‘Echo 3’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained – Do Bambi And Prince Negotiate Amber’s Release?

Episode 1 of “Echo 3” showed Prince and Bambi leaving for Colombia to look for Amber. They decide to put their mutual differences aside to save the person they both love most in the world. There is no knowing where Amber is or what state she is in, and all they can do is reach out to the US Embassy in Colombia for assistance. Episode 2 of “Echo 3” shows Bambi and Prince discovering more about the people who have taken Amber captive. Will they be able to get to her? Let’s find out.


Welcome to Colombia

Affluent Ernesto Cadiz tells his wife, renowned journalist Violeta Cadiz (formerly Violeta Matiz), about the missing American woman, Amber Chesborough, who disappeared near San Jose del Guaviare by rebels. He received a call from Amber’s father-in-law (Prince’s father, who sells military weapons to the US government) to inform him about the situation. Her brother and husband are on their way to Colombia. Ernesto asks Violeta if she can find more intel about the woman from her sources.

Violeta arrives at the Capitolio Nacional (National Capitol), the house of the Congress of Colombia, in Bogota. There he meets the senator about the missing American woman and asks if FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) has anything to do with it. He would know because he has connections in FARC. He tells her that FARC has nothing to do with it. However, he informs her that he knows people who have been talking to those responsible. They are going to return Amber.


Meanwhile, Amber is brought to a guerilla safehouse in Bogota, Colombia. She is taken to the terrace and told to stay there. People are watching her from all sides as well as on the streets. So, trying to escape would be a futile exercise. Amber has no idea what to do. She is looking all across Bogota from the terrace and wondering if her brother knows about her, crying to herself.

Violeta meets a guy named Enrique at La Candelaria. Enrique is a publicist for the organization that has taken Amber captive. When questioned about his group, he tells her that they don’t have a name or brand. Enrique is under the impression that Violeta is there for an interview, but she clears his doubts, telling him to release the American woman if he doesn’t want the military to come after him and his new group the same night. Enrique abuses her and tells her to leave. Violeta apologizes and leaves without saying anything more. For whatever happens next, Enrique shall be responsible.


A Tough Neighborhood

Bambi and Prince land in Bogota, Colombia, and arrive at the US Embassy. There, they find out that the kidnappers have asked for $250,000. Word with Chief of Station Natalie Foster reveals that in Colombia, kidnappings are usually business transactions, but this is only as long as the militants don’t find out that Amber is linked to the CIA. The S negotiations will have to work, and Amber will be back in a couple of days. When Foster comes to know that Bambi and Prince are Amber’s family, she takes them to a secret room from which they are keeping an eye on the militants and the building in Ciudad Bolivar, where they have held Amber hostage. Colonel Pereira of the Colombian Security Forces is heading the operation. Pereira tells Bambi and Prince that the neighborhood, with all its spotters, makes it tough to engage. The authorization for a mission has to come from the embassy. Once there is permission, the commanders will certainly bring her back. As for Amber, Bambi assures Pereira that she is the best fighter Pereira can ever have.

A guerilla soldier brings a laptop to Amber and shows her a picture of the beacon they found in her backpack. She lies to him about it, saying that her husband uses it to track her when she is out skiing in case there is an avalanche. Graciella, a core member of a resistance group, is shown the picture of the device that the guys in the jungle found in the American woman’s backpack. She sees it and immediately recognizes that it is military. Graciella decides to talk to the woman.


Bambi and Prince meet Ernesto and Violeta. Violeta tells them what she has found out from Enrique and Senator. Keeping in mind that it is a new group of militants, the risk is automatically high as the militants are young and thus unrealistic. They don’t know the rules of the game and can make crazy bets. They need to talk more about it, so they invite Bambi and Prince to dinner.

Negotiations Are Off

Graciella and her friend Fami arrive at the safe house in Ciudad Bolivar. They are apparently on good terms with the militants who bring Amber downstairs to them. Graciella and Fami introduce themselves to Amber as 2.0. Amber tells them that she is in Colombia for her research and even tries to buy her way out. The two girls make it clear that Amber’s money is not at all needed. They know who Amber’s husband is, and they also tell her that they are negotiating her release. There is, however, a doubt about whether she is linked to the DEA or CIA. Graciella asks her about the device they found in her backpack. She tells them the same thing she told the militant guy, but nothing seems to satisfy them. They believe that she is a CIA targeter who has come to select new targets. Fed up with Amber, Graciella and Fami finally come to a decision.


Bambi and Prince are in their hotel room when Bambi gets a call from Natalie Foster. She tells him that the militants have found out about Amber’s military beacon and believe that she is of high value. They have thus called off the negotiations. Now, they can keep her captive for another 20 years or kill her the very next day. The rescue mission has already reached the director for authorization. Bambi disconnects the call. He tells Prince everything. Direct action will take at least two weeks of planning, and neither of them is willing to wait that long. Prince knows that the CIA also won’t approve the raid. They have to hit that house as soon as possible. Saying this, Prince puts on his jacket and leaves.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Do Bambi and Prince Find Amber?

It is nighttime when Prince returns with a backpack. Inside it is guns, big and small, and bullets. Both of them suit up and leave for Ciudad Bolivar. They discreetly make their way to the building; Prince takes the front entrance while Bambi takes the terrace. The Colombian Special Forces snipers spot them and radio back to Colonel Pereira. He tells them to keep an eye on them. Bambi finds a bed on the terrace and realizes that Amber has been sleeping there. Prince, too, reaches the terrace after having checked the house. There is no one there. The Colonel sends the drone to keep a better check on the two and finds militants on the streets. Bambi and Prince head down, jumping across terraces until they reach the streets. They manage to kill 4 of the militants; all of them were high-value targets to the Colonel. Prince and Bambi reach high ground. They know their next move.


We do not know what their next move will be. There has to be a reason why the militants moved Amber. It can be because she is a high-value target too, or it can be because the militants got word that someone was coming for them. The latter would mean that there is a mole in the Colombian forces. Moreover, going after the militants without telling anyone can officially compromise Bambi and Prince and their movements. So, they will have to tread lightly from now on.

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