Dormitory Elimination Test In ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Explained What Happens In Game 4?

The third game in Squid Game: The Challenge had the participants indulge in warfare, and players had to improve their leadership and strategic skills to make their teams win. The blue team won most of the rounds of warships, and this was followed by another round of elimination in the dorm. It required all of them to vote against any participant they perceived as a danger. This led to the removal of three key players from the game. Life in the dorm moves on as more games are lined up to further test their skills.

The fourth game of Squid Game: The Challenge is a dormitory-based elimination test. This is the second time in a row that a dorm-based test is being conducted. The previous test included eliminations at the participants’ hands, not the rules of the game. This time, the participants are given the choice to volunteer in the game with no way of telling if this will get them kicked off the show or give them an advantage. Five players come forward to volunteer as six boxes are placed in front of them. The players are asked to stand behind any of these boxes, and the message it contains will seal the deal for any of them standing in the large dorm room.

The whole idea of this game is to further increase the elimination numbers. The removal of each participant from this game has become random and not game-specific. The more the elimination numbers increase, the closer one gets to the prize amount stored in the suspended orb. As the game begins, five volunteers stand next to the boxes of their choice, and this begins the crucial part of the game. All of them are worried that any of the boxes could contain their elimination ticket. The tension was rising, and out of the many in the dorm, these five volunteers dared to take the risk at the cost of losing the prize money as well.

The first volunteer was asked to choose three players from the crowd to be eliminated. The next volunteer eliminated got himself from the game. This is the kind of risk every player must take once they decide to join Squid Game: The Challenge. There is always a fear of being ousted, most randomly, if not through the hard and fast games. The other one was given the option to offer an advantage to any player from the dorm which will eventually benefit them in the upcoming game. The last volunteer was given the option to eliminate three more players from the dorm. The volunteer hesitated but had to adhere to the message given to him, and in total, seven more players were removed from the game randomly based on the judgment of the last volunteer.

As the dreadful dormitory elimination round ended, volunteers were again asked to consider carrying out chores. Again, there was some skepticism regarding the work they were asked to carry out. They are aware that every activity that is being conducted will have repercussions, or there will be a price to pay eventually after the task is finished. These are the kinds of situations the game prepares the participants for. Anticipating unexpected scenarios and their lives being essentially in danger. As the chores are assigned and finished by the allotted players, the entire dorm is treated to a picnic that they can share with the partner of their choice. The participants were elated over being given a chance to enjoy a decent meal with the person of their choice and considered this activity a reward for all of them. Many of them settled down to reap the benefits of the picnic. As they discover many goodies for them and their partner in the basket, they also discover a tiny bag full of marbles.

All the participants were shocked to realize that the presence of marbles would mean they would have to compete against their picnic partners in the upcoming game. The shock on the faces of the participants was understandable, but the makers of the show had not mentioned at any point that the marbles in this game would have any meaning attached to them. It was a misdirection from the makers to have the audience assume that the appearance of a bag of marbles would imply something regarding the game. The players knew they would have to compete with their picnic partners in the next game, and it would be tougher for them to eliminate either of them going forward. As one of the participants in the game states, these challenges are becoming vicious. The game has pitted people against others they adore, and all of them will have to choose either to get eliminated or to eliminate their partner to stay in the game and win the prize money.

The fourth game ends with all the participants in severe dilemmas as they prepare for the next game, one that would include marbles. There is no indication of what their next game could be, but there are snippets of the game that, as expected, would include their partner. There was no indication of who the winner could be or where this game was headed. Hopefully, there will not be any brutal eliminations such as this one. But as the pattern of the game suggests, the road to glory will not be paved with roses, and all the participants will have to face the worst to get hold of the prize money.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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