Dr. Lim In ‘Sweet Home 2,’ Explained: Did He Torture His Friend Nam Sang-wan?

The character of Dr. Lim has been played efficiently by Oh Jung-se in the series Sweet Home, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The eccentric doctor has been on a search for ways to make vaccines to stop people from becoming monsters. The frenzy of the doctor drives him to go to lengths that a normal person wouldn’t even think of! He thinks that humankind is the virus, and monsters are the vaccines for it. Will Dr. Lim be able to understand the nature of the monster-humans? What will eventually happen to Dr. Lim? These questions will eventually be answered as we proceed with an in-depth analysis of the character.


Spoilers Ahead

What Experiments Does Dr. Lim Conduct On His Subjects?

There are several experiments that Dr. Lim conducts on the human-monsters to find out the cause of the occurrences. He is of the opinion that humans are the real disease, and monsters are their vaccines. Dr. Lim was himself going against nature by capturing the other-worldly creatures and experimenting on them, but he was not unaware of the consequences. He knew what perils humans were bringing upon themselves by destroying nature. Hyun-su believes that he would be of use to the scientists in creating the vaccine in the long run and therefore surrenders himself. Dr. Lim takes full advantage of the chance to experiment on him and shows him no mercy. He conducts all kinds of experiments on him to see how well a monster could thrive in certain situations. Dr. Lim throws a blood-thirsty monster in Hyun-su’s cage and pours blood on him. The sadistic nature of Dr. Lim has been exposed, as he shows no regard for anyone’s well-being. It is due to Dr. Lim’s experiment that Hyun-su gets to know his powers to read the minds of other monsters. When he saw that any subject of experimentation was of no use to him anymore, he did not even blink before eliminating them, which shows his utter disregard for any of his subjects.


What Happens After He Hides The Vaccine?

After conducting multiple experiments, Dr. Lim is kidnapped by the leaders of the country to get hold of the vaccines that he has created. When he is questioned about the vaccines, he does not give them any information about them. Despite being tortured and being shot in the hand by them, he does not give away a single word, which proves his loyalty to his experiments! When the Prime Minister tells him that if he does not give away the place where the vaccine was hidden, he will proceed to do a mass killing. The doctor laughs maniacally and says that he would not mind that, as mass purging was necessary once in a while. This indicates that he didn’t value human life. The only thing that he cared for was his experiments, and he was ready to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of people for them. Later, Dr. Lim is saved from the clutches of the Prime Minister by Sergeant Tak and is then taken to a safe hideout, where he has kept other survivors.

What Does He Notice In Jun-il?

Dr. Lim’s eccentricity is shown to grow manifold in the safety camp. We see him venting out his frustrations about not being able to conduct any fruitful experiments as he spends his time drinking. Dr. Lim’s interest in experiments is picked up again when he gets a chance to look at Jun-il’s infected hand after he has been touched by a strange kid in the woods. He closely examines the bacteria that he found in Jun-il’s hands. He tries inflicting wounds on Jun-il to see if he is healing. When he sees that those marks are not healing, it is confirmed that Jun-il has not completely turned into a monster. He says that Jun-il had broken the norm by not becoming a monster.


The sadistic nature of Dr. Lim is further seen when he enjoys the sight of a mother murdering her child. When Jun-il approaches his mother, he sees that she has been quarantined as she has started showing symptoms. He tries killing her by poisoning her to rid her of her pains, but when she resurrects, he goes in to kill her again. However, Jun-il’s mother ends up killing her own son and breaking free from quarantine. Dr. Lim silently witnessed this scene and did nothing other than take notes for further experiments and mark the exceptions that he saw in Jun-il. Sergeant Tak later tells him that they had only kept him in the safety camp because of the importance of his previous experiments and not because they were fond of him.

Why Does Dr. Lim Want to Go to Bamseom?

After receiving certain signals from Bamseom, the soldiers understand that their lost friend Yeong-Seok is stuck there. As they are preparing themselves to go and find him, Dr. Lim also insists on joining them. He insisted on going so that he could find more materials for the experiment, as he had been sitting idle in the camp for many days. As they are out on the expedition, the monsters attack them, but they manage to survive the situation. Even amidst such chaos, Dr. Lim manages to collect materials that he thinks are suspicious. On his way to Bamseom, he manages to pull out a slimy chunk from a tree and take it along with him. This points out his insatiable thirst for experimenting with anything that he thinks is different.


Theories And Speculations

The soldiers are now able to make distinctions between the monsters, which is the result of the years of experiments done by Dr. Lim. His readings are being used to understand the neohumans so that they can find measures to fight them. When Dr. Lim reaches Bamseon, he is fascinated by a huge, heart-like living material. He sits in front of it for hours and keeps wondering what it could be. When he is finally unable to resist his urge to touch it, Ui-myeong approaches him. He leads the doctor to a room, where he exposes the body of Nam Sang-wan. He reminds him how he had made his own friend, Sang-wan, a subject of experimentation after he had turned into a neohuman. When the doctor asks for Ui-myeong’s identity, he says that he was another subject of his experiments. It is possible that Ui-myeong would not spare Dr. Lim’s life for having tortured him and other neohumans like him. There is also a possibility that Dr. Lim and Sang-wan had together embarked on the mission of conducting an experiment that led to a biohazard, inducing monsterization, and bringing about an evolution in humans. It is also a possibility that Dr. Lim had taken Sang-wan captive and made him his lab subject so that he could never reveal their secret about their experiments to the world.

Final Words

The character of Dr. Lim leaves us wondering about the extent to which humans can go to satisfy their own curiosity. He was well aware of the consequences of going against nature, yet he chose to do so and would eventually have to face the consequences. The curious and eccentric nature of Dr. Lim sets him apart from all the other characters in the series. The lack of empathy for anyone makes him worse than any of the monsters that we see in the series. Only Dr. Lim knows where he has hidden the vaccines and the procedure that he has used to prepare them. The secrets of the actual purpose that Dr. Lim had while hiding them are to be revealed in the next season!

Debjyoti Dey
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