‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending: Did Chris Find Out His Donor’s True Identity?

In the previous episode of “Emergency: NYC,” the doctors worked together to treat their patients while taking a closer look at how COVID-19 came to be. The second episode begins with Sky Health’s air ambulance taking a patient named Samara to a hospital. It’s great to see them constantly communicating with their patients and providing medical assistance throughout the trip. When Samara’s blood pressure dropped, the entire team worked together to bring it back to normal through chest compressions. Even though Samara did not respond to their calls, the paramedics were able to restore her pulse. The next day, paramedics at Lenox Hill Hospital struggled with the case of a 45-year-old woman who showed signs of a possible overdose. She was a chain smoker and had suffered several seizures in the past due to drug use. An entire team of physicians worked together to stabilize her, as this overdose could have easily killed her. The hospital saw many elderly patients who let their symptoms go unnoticed and refused to go to the hospital for an evaluation. These symptoms then worsened, and most of them were admitted to the emergency room.

Spoilers Ahead

Chris And John’s Relationship: Did John Donate His Kidney To Chris?

The second episode provides glimpses into the private lives of the doctors as they struggle to maintain contact with their families. Whenever they have time, the doctors communicate despite their limitations. MacKenzie, one of the members of Sky Health, works with the other members of the team despite her pregnancy. Although flying in a helicopter came with many risks, MacKenzie still chose to do her job because she was highly trained for the task. Lenox Hill Hospital was dealing with a new patient who was suffering from kidney failure and needed dialysis as soon as possible. But his heart valve had a severe infection that forced him to undergo multiple surgeries. Now Chris had no choice but to undergo a kidney transplant, as that was his only chance of survival. Fortunately, an anonymous donor came forward and decided to donate his kidney to Chris. It turned out that Chris and John worked together at the NYPD, and John did not want Chris to know his identity, knowing that Chris might feel indebted to him.

Donating a kidney is not an easy decision; there are numerous complications, and despite all these problems, John was willing to donate his kidney to save his partner’s life. Doctors did not expect John to donate his kidney because he could develop both short- and long-term problems. However, the main risk of donating a kidney was internal bleeding, and doctors were able to carefully remove the kidney.  Eventually, Chris and John woke up, and both were fine. When it was time for the final tests, Chris saw John’s name on the papers and immediately realized that John wanted to save him, proving that humanity still held high in the world.

Although John wanted his identity to remain anonymous, Chris was extremely grateful for John’s help. Meanwhile, Chris never expected anyone to help him, yet his prayers didn’t fail this time. 

The Five-Month-Old

In the first episode, Paul (name changed on request) was admitted to Cohen’s Children Medical Center because he had multiple gunshot wounds. Doctors worked together to stabilize Paul before preparing him for surgery. Fortunately, his brain was functioning well, and Paul was very lucky to be alive, while many other people could have easily lost their lives this way. Although Paul was safe, many teens had died from gun violence in recent years. After Paul’s condition stabilized, Cohen’s team was faced with another grueling case: a five-month-old child who had suffered a severe heart attack. The doctors knew that turning the child over to Cohen was the best decision. In addition, the doctors had to be careful to speak calmly with the child’s parents and treat them kindly because these patients had faith in the hospital staff. It was their responsibility to make sure these patients felt comfortable and cared for throughout. Everyone had lost someone close, and these doctors also knew how it felt to entrust their loved ones to a stranger.

Cohen’s medical team was unable to increase his oxygen saturation, which could lead to heart problems. At the same time, the child’s parents were pleading with the doctors to save their baby. Many members of the staff knew what it felt like to have a sick child, which motivated them to protect the other children at all costs. Each doctor had their own family story, and this episode gave a little insight into their life. The staff was not only kind to the patients but also to the other members of the group. The doctors spent their time together like family and made sure that none of them felt alone. Although each of them was under pressure, they enjoyed working hard because they were passionate about saving lives. Despite all the frustrations and emotional burdens, none of the medical teams showed their stress towards the patients because people all over the world put great trust in the doctors, and their irresponsibility could cause patients to lose hope. Well, even though it’s not possible to save all patients; doctors have made great efforts to save most of them, and in the next episodes, it is possible that viewers might see some of the most severe and difficult cases of all time.

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