‘Echo 3’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Where Is Amber Chesborough? Is She Dead?

Now that we have almost reached the end of Season 1 of “Echo 3,” we have the liberty to judge the show. The creators have stretched the show beyond consideration and for no good reason. Episode 7 and Episode 8 could have easily been merged as well as Episode 4 and Episode 5. Many events in Episode 8 weren’t necessary, and thus they could have been replaced with those at the beginning of Episode 9 to add more tension and thrill. Ending Episode 8 in the middle of the execution of the rescue mission would have kept the interest of the viewers alive. None of this happens. So as expected, “Echo 3” Episode 9 shows Bambi, Prince, and their unit breach the Cartel de Los Soles compound to find Amber. Will they find her? Let’s find out.

The Plan

The teams will wear Colombian tags, and the rescue will be made to look like a Colombian military operation.

  • Alpha Team (led by Prince) will access from the north and set up an overwatch on top of Building Seven.
  • The Bravo team (led by Bambi) will access from the West.
  • Delta team (led by Tiburon) will access from the East and set a cover at the main entrance.

As soon as the teams take their positions, they will move inside building 0-1, which connects to the prison (0-2) where Amber is supposed to be. If not, then the following search will target the cocaine lab. The Bravo team will enter Building 0-1 and then move on to Building 0, searching the two floors for Amber. After acquiring Amber, the team will retrace its steps. The other teams will return to their initial positions, and everyone will move out. Forty-eight minutes is all they have.

The Sit-Rep

The team arrives at the location discreetly at night. The Cartel de Los Soles compound is huge, with innumerable guerilla and Venezuelan military personnel. It will be an all-out war if they discover their area has been breached by commandos. So Bambi, Prince, and the others have to keep quiet while searching for Amber. They have already been divided into four teams, each of which will access the compound from different directions and take their positions. The catch is that there is a party going on at the pool inside the compound. Guards are all spread out here and there. Seven by the pool, one each on the three towers, one on building One’s balcony, one on the main gate tower, and a bunch of them in the officers’ quarters near the main gate. The drones are released to keep an eye on the innocent and the armed.

The Execution

Using the fireworks and loud music to their advantage, the teams breach the compound and begin their search, slowly taking down the guards one by one. Team Charlie reaches building 0-2 and finds many prisoners but doesn’t find Amber. Bambi conveys the information to Prince. Amber could be dead, but they haven’t searched the whole compound yet. Prince decides to go loud to force the guards to move Amber, thus revealing her position. They breach the main entrance and open fire. The guerillas sound the alarm and retaliate. Meanwhile, the Alpha team breaches the cocaine lab, but there, too, Amber isn’t found. Amidst all the chaos and gunfight, the teams make sure that the scared civilians are all safe as they run out of the compound. Some of them have phones and go live from the spot while escaping for the world to see. Violeta, who is at home, sees the video on her phone and calls one of her friends from work, mentioning her doubts about Colombia taking any kind of military action against Venezuela. Her friend tells her that it seems that some people intend to blame Colombia for their personal gain.

The Extremist

In the middle of the gunfight, Prince spots Graciela heading toward building 0-6 and conveys the intel to Bambi, who tells all the teams not to engage with her. Prince recognizes her from when he saw her with Amber in the jungle. When one of the operatives hears Graciela ordering the guards to protect the building, it becomes clear that Amber is inside. But that’s when things begin to go haywire. The overwatch teams have been spotted and killed. The teams are being overrun. Prince ascertains that they cannot return empty-handed. The very next minute, the guerillas bring out a tank with a heavy machine gunner. The tables seem to have turned.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Do Bambi And Prince Find Amber? Do They All Make It Out Alive?

Violeta arrives at her office and calls someone she addresses as Captain. She is probably talking to the Colombian Secretary of Defense or some high-ranking officer from the army. He tells her that someone is impersonating their forces.

There is no alternate route to reach the building Amber is in, and the only access they have is blocked by the tank and armed men. Prince is farther away, so Bambi is told to find Amber by any means necessary. The Delta team, still at the entrance, decides to ram the tank with a truck and use smoke to blind the men, buying themselves time to reach Amber. They pop smoke bombs, the tank is rammed, and they use the drone to find their targets and kill many of them. Bambi spots Graciela in the smoke and shoots her in the head, killing her instantly. He then heads to the building along with his remaining Alpha teammate and kills the two guards guarding the door.

Hearing Amber’s voice from inside, Bambi decides to blow the door open, but Amber tells them not to because the room is full of inflammable gas. Bambi uses a hammer to tear the wall down and reach Amber. He hugs her, but she is still struggling to believe that her brother is physically there to save her. It isn’t the drugs playing with her mind. Bambi brings her out, and in the middle of all the smoke and gunfire, Prince rushes towards Amber and hugs her. All three have a moment and then make their way toward the truck in which the Delta team has been waiting. They get in and leave the compound, with the guerillas still shooting at them. As the truck reaches a safe distance away from the compound, they detonate the charges that they had set earlier. The Cartel de Los Soles compound goes up in flames. Bambi and Prince are bringing Amber home. It’s all over. Or is it?

Prince and Bambi may have rescued Amber, but impersonating the Colombian army is not going to go down well for them. Violeta knows that it wasn’t the Colombian military that attacked the compound, as that would only be an act of war. So, she will find a way to trace the attack back to the US, in which case Prince and Bambi will be held accountable along with the CIA. The repercussions of their actions are what “Echo 3” Episode 10 will deal with.

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