emily feels awful after what happened and gives Gabriel his pan back.

At Savoir, Camille distastefully speaks only French and removes Emily from her account. Emily then takes up a French class, feeling disarrayed. There she meets Alfie, ANOTHER handsome man from London. Mindy is invited to join two sweet guys, Benoît and Étienne, to busk around Paris, as they really appreciate her singing. Mindy joins their band. Gabriel goes to Camille with his tail between his legs and decides to apologize. He tells her he loves her, but Camille is not in a forgiving mood. Mindy has a great time performing for the first time as the band’s vocalist. Emily is assigned the opening party of Gabriel’s restaurant. When she goes there to discuss details, they end up sharing a kiss. AGAIN. Emily hires Mindy’s band to perform at a yacht party that Savoir is organizing for a jewelry brand. Emily and Alfie get to know each other a little more. Alfie tells Emily that he doesn’t like France as he works for a bank and lives in the corporate world. Emily (funnily enough) wants to open Alfie’s eyes to the amorous ways of Paris and invites him to the yacht party as well. Camille is upset and tells her family that Emily and Gabriel are causing her mother to start scheming. Later at work, Emily is told she’s working on the Champère account again and that Camille wants to meet with her. There, Camille offers her friendship at the cost of neither of them ever dating Gabriel (girls before guys, right?). At the yacht party, Emily and Alfie have a good time together. Sylvie seems to grab the attention of young photographer Erik Degroot. It seems all is wonderful because Benoît also opens up about his feelings for Mindy, confessing he likes her. Emily meets Gabriel and tells him once and for all that everything between them is over—or is it?


Sylvie and Erik get together and have a wonderful time. Camille and Gabriel reconcile as friends after she brings some Champagne as a peace offering. The party seems to be thriving, causing huge stress to Gabriel, who wanted an intimate gathering for his restaurant, not a club. It turns out Antoine invited a lot of people because he wanted a robust restaurant, unlike Gabriel’s intimate vision. Gabriel freaks out as the party starts to get out of control, but Camille saves the day by helping calm Gabriel’s nerves and taking over the bar. The party is finally a success. Madeline (Emily’s boss from Chicago) hampers Savoir’s work, causing Sylvie to become miffed. Emily and Alfie sleep together, and Emily ends up going home in his blazer as a result of her top being ripped up. Mindy and Benoît are finally dating and having a great time. Emily feels she’s being ghosted by Alfie as he stops responding to her texts and calls. It turns out that his phone was in the blazer she had worn the previous night, so he couldn’t reply. He’s been waiting for her at Gabriel’s restaurant, and the two hit it off immediately.

As Emily continues to work on Camille’s account, she’s invited again to her family’s chateau for work and leisure purposes. Emily is taking videos for Camille’s family when Camille’s father accidentally cuts off his finger while doing some gimmicks for the brand, as Emily suggests he should be the face of the brand. Camille left fainting, and Emily’s ghost face was splattered with blood after the incident. Camille’s mom calls Gabriel to the scene. Gabriel and Camille seem to be getting along just fine after all that they’ve been through, and Emily finds herself as the third wheel. She leaves for Paris earlier than planned and finds, to her surprise, that Madeline is here and has started to change up everything at Savoir (it turns out someone can be even more obnoxious than Emily for the French). Antoine’s Perfumery is doing a campaign where people can create their own fragrances. Madeline ends up breaking Sylvie’s most important French rule: never to mix business with pleasure. She asks Antoine to increase Savoir’s commissions, causing a scene with him and his wife. Luc accidentally blurts out Emily’s love triangle to Alfie. Emily convinces him that it’s all in the past. Alfie believes her as he realizes he’s fallen for her. Madeline and Emily discuss Savoir’s finances, and Emily explains in many words that there may be some cultural differences that Madeline should try to respect. Turns out Duprée is having a disastrous time and is fired by his marketing team. The Savoir team is thrilled by the news and wants to inform Pierre about it immediately.


Unfortunately, Madeline sees this as an opportunity to grab Duprée for the Savoir roster. Emily is tasked with getting him on board and reconciling at Pierre’s show. Erik finds out about Sylvie’s ex-husband. Pierre and Duprée are set up to do a show together, thanks to Madeline. Pierre then announces he’s quitting Savoir after the show because he wants to go back to his French ways. He does not approve of the massive grandiosity of the events and sees that the Savior is no longer “French” enough. Madeline creates a scene in front of the team, and Sylvie, Luc, and Julien quit. Gabriel confesses to Alfie that he has not been honest with Emily. Alfie tells Emily he is leaving for London, leaving her alone again. Sylvie has decided to start her own marketing firm and invites Emily to join her. In all her confusion and sadness, she only thinks of running to Gabriel; when she’s about to confess her love for him, she notices Camille is already there. They are back together. So, did Emily choose to stay back in Paris? Is she going to fight for Gabriel or Alfie?

Emily is left with choosing between her previous mentor and guide Madeline, who chaperoned her entire career or Sylvie, the person who challenges her and makes her think out of the box. Well, we hope Emily can stay in Paris for some more “les grandes” adventures. 


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