‘Echo 3’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Bambi And Prince’s Plan To Get Amber Back Successful?

Episode 6 of “Echo 3” showed Bambi and Prince kidnapping Tariq Marwan’s younger brother Momo from Medellin, Colombia, to make a trade for Amber, who is still being held at the Cartel de Los Soles facility. Since then, Amber’s rescue mission seems to have lost its momentum. While the two men have kidnapped the brother of a Venezuelan Minister, an unusual delay in response makes them think about what their next step is going to be. They have already compromised themselves by kidnapping a Venezuelan asset on foreign soil. If they don’t come out with a proper plan, and that too quickly, rescuing Amber would mean nothing, as both men would be deemed criminals by the CIA.


Spoilers Ahead

A Distress Signal

Bambi and Prince have brought Momo to a house apparently near Caracas. They also have Prince’s friend Roy with them. They have been waiting for a call from Tariq, keeping in mind that Mitch has given him the news of his brother’s abduction. Meanwhile, Bambi and Prince have earned notoriety on Twitter due to their actions. To make things more complicated, Bambi’s mom, Maggie Chesborough, arrives in Colombia to meet with her family. After bringing her to their house, Bambi tells her about Amber’s kidnapping and Momo, who is tied to a chair in another room. After Bambi and Prince leave for an errand, the house is breached by three men, seemingly sent by Tariq, to rescue Momo. However, Roy kills two of them, takes a bullet, and dies. Maggie kills the third with a gun from Bambi’s bedroom arsenal. After returning and finding out what has happened, Bambi decides to send his mom back home to the US.


Violeta is back home in Colombia after being rescued at the Colombia-Venezuela border. She is having a tough time processing what she has been through. When she learns that Bambi and Prince have taken Momo, she meets the Colombian president and asks him about Tariq’s brother’s kidnapping in Medellin. She knows that two Americans are behind it, is writing a story on it, and asks why he hasn’t ordered their arrest yet. The president refuses to speak about an ongoing investigation. She thus becomes certain that the CIA is indeed involved. She meets Natalie Foster (Chief of Station, US Embassy, Colombia) and asks her about it. Within a few minutes of the conversation, Violeta becomes sure that Natalie is helping the men. Later, she finds out that her story cannot be published because she nudged the CIA about it.

The Threat

Bambi and Prince shift Momo to a different location in the middle of nowhere. There, they spend a day or two waiting, after which Mitch arrives. He reveals that Tariq is on edge. All it will take is a little coercion to make Tariq release Amber. A makeshift electric chair is set up using car batteries, and Momo is tied to it. Mitch video calls Tariq and sets the phone in front of Momo. What’s weird is that he then leaves without telling Bambi or Prince. However, Prince does the rest of the talking. At first, Tariq seems to be concerned, but Prince and Bambi both realize that Momo doesn’t matter to Tariq at all. He is a disgrace to Tariq’s family; it is just as Momo had told them earlier about his brother not rescuing him. Tariq rather assures them that while till now he had no jurisdiction over Amber’s release as she has been found to be involved with the CIA, he will now ensure that she never gets to leave the facility and rots there till her death. Prince is almost going to pull the trigger on Momo, but Bambi stops him. They disconnect the call. There is only one option left for the two, and that is an all-out war on Tariq.


‘Echo 3’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Will Bambi And Prince Wage A War In Venezuela?

Bambi texts Natalie Foster for her help. From their texts, it seems that they have had a past. He asks her for a delay of two hours before anyone sees him, as he is about to go on a trip. They meet and discuss it. The trip is the war. Bambi needs two hours of radio silence between the Venezuelan army and the black site where Amber is being held. Also, the air support needs to be slowed down. Natalie explains that there is a lot more happening than just a rescue operation. The reason a high-level CIA agent like Mitch has agreed to help Bambi is not to save Amber but for the CIA to grab the opportunity and run a coup against the Venezuelan government. However, Bambi is bent on getting his sister out by any means necessary, and he isn’t willing to wait. Somewhere else, Prince speaks to one of Mitch’s acquaintances about his wife’s rescue. He needs 20 men. Natalie offers Bambi not 2 hours but 48 minutes. That is all he has before the Venezuelan authorities find out something’s wrong. Will it be enough for Bambi and Prince to get Amber out once and for all? We have to wait for “Echo 3” Episode 8 to find that out.

It seems that Bambi and Prince are about to go all-out on the black site, and thus the Venezuelan forces. This will certainly have repercussions for both the Venezuelan government and the American government. Meanwhile, the last we saw of Amber was in “Echo 3” Episode 5, where her best friend at the camp, Hildy, was publicly executed for trying to help her escape. We do not know what state she is in now. Considering Tariq’s hands go deep within the government, he, too, might have to follow the instructions of those above him. If the CIA reaches out to the Venezuelan government, Tariq will have to make sure that Amber is safe unless he forces Venezuela into a conflict that will include Colombia as well.


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