‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending: What Happened To Lisa?

In the seventh episode, David Langer performed critical brain surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. But the patient never woke up. Now, in the final episode of “Emergency: NYC,” the series might reveal some news about the patient, who is still recovering from the gruesome incident. From the very beginning, David tried to wake Lisa up, but she didn’t respond to his voice, and doctors couldn’t notice any difference in Lisa’s body movements. Lisa was now completely safe and had no problems yet. Lisa’s mind and body were tired and were now in a lethargic state. They took Lisa for another scan and made sure her brain was healthy. Fortunately, Lisa was doing well, and now doctors were waiting for Lisa to regain consciousness because her scans showed no signs of a stroke. The doctors knew that her brain was exhausted from the surgery and needed more time to recover. Everyone knew that David would never make a mistake in his surgeries because he had always been a great neurosurgeon.


Spoilers Ahead 

Did Doctor Elliot Fix Tyler’s Artery?

Back at Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Ahmed and Elliot worked together to remove the blood clot in Tyler’s artery. In order for his kidney to function properly, Dr. Elliot had to create four different veins, including two arteries, a vein, and a ureter. They had to make sure the blood vessels were properly sutured because an incomplete procedure would lead to bleeding and blood clots. This could put Tyler in a lot of trouble because Salvatore’s kidney was Tyler’s only way to regain his health. Also, Tyler’s kidney had two arteries, and the main artery was blocked, so Elliot and Ahmed had to repair the arteries to avoid major problems. Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and Tyler woke up.


Tyler was able to produce urine after a long time and was now in another room. The doctors were happy to give him this new lease on life, as their efforts would allow Tyler to enjoy a healthy and productive lifestyle. Meanwhile, Salvatore was glad to have his son back because the family had gone through many difficult moments, and now it was time to remember some beautiful ones. When Tyler regained consciousness, father and son met and had an emotional reunion. Salvatore wanted Tyler to name the kidney, and he named it Grod.

Did Lisa Regain Her Consciousness?

Lisa woke up from the coma and began to speak, and it was clear that the surgery had gone well. Although it took some time for her brain to recover all her memories, Lisa was able to distinguish different colors and numbers without any problems. Doctor David was pleased with her progress because Lisa was able to see again. The surgery had no effect on her cognitive thinking or speech, as Lisa was able to speak properly without straining her mind. The vision in the left eye was fine, but the right eye needed more medication and exercise. Doctors John and David noted that her right eye had some vision, and they knew she would eventually regain full functionality. The nerves of the right eye were more compressed than those of the left eye.


Lisa was thankful she had Dr. David because she had already lost all hope. She hadn’t expected her vision to return, but David made it possible. Lisa knew that trusting David was the right thing to do. Moreover, Lisa had to attend the rehabilitation center for three more weeks to train her vision and other cognitive movements.

Christian’s Accident

Christian, an 8-year-old boy, was hit by an SUV while he was playing outside his house. Christian was in a lot of pain, and his mother decided to take him to the hospital as soon as possible. The child was transported to Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center, where they immediately checked his wounds. Christian was screaming in pain and couldn’t handle the burning sensation that he got from his wound. The doctors knew that there was a huge possibility that Christian suffered from head trauma and a neck injury. Even though Christian was in a lot of pain, the doctors knew that he was a strong boy. The doctors were happy to see his loving reactions toward his mother. His wounds were hurting, but Christian still wanted his mother to be fine and begged her to be happy. In the end, Christian was completely fine, and he just wanted to take some rest until he completely recovered from the gruesome accident.


Christian’s accident reminded the doctors of their own children. They were grateful to go back home because the doctors knew that having a family was a precious gift. They have witnessed many people losing their loved ones, while some of them were lucky to get them back. Even so, every day was different for them, and the team members would work safely since they knew that they were not supposed to take their families for granted. There are different sides and aspects to every person’s life, and while some people are known for their work, many of them are known for their relationships and families. As the series came to an end, the final episode gave us a glimpse of a heart transplant that was completed successfully. Moreover, this series was dedicated to all the hardworking doctors and patients who stepped forward to share their stories with the viewers.

Raschi Acharya
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