‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending: Did Doctor David Save Lisa?

In the sixth episode of “Emergency: NYC,” Dr. David had a serious accident that injured his spine and neck. So, Dr. John decided to perform a laminectomy infusion surgery, and in the seventh episode, Dr. David was ready for action again. After the surgery, David participated in therapy and physical exercises for two months to get back in shape. Everyone was glad to have him back at the hospital because his expertise was needed to treat patients. In addition, many people relied on Dr. David for their surgeries. Fortunately, he suffered no serious problems or fractures that could limit his mobility or hinder his career. Back at Cohen’s Center, we learned more about a new patient, Tyler, a 14-year-old boy who suffered from renal dysplasia, a condition in which the kidneys are underdeveloped. It was clear that Tyler’s kidneys weren’t functioning well and he needed a transplant as soon as possible. His kidney dysplasia was a birth defect, and there were no treatment options to solve Tyler’s problem. Therefore, Tyler’s father, Salvatore, decided to donate his kidney to help Tyler’s recovery. 


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happened To Tyler?

Tyler was missing one kidney, and the other kidney was underdeveloped, so he needed to get a new kidney as soon as possible because that was his only chance to survive. Salvatore wanted his son to get a kidney before he started dialysis treatment because Tyler was an athlete, and if he started dialysis treatment, it could ruin his career and his future. Soon Tyler wouldn’t be able to eat properly and would lose a lot of weight. Moreover, the doctors made sure Tyler was completely comfortable during the surgery. As the episode progressed, Dr. Elliot informed Tyler of all the benefits he’d have with a new kidney.


After the kidney was removed, the doctors took Tyler to the operating room and proceeded with the surgery. Salvatore woke up after surgery, and there were no complications. The doctors were thrilled when they saw Salvatore’s kidney because it was healthy and functioning well, and now it was time for Tyler’s surgery. However, Dr. Elliot noticed that Tyler had a clot in his artery, and they immediately worked with Dr. Ahmed to fix the problem. Elliot wanted the surgery to be successful because he didn’t want a technical error to ruin Tyler’s life. Therefore, the outcome wasn’t disclosed, but Tyler’s parents trusted the doctors, and there was no doubt that the doctors would protect Tyler.

Lisa’s Brain Tumor Surgery

David’s subordinates relied on him because he had been a great mentor, and even John wanted to work with his brother. After a long vacation, David was ready to operate on a 45-year-old woman, Lisa. She had gone blind and had acute vision loss because of her tumor. The tumor was so large that it was putting pressure on her veins. To relieve that pressure, Dr. David had to remove the tumor to take pressure off the optic nerves. He knew David had to perform the surgery as soon as possible because it was the only way he could save Lisa from all the vision problems that would come her way. The surgery was quite difficult because David had to carefully separate the nerves without damaging them. David discovered that Lisa had a meningioma, a life-threatening tumor. They had to be careful not to tear any veins because that could have a drastic effect on Lisa’s vision.


But after great effort, David was able to successfully remove the tumor. Shortly after, David noticed that Lisa was having a seizure. David was stressed because it was a very difficult operation. Nevertheless, David managed to save her life without any major difficulties. But after everything was done successfully, David couldn’t wake her up. She didn’t respond to his voice. So, David used a flashlight to check if her pupils reacted, but nothing worked.

The Asthma Attack

A 2-year-old boy was having severe breathing problems and was immediately taken to Cohen’s Children Medical Center. The child was in complete distress, and at the same time, his mother was extremely worried. She hadn’t anticipated that her son would be treated by five different doctors at the same time. Even after the administration of various medications, his asthma didn’t calm down, and the wheezing continued for a long period of time. The doctors didn’t let the child out of their sight and made sure that he was treated properly.


His mother couldn’t stand all the pressure because the child was only 2 years old. She had no choice but to wait for the doctor’s orders. Although breathing was difficult, the child wasn’t afraid or crying throughout the day. He smiled and trusted the people around him without hesitation. Children suffer from these problems, and it is very important to take care of them without delay. The doctors knew that the recent pandemic had discouraged many parents from going to the hospital because they thought they’d be diagnosed with the same disease. Gradually, everyone realized that doctor visits were very important because they helped people stay on top of their health.

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