‘Drops Of God’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Luca Threaten Camille?

Until now in Apple TV’s Drops of God, the competition for the inheritance of famous wine expert Alexandre Leger between his daughter Camille and his “spiritual son” Issei Tomine has resulted in a 1-0 victory on Issei’s part. In the sixth episode, Camille visits Italy to learn more about the wine shown in a painting, which was supposedly from Italy. While she tries to find the answer to the test, Issei finds solace in an unexpected place. Here’s what happens in the sixth episode of Quoc Dang Tran’s Drops of God.


Spoilers Ahead

Issei’s Solace

Honoka finds Issei in the bathroom, taking Hirokazu’s comb to do a DNA test, and the fear on her face is enough to make him realize he doesn’t need a DNA test. Issei calls Yurika while sitting in a bar and ends up telling her about his parentage, and she’s rather mature about it. He invites her to dinner, and they end up in bed together. The next morning, Yurika finds an old box in Issei’s apartment where the name of the wine has been scribbled by Alexandre next to the painting, and she shows it to him, hence handing him the ticket to victory.


The Trip To Italy

With the looming challenge of seeking out the name of a wine bottle from a painting, Camille takes a trip to Italy because that’s where the painting is from. She makes Lorenzo tag along to be the translator and her travel buddy, and also because Camille feels the massive gap in her heart now that Thomas has gone back. They learn that the painting is a mutual effort of a father and daughter named Nunzio and Fede, and this should hint at why Alexandre had chosen this particular painting as the subject. The hotel Camille has booked for their stay is owned by a mature, very beautiful, yet very serious woman named Elisabetta, and she sends the duo on a wild goose chase looking for Nunzio’s house. Camille had deduced that the wine in the painting must be white wine because of the flavors, and they’d knocked at the door of every winemaker, only to have the doors slammed in their faces.

Finding The Answer

That night, Elisabetta and Camille sit down for a talk, and the hotel owner reveals that the women’s fathers knew each other, and she asks Camille to be so persistent that the winemakers have to let them in. The next morning, Camille and Lorenzo use her father’s name and the Leger Guide to scare the winemakers into letting them taste their white wines, but despite so many tastings, none of them have the required fruits. When Elisabetta learns of how they scared the vintners by making them let them taste their wines, she lambasts the duo for using the guide to throw their weight around. On the last morning of their stay, Lorenzo introduces Camille to a vintner who narrates how Elisabetta’s eccentric father used several methods to grow wine, but the methods were rather out there. Even though nobody else believed in her father, Elisabetta stayed with him through thick and thin. Something clicks in Camille, and she runs back, asking the hotel owner to let her taste Elisabetta’s red table wine and with one sip of the drink, Camille is told the tale of a father and daughter relationship. She can visualize four hands coming together to plant a tree as Elisabetta and her father planted the last tree together before he fell sick – as the hotel owner explains. Camille realizes the painting was never about the fruits or the color of the wine but the word “link,” which was the key for this test. Elisabetta reveals to them the wine, Casa Dei Fossati, and the two return to Tokyo for the competition. The first thing Camille does upon returning to Tokyo is let Thomas know that she learned the name of the wine and adds that she’ll not be taking over the Leger Guide like Thomas had suggested. He needs to go back, and she has to head to the competition, so the call is cut short.


The Second Duel

At the test, Camille excitedly scribbles the name of the wine and waits in the back as Issei begins scribbling. Alexander’s lawyer announces that Camille has written the correct name, but as it turns out, so has Issei. Camille flies into a rage, accusing Issei of cheating, but he stands his ground, saying he didn’t cheat. The lawyer continues that Issei did write the name but crossed it out; hence, he’s failed the round. This, however, anger Camille, and she begins seriously hating the “arrogant” Issei for dangling his abilities before her to show just what he’s capable of. However, Issei did it to not gain an unfair advantage over the woman who was his half-sister since he’d gotten the name off a scribble left by his teacher/biological father, and that too was shown to him by Yurika.

Why Does Luca Threaten Camille?

Camille finally heads to Luca to inform him of her decision about the Leger Guide, and she clarifies that she doesn’t want to be someone whom the vintners are terrified of. He really tries to influence her otherwise, but Camille is rigid in her decision and maintains that she won’t change her mind. Luca then unveils a completely different side and threatens her that she won’t win the competition because he will ensure it. He adds that she’ll never be equal to her father and be known as the one who lost completely to a Japanese man, despite being the daughter of Alexandre Leger. As if this wasn’t enough, he shoos Camille off, barking at her to run to her mother and all but throws her out of his house.


So why did Luca suddenly become such a cruel man, bringing the daughter of his close friend Alexandre to tears? Although it’s a theory, it won’t be very wrong to guess that Luca depends on the Leger Guide to make a fortune through Camille. Now that Alexandre is gone, he wants Camille to take over the role of running the guide so that he can profit from it. However, when she turned it down, he could see his dreams turning to dust, and he quickly revealed his true, selfish self. We can assume then that all this time, Luca only pretended to care for Camille and helped her because he wanted a part of her inheritance and also to be associated with the Leger Guide, which would help him continue making money. Thus, in the end, all that he’s done since Drops of God Episode 1 for Camille might just be an act to help him get rich. We’ll be able to learn more about his true intentions in the coming episodes.

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