‘Earworm’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Happened To Henry And Dr. Corvath?

Earworm is a 2024 horror thriller directed by Kyle Kleege. The story revolves around a scientist named Dr. Corvath, who conducts seminars to influence shy individuals in order to improve their confidence. However, little do people know that he is actually a malevolent scientist who implants a type of earworm into his subjects, allowing him to control them. While on the surface, they appear more confident, underneath, they become excessively arrogant and jealous, leading them to commit murders as acts of revenge. The investigation into these killings is led by Detective Williams, who finds himself deeply conflicted, facing a challenge. Along with navigating his troubled marriage, he must confront the unsettling notion that he might be under the influence of the scientist’s earworm himself. As Williams delves deeper into the case, the question arises: will he be able to solve the murders before he too becomes a pawn in Dr. Corvath’s sinister game? That’s what we are about to discover in Earworm.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Henry At The Seminar? 

A man named Henry sought guidance, hoping for help to become smarter from a scientist named Dr. Corvath during his seminar. This seminar aimed to help shy people become more confident. Dr. Corvath gave Henry his phone number and made him feel like he was going to be there for him always to make him confident. Greg, Henry’s friend, attempted to boost Henry’s confidence by setting him up on a blind date. However, despite Henry gathering the courage to engage in conversation, he struggled and only managed some basic greetings. It left him feeling terrible. His embarrassment grows when Greg tries to showcase that he is more confident than Henry and calls him a creep. This made Henry feel ashamed for not being able to communicate properly, and it caused discomfort to others. However, when Henry tries to interact freely with the beautiful bartender, Camille, Greg becomes jealous and attempts to sabotage his efforts.


The next day, at Dr. Corvath’s seminar, Henry felt overwhelmed and couldn’t connect with others at first. But as the seminar went on, he drank something that made him feel strange, as the drink was spiked. Dr. Corvath explained that Henry’s shyness was deeply ingrained in his mind and needed to be removed. Dr. Corvath then performed surgery on another attendee who had already killed a person. He purportedly removed a part of the individual’s brain, and despite Henry’s reluctance, he implanted it into Henry’s body. This turned out to be an earworm through which the scientist intended to control Henry’s mind. Henry tried to remove it but failed. Later, when Greg asked Henry about the seminar, Henry felt sick and confused and started crying, saying that he did not remember anything, which made Greg worried, thinking that the scientist might have tricked his friend. 

Why Did Henry Kill Greg?

Something unusual occurred in the meantime. Henry felt much more confident. He goes to the bar and asks the attractive bartender out on a date. They went and immediately felt connected as Henry began talking to her freely. Even Greg was surprised to learn that it was Henry, his shy, creepy friend who had gained enough confidence to talk to a girl. Camille and Henry’s connection evolved in such a way that both of them began to take their relationship seriously. Then, when the real conversation surfaces between them about each other’s ambitions and dreams, Henry states he is not too ambitious and is satisfied with any job that pays well, and the girl says she loves music and put together a mixtape for Henry, which gets him emotional because no one has done anything like this for him.


One day, Greg and his pals were having a conversation, and after seeing Henry, Greg stated that he was a creep and advised everyone not to pay attention to him. This disturbed and enraged Henry because he realized Greg had always done this with him. He is the reason he lacks confidence, since he consistently bullies him. He made an excellent observation: perhaps Greg used to take him on dates with him because he knew Greg could appear superior to Henry by breaking down his confidence in front of others. Thus, Henry began pounding him frantically in front of his friends, and even when the others tried to stop him, he did relent. Greg fled from that location and returned home. Henry did not stop and followed him to his home, wearing a creepy smile on his face. Henry attacked Greg from behind, which he did not know. He continuously hits his head with a glass, resulting in blood coming out of his head. Greg pleaded with him to save his life and take him to the hospital because he was a friend, but Henry refused and choked him to death. 

How Did Henry Die? 

After that incident, Henry didn’t get in touch with Camille for weeks, which greatly bothered her. When they finally met, Camille expressed sympathy for the death of Henry’s friend Greg, but Henry responded rudely, stating he was happy and unaffected by Greg’s death. He was also rude to the waiter, and when Camille apologized for his behavior, he became angry and accused her of being attracted to the waiter. Suddenly, Henry started coughing, and blood came out of his mouth. They left the place, and upon reaching Camille’s house, she locked the door, feeling frightened by Henry’s behavior and not being able to recognize him as the man she knew. Camille sought help from her friend Sebastian to deal with the situation. However, Henry, consumed by his obsession, followed them and became jealous when he saw Camille hugging Sebastian. In a fit of rage, Henry attacked Sebastian and killed him. Then he attempted to harm Camille, but she pleaded with him. Despite this, he tried to choke Camille, believing she was being unfaithful. In self-defense, Camille grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and stabbed Henry in the neck.


What Happened To Dr. Corvath?

During Earworm‘s ending, Detective Williams is disturbed when he sees the crime scene where Henry has murdered Sebastian, Camille’s friend. He remembers witnessing a similar killing weeks before by a murderer named Jennings, who used a hammer to inflict blunt force trauma on the victim. Recognizing the similarities between the two murders, Williams discovers that both Henry and Jennings attended Dr. Corvath’s seminars, as books written by Corvath were found at their homes. Williams realizes that, in the name of making people feel confident by removing their sadness, the scientist may be conducting experiments that lead to these crimes. When Williams confronts Dr. Corvath about his suspicions, Corvath tries to manipulate him by mentioning Williams’ troubled marriage and claims he can fix it. Corvath then tries to forcefully implant the earworm from Henry’s dead body into Williams. However, Williams takes a gun and shoots Dr. Corvath and his evil subordinates before the earworm can be implanted, putting an end to the chain of crimes.

Afterward, Williams goes to his wife to make amends for neglecting her. He dances with her, trying to repair their relationship. He also improves his relationships with his colleagues. It’s evident that work pressure and strained relationships were harmful to Williams’ health, and nothing like an earworm or Dr. Corvath’s experiments can bring any good. It’s up to us to work on ourselves and do what’s right for us and those around us.


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