‘Echo 3’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do Prince And Bambi Launch Their Rescue Mission?

At the end of Episode 7 of “Echo 3,” Bambi and Prince are preparing for Amber’s rescue mission by infiltrating the Cartel de Los Soles compound. Both know that since they are carrying out a mission outside their country’s jurisdiction, things can get out of hand and might even lead to a conflict between Venezuela and the US. So, besides the 47 minutes they have, as offered by COS Colombia Natalie Foster, they will have to go in as stealthily as possible. “Echo 3” Episode 8 shows the final steps of the prep as the date of Amber’s execution draws near. 

Spoilers Ahead

Time Is Fleeting

A traumatized Amber is struggling to stay alive, deprived of food, and subjected to drugs. She is having dreams and hallucinations and failing to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not. She sees little Bambi killing their father in front of her young self, and both of them staring at their father’s burning corpse. Tomas yet again puts her in front of the camera for his propaganda tape (“Echo 3” Episode 5). He also tells her that she will be executed in five days. As her execution nears, Amber continues to hallucinate her brother coming to rescue her by killing Tomas just as he killed their father. She also remembers the time she first met Prince at a house party and later introduced him to her brother Bambi. She is transferred from one cell to another.

One Brother To Another

Momo returns to his brother Tariq in Caracas, Venezuela. It seems that Bambi and Prince have let him go after realizing he is of no use to them. Momo asks Tariq to let Amber go after hearing from the men that she is innocent. But Tariq has no intentions of returning Amber, addressing Prince and Bambi as killers. Later, we see Tariq having dinner with his friends at a restaurant. Momo and Tomas are also there. The subject of bullfights comes up, and Tariq mentions he doesn’t like bullfighting because he isn’t violent. This is when Tomas, who is drunk, begins to mock his words; clearly intending to denote what he has done with the American woman. But before he could say anything, Tariq slaps him tightly and tells him to sit down and be calm. Later, as he comes out of the restaurant with Momo, two men in helmets shoot and kill him and escape on a bike. Momo yells out to the people around to call for an ambulance.

Plan Of Action

Prince watches a video of Amber that has been released, in which she appears disoriented and traumatized. He realizes that she is under the influence of drugs and is slowly losing her mind. They need to hurry. Bambi introduces Prince to Javi, who reveals that Amber is about to be executed under Tariq’s orders. Prince decides to call Mitch. At their meeting, Mitch gives Prince a bag full of tags that they will use to pose as Colombian military during the mission as well as during exfiltration. Prince realizes that Mitch and Bambi intend to present the mission as a military operation to avoid any inconvenience. However, it will involve resources, backend support, breaking into the communications of the Colombian authorities, and repositioning satellites. All this will take time and caution. Meanwhile, Bambi’s mother, Maggie Chesborough, visits a HAAS Expo in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to see Prince’s father, Eric Haas II, and ask for help. There, she meets Reese Keller, Haas’s assistant (“Echo 3” Episode 4), who video calls Haas for Maggie, who tells him that his son needs his help. At first, Haas doesn’t believe Maggie but then slowly realizes that she is speaking the truth.

Later, Prince and Bambi receive ammunition, diving suits, and other gear from Eric Haas, along with a letter saying how proud he is of his son. So it seems that Maggie’s persuasion worked. Bambi explains the whole plan to his team. There will be four teams, out of which two will be on overwatch throughout. More than 200 families are living inside the compound, so they will be using next-generation silent drones to identify people with firearms. Stealth and surprise will be paramount, and there will be no chance of discovery. They will also avoid gunfights at any cost, as they will end up losing. They have 48 minutes to secure Amber from the prison or the cocaine lab and pull her out before the Venezuelan military is alerted or reaches the compound. They will breach the compound the same night.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Do Prince And Bambi Launch Their Mission?

Prince gets a call confirming Tariq’s death. That was the green signal they needed to launch their mission. However, before they set off on their journey to the Cartel de Los Soles compound, Bambi opens up to Prince about being uncertain about Drifter’s state in the ice-capped hills of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan (“Echo 3” Episode 1). Drifter could have been saved, but only if Bambi had left Prince to die. This is what he has been occupied with day after day, and it has been distancing him from Prince. He knows that either Drifter or Prince had to die that day, and Bambi did what he had to do to keep his promise to his sister Amber, i.e., bring Prince home. Prince expresses his love for Bambi but tells him that he wishes Bambi had saved Drifter, who had two kids. Bambi, too, mentions the same. Perhaps he should have saved Drifter. But all that’s in the past. For now, they have to save Amber together. This is what it seems they were meant to be together for, and this is why Bambi saved Prince that day. They set off towards the Cartel de Los Soles compound via the river. The mission has begun. With Tariq dead, we have to wait to find out how the Venezuelan and Colombian governments react. We also need to remember that Bambi, Prince, and their men have only 48 minutes to infiltrate the compound, find Amber, and leave. They will have to make sure that they aren’t intercepted by the Venezuelan military, which will surely be alerted as soon as there is a single bullet fired, which there will most likely be. They will have to hurry, as if anything goes wrong in the mission, a war will be inevitable.

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