‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending: Grappling With The Truth Of NYC’s Medical History

Doctors cure diseases, and they also restore the balance of a person’s mental health. Some work in an exemplary manner, while others struggle to meet their basic needs because to survive in the medical field, one must sacrifice their personal life and mental peace to save other patients. “Emergency: NYC” is a documentary series that revolves around some of the most severe medical cases in New York City. The first episode of “Emergency: NYC” began with a patient who showed signs of a possible stroke. Due to the time constraints, NYC offered a medical flight service to the patient because she needed to reach the hospital in time. NYC struggled with traffic, and it was difficult to transport patients who needed urgent treatment. The doctors were extremely decisive in such situations and knew the right way to provide medical assistance and ensured that their patients were responsive at all times. Reassuring the patients was their main task because hospitals and the idea of a medical emergency could instigate fear in a person. Once stabilized, paramedics carefully transported the patient to another hospital. As they do so, the paramedics would avoid getting attached to any of the patients because when a patient loses his life, the attachment could hurt them severely. 


Spoilers Ahead

‘The Patient’ And Vickie’s Case

“Emergency: NYC” Episode 1 also featured real-life interviews with surgeons from Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital. Children were some of the most difficult patients to care for, and although they had to deal with horrific cases, the doctors had worked hard to motivate parents and give them emotional support to stay strong. When COVID-19 broke out, physicians had a hard time dealing with the patients and their feelings. The virus spread worldwide and claimed many lives. It traumatized both the patients and the doctors who tried to save them. Many people couldn’t recover from the trauma, and doctors discovered a strange pattern. They found that many patients could not visit the hospital primarily because they were afraid of being diagnosed with coronavirus, which in turn caused their health to deteriorate. These diseases could have been easily cured if people had visited hospitals in time and despite all the warnings, people continued to travel. 


In the episode, we got a glimpse of two different people, Paul (name changed on personal request)” and Vickie. While one suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, the other had a serious accident. They had multiple lacerations on their bodies that needed urgent care. Stabilizing Paul was a difficult task, as he was on the verge of losing his life. However, the doctors were able to stabilize his blood pressure and move him to the intensive care unit. Fortunately, Paul’s arteries were fine, and at the same time, his bleeding had stopped too. Doctors needed to make sure his heart was functioning well to avoid any major problems. After Paul was moved to the ICU, doctors monitored his health every hour. In addition, several doctors worked together to save Paul’s life. Since he was a seventeen-year-old boy, saving him was the doctors’ top priority because he has a long life ahead of him.

Although Paul was a healthy young man, the wounds he suffered could traumatize both his body and his mind. Doctors couldn’t guarantee his safety because Paul was severely injured. At the same time, Vickie, a 57-year-old woman who needed emotional and physical support, was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital. Although she was injured, Vickie talked about her personal life and shared everything with the medical team. The medical team struggled to calm her down because she was constantly arguing with her partner, Leo. Vickie had an accident that injured her ribs, neck, and other parts of her body, but they knew Vickie was quite strong.


Julian’s Blood Clot Surgery

Julian was a 29-year-old woman who was brought to the hospital urgently because she had excessive weakness on the left side of her body. After all the tests were done, the doctors determined that Julian had a large blood clot on the right side of her brain. This blood clot caused a stroke that weakened her body movements. Doctors wanted to remove this clot as it could limit her significantly. Doctors performed several physical examinations and found that the clot had not affected her sensory movements. Julian was an opera singer, and they knew this surgery could affect her career, but they needed to remove the clot to avoid major physical changes. This episode took a closer look at Julian’s tumor as the doctors removed it from her brain. In the end, the surgery was a success, and Julian was out of danger.

Performing brain surgery was far too difficult for doctors at Lenox Hill because they had to locate the tumor properly. Piercing a different vein could lead to brain damage and cause other unforeseen health problems. When Julian woke up, she was overjoyed to be healthy again. She had difficulty moving her body but the surgery did not affect her sensory movements. At the end of the episode, all the patients were stabilized for the time being, but the doctors had to make sure that their health was maintained. People were afraid to go to the hospitals, but many of them still went for treatment because people supported each other despite all the difficulties around them.


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