‘Echo 3’ Finale Episode 10: Recap And Ending, Explained: Do Bambi, Prince, And Amber Return Home?

Bambi and Prince have rescued Amber from the Cartel de Los Soles compound. The next step for them is to leave Colombia under the radar. Why? It is because they posed as Colombian forces during the operation, and they, being wanted by the police, cannot risk being intercepted by the Colombian authorities. They cannot ask the US government for any assistance either because this is supposed to be a covert operation. Meanwhile, Venezuela is preparing to retaliate against Colombia for its raid on Venezuelan soil. Does this mean that a war is coming? Episode 10, the season finale of “Echo 3,” shows the uncertainty that looms in the air, which is only growing with every fleeting minute.

Spoilers Ahead

A Way Of War

Prince, Bambi, and Amber are staying at a house in Cartagena, Colombia. However, Amber hasn’t been able to come out of the shock and trauma that she was subjected to during her time in prison. Furthermore, the thought that she was responsible for the death of the only person who befriended her at the camp, Hildy, and that her rescue led to the deaths of so many people is eating her alive. She isn’t talking to Prince or Bambi and doesn’t intend on returning home either. It is as if she is a different person altogether. Released footage of her from the time Tomas recorded her shows her addressing Prince as not a soldier but a murderer and saying that she never loved him. Prince has the video on his phone and is deeply concerned about it; he mentions it to Bambi. Bambi, however, believes that Amber will become normal with time. Meanwhile, Mitch will soon contact them regarding their exfiltration from Colombia.

After being unable to talk to Colombian President Salazar at a naval event, Violeta decides to visit Amber. After all, it was her husband, Ernesto, who provided them the place. She has already seen the video of the Venezuelan people, who lost their homes inside the Cartel de Los Soles compound, crying after an attack by what seemed to be Colombian forces. She knows that this raid might just be the spark that ignites a war between Colombia and Venezuela. She arrives at the house and asks Bambi if she can talk to Amber. He agrees. Amber recognizes Violeta from the forest and opens up to her about getting Hildy killed as well as the massacre at the compound, for which she thinks she is responsible. Violeta, with tears in her eyes, tries to make her understand that what happened isn’t her fault and tells her to take her medication and rest. She then comes downstairs and asks Prince and Bambi about the rescue and how Amber described it as a massacre. She mentions that her source has told her how unusual the raid was for the Colombian army and asks them to make everything clear to her. When Bambi and Prince refuse to reveal anything related to the operation by calling it classified information, Violeta tells them to leave Colombia as soon as possible. It is her last favor for them. She then meets Ernesto at a restaurant for dinner and asks him just how deeply involved he is in the rescue operation. Ernesto acknowledges Violeta’s judgment, saying that maybe Colombia does need a war that will be useful for the economy. Violeta mentions her disgust at his words and leaves the restaurant.

The Exfil

Back at the house, Prince checks on Amber in her room and finds her missing. She is not inside the house. He and Bambi rush outside and start looking for her. Prince heads one way and Bambi the other. After searching for quite some time, Bambi finds her in a church. Amber tells him that she doesn’t want to go home with them. She doesn’t need their protection either. Bambi tries to make her understand that none of it will work unless she forgives herself. Amber stays quiet. Prince arrives at their location and tells them that he has received new intel from Mitch about their exfiltration, i.e., a beach house near an airstrip from where they will fly under the radar to San Diego. Somewhere else, Mitch sets off on a speedboat to bring back Bambi, Prince, and Amber.

Violeta yet again approaches President Salazar, this time at a musical event, and asks him about the confirmation that led to the massacre in Venezuela, whether it was his or from someone in the military. The Colombian army wasn’t involved for sure, so he could only hide the truth for so long because if he had authorized it, there would have to be a record of it somewhere. The only people to blame are the two Americans, but he won’t share this information with Venezuela because he, like Ernesto, believes that a war is important for Colombia to regain an economic foothold. And what’s better than having two outsiders start the war rather than himself? Violeta requests Salazar to arrest the Americans before it’s too late, or his very honor will be at risk. Violeta leaves, saying this.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Do Bambi, Prince, And Amber Return Home?

Bambi, Prince, and Amber are on their way to the harbor, where Mitch is supposed to be waiting for them. After coming across blockades on multiple roads, they decide to cover the less than two remaining miles on foot by cutting through a market. Unfortunately, the Colombian army has also arrived and made its way into the market. It seems that Salazar has finally given shoot-at-sight orders for them. After a prolonged game of hide-and-seek involving Bambi and Prince killing a handful of Colombian soldiers, they are able to reach Mitch at the harbor and escape without hurt to the beach house. Mitch tells them that the plane will arrive the next morning and leaves. Meanwhile, they rest. For the first time since she was abducted, Amber takes a bath. She then approaches Prince and tells him that she doesn’t want to live in their house. She isn’t the person she once was. She doesn’t want to be reminded of the dead faces every time she sees him. She cannot pretend none of it happened. As much as Prince tries to convince her that they can have a new life, he has to let her go. The next morning, Mitch arrives, and they all head to the airstrip. Bambi and Prince are bringing Amber back, but not home.

“Echo 3” Episode 10 ends not on an open note but an incomplete one. We do not see what happens to the war scenario that has been set up between Colombia and Venezuela. We do not know what steps Violeta takes to uncover the record of authorization for the raid on the Cartel de Los Soles compound. Furthermore, we can only assume that Prince and Amber won’t get back together. The ending forces us to just forget everything and be satisfied with the fact that Prince and Bambi are bringing Amber back. However, we, too, are in a position like Amber in this case, as we cannot just forget all that happened because Amber is safe. We need answers, but we won’t get them unless we get a “Echo 3” Season 2, and that seems unlikely.

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