‘Echo 3’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Bambi And Prince Get The Permission To Join The Rescue Op?

Bambi and Prince are unable to find Amber in Ciudad Bolivar. However, killing three high-value targets has stirred things up, but not as much as needed. Meanwhile, time is fleeting, and Amber’s whereabouts are still unknown. The guys will have to reach out to all willing to offer help, especially Ernesto and Violeta. “Echo 3” Episode 2 ends with Prince telling Bambi that they know their next move. “Echo 3” Episode 3 will explore this movie. Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Searching For Options

It is nighttime. Amber wakes up in the middle of a Colombian jungle, 400 miles from the Venezuelan border. Fami tells her to pack her bags. They are leaving. But where to? The sun is up when they bring her to the camp that she and her team had set up for their research. Back in Bogota, Prince goes live on CNN about his missing wife and calls out the Colombian president and the US president on national television. Later on, Bambi and Prince get a call from Mitch (Bambi’s CIA guy), who isn’t happy with what Prince has done. Bambi defends the fact that it had to be done because everything has been moving too slowly. When the Colombian military launches its operation, they will be there too to ensure Amber’s safety.


The next day, Bambi and Prince visit General Bolaro at the Military School of Non-commissioned Officers of the National Army in Tolemaida. Bolaro tells them that the situation is out of his hands and there is a new spokesperson for the mission. The decision made is final. Whether Bambi and Prince like it or not, the military is going to engage without either of them on the op. Even after repeated requests, Bolaro declines to allow them on the op. The guys come outside. Prince tells Bambi that he is going to bribe Bolaro.

At the Walasa Foundation fundraiser event organized by Ernesto and his wife Violeta, Bambi and Prince met General Bolaro and Colonel Pereira again. Bambi takes Pereira to the side while Prince speaks to Bolaro. He tells Bolaro that if he can bend the rules for Bambi and Prince, they will return the favor. He offers Bolaro a seat at Haas Industries. Bolaro smiles. Later on, Violeta meets Bolaro as he is about to leave with Pereira. She asks Bolaro about the shooting in Ciudad Bolivar, but he makes no comment. It seems that Bolaro has indeed taken Prince’s bait, which involves keeping the actions of Prince and Bambi at Ciudad Bolivar away from the public eye.


The Bird Dog

At the campsite, Graciella and Fima, along with Amber, are listening to Violeta Matiz’s live radio show, “Bogota Revealed.” Bambi is with her in the studio, and he sends a message to Amber wherever she is. Amber is overwhelmed to hear her brother’s voice after so many days. Bambi tells her that he is working on the way to get her back, but in the meantime, she needs to be “warm” and “dry.” Hearing these two words changes Amber’s expression as if she has just realized something. Are the words some kind of code? Graciella decides to bring Violeta to the camp. Fami mentions her doubt about keeping the American woman captive and how it can get them all killed, but Graciella is adamant and tells Fami that this act will prove to the people that the present Colombian government is weak and will lead to its fall, which is the main objective of the Resistance. Violeta is brought to the camp after a couple of days. Graciella takes her to the commander. He tells Violeta to talk to Amber and get the truth out of her about whether she is CIA. Violeta meets Amber, who recognizes her from the radio. Violeta tells her about what the commander wants to know and that she will tell him that Amber is not CIA and is innocent. This is when Amber breaks the news to her. All the militants at the camp are going to die. Violeta is being tracked by Bambi and Prince, who are on their way to the camp at the moment. Violeta is the bird dog. Violeta is called back by the commander. She tells him that Amber is innocent. Dissatisfied with the answer, he orders Graciella to tie Violeta up and put her with Amber. The troupe is moving out of the camp.

Colonel Pereira speaks to his commandos, including Bambi and Prince, about their upcoming operation. They have tracked the rebel camp using Violeta. The plan is to surround the rebels, make them desperate, and force them to make mistakes. A team of four, including Bambi and Prince, is nearing the camp and spots the rebels moving toward the river. The rebels reach the river and bring out the boats hidden in the bushes when they see two military choppers fly across the sky. Multiple commandos drop down and surround the rebels. All they have to do now is wait. Colonel Pereira uses a megaphone to warn the rebels and tell them that they won’t be able to escape alive with Violeta and Amber. One of the commandos spots the commander through his scope and fires. The commander of the rebels is dead. Panic spreads among Graciella, Fami, and the other rebels.


An Unwanted Call

The day turns to night. With nowhere to go, Graciella tells Fami to make a call. The very next moment, a café blows up in Bogota. Natalie Foster (Chief of Station, US Embassy, Colombia) is informed of the blast. She speaks to the Secretary of Defense, who orders the commandos to return. The rebels’ claim of having more bombs across the city cannot be overlooked. Colonel Pereira orders his men to abort the mission. A chopper arrives, and the commandos, including Bambi and Prince, leave the jungle. The rebels rejoice and head to their next stop, the Colombia-Venezuela Border.

Back at base, Colonel Pereira manages to persuade General Bolaro to give him one last shot at the rebels. Bolaro gives Pereira unofficial permission to take some volunteers and do what needs to be done. The Colonel picks nine team members, Bambi and Prince included. They are to leave at dawn.


A chopper lands on an open piece of land at the Colombia-Venezuela Border. The rebels have to take this path to reach Venezuela. An ambush is set up. Pereira orders three men to take a position on the ridge while the remaining six will be on the ground for the attack. Bambi is on the ridge. Prince is on the ground. A bomb is set on the track. Now, they have to just wait for the rebels to arrive.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Is Amber Rescued From The Rebels?

Three vehicles are spotted. Bambi shoots the driver of the first vehicle. Pereira detonates the bomb. All the vehicles stop in their tracks. One by one, multiple rebels who come out to check what’s going on are shot and killed by the ground team and the ridge team. Amber and Violeta are in one of the vehicles, along with Graciella and Fami. Moments later, Prince notices someone covered in cloth from top to bottom get out of a vehicle. He cannot risk shooting, as he might hit Amber or Violeta. Meanwhile, Bambi spots two more vehicles full of rebels heading in their direction. Prince will have to take the call. He fires at the feet that are visible. A rebel falls to the ground, forcing a pull at the cloth that reveals the other. Prince shoots them both and decides to follow the same routine. The bullet hits Violeta’s leg. Pereira rushes towards her and carries her back to their position. This is when all the rebels begin to come out of the vehicles and run in different directions. Bambi decides to head down, telling the other two on the ridge to cover him. Prince heads towards the vehicles, shooting down the rebels after pulling the cloth off them. The last cloth he pulls reveals Fami and Amber. He shoots Fami twice, once in the chest and then in the center of the neck. Amber rushes to hug Prince. Pereira and the other commandos are checking the vehicles. Bambi is still on his way down. Unbeknownst to Prince, a rebel was still hiding inside one of the vehicles, who then fired at his back. Prince falls to the ground. Pereira shoots the rebel dead, but at the same moment, Graciella and her teammates return from their hiding spot. The other vehicles also reach the spot. One of the militants grabs Amber and puts her inside a vehicle while the others keep shooting toward Pereira, the third commando (both of whom are taking cover behind another vehicle), and Bambi, who is now close to the spot. Before he can reach the spot, the rebels leave with Amber, whose painful cries echo through the jungle. Prince lies on the ground, alive but barely.


Prince cannot die, or at least that is what we hope. Bambi had given his word to Amber at the wedding that he would bring Prince back home to her. So he cannot let Prince die. As for Amber, the rebels are probably taking her to Venezuela. This will make things even tougher for Bambi and the Colombian military. With the guerilla commander dead, Graciella will become the new commander of the rebels. Not to forget, there might be more bombs in place around Bogota, and Fami’s death might cause Graciella to take revenge on the government and thus detonate the bombs. Bambi has no time to waste.

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