‘Don’t Kill The Babysitter’ Ending, Explained: Does Mariela Escape The Collins’ Home?

We often encounter various opportunities that beckon us with promises of brighter futures. The allure of these possibilities can be captivating, blinding us to potential warning signs that may lurk beneath the surface. These ‘red flags,’ though seemingly minor at first, play a crucial role in safeguarding us from unforeseen pitfalls. In the film Don’t Kill the Babysitter, Mariela’s pursuit of a better life for herself and her sister becomes the driving force behind her decisions. But this pursuit leads her to inadvertently ignore the dangerous game orchestrated by Chase and Lori Collins.


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How Does Mariela Feel About Working With The Collins Family?

Mariela, a young and spirited girl who lost her parents at an early age, finds solace and happiness with her older sister, Ana, and her niece, Sofie, in Venezuela. Despite the content life they have built together, Mariela’s adventurous spirit yearns for new experiences beyond her comfort zone. When an opportunity arises for her to work as a babysitter with the welcoming Collins family in the United States, she embraces the chance to take a leap of faith and explore new horizons. At first, Mariela’s arrival at the Collins’ home is met with warmth and affection. The couple, Lori and Chase, along with their daughter, Abbey, embrace Mariela as though she were the sister Abbey had always wished for.


The initial days pass seamlessly, with Lori treating Mariela like family, providing her with a safe environment, nourishing food, and even a means to keep in touch with her loved ones back home. However, Mariela’s free-spirited nature cannot be contained indoors. Her desire to explore the outside world leads her to take walks and engage in physical activities to satiate her adventurous soul. During one of her strolls, she encounters an unknown man lurking nearby who urgently tries to warn her about potential danger in her new life.

What Secrets Does Mariela Find Out?

Amidst the intriguing events unfolding in Mariela’s life, her encounter with Sarah, the babysitter for the Clark family, provides a glimmer of relief and friendship. As they exchange numbers, Mariela finds solace in having someone to lean on during her stay in the unfamiliar territory of the Collins’ household. However, the shadow of the unknown stranger’s reappearance lingers, but Mariela’s determination to be independent and enjoy the outdoors remains steadfast. With Mariela’s insistence on being outside and her blossoming friendship with Sarah, a new mystery begins to unfold within the walls of the Collins’ home. Gradually, Mariela starts to notice subtle changes in Lori’s behavior. Lori’s declining health and the constant intake of medications related to heart failure raise concern and intrigue for Mariela. The situation becomes increasingly puzzling, and Mariela cannot shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right.


Rather than keeping her suspicions to herself, Mariela fearlessly confronts the couple, seeking answers to the mysteries surrounding Lori’s health and the enigmatic stranger’s appearances. However, her boldness sets the stage for a complex dynamic between Mariela, Lori, and Chase. The couple’s dishonesty in response to Mariela’s questions adds layers of intrigue to the narrative. Mariela’s trusting nature becomes both a strength and a vulnerability, as her willingness to believe in the goodness of others allows the couple to manipulate the truth. Behind the scenes, a profound secret lies buried in the hearts of the Collins couple. Their conversations, shrouded in secrecy, hint at a desire to reveal something significant to Mariela. While Lori yearns to open up to Mariela and form a genuine attachment to the young girl, Chase appears to harbor reservations about sharing the truth. His reluctance suggests that there is more at stake than meets the eye.

What Is The True Identity Of The Stranger?

The facade of Chase’s pristine image as a respected surgeon at Goodison Hospital begins to crack, revealing a darker secret that connects him to the enigmatic stranger. As Mariela’s energetic nature leads her to facilitate a meeting between Sarah and Chase, she becomes increasingly aware of the strain on Lori, left alone at home while they are out. With Mariela’s encouragement, the couple decides to go on a date, giving Lori a much-needed break from her worries. However, the unexpected return of the mysterious stranger disrupts the tranquility of the evening. Intriguingly, he breaks into Chase’s office, suggesting a hidden motive behind his actions. To Mariela’s surprise, the stranger seems to be searching for something specific in Chase’s office, but he comes up empty-handed. Instead, he chooses to warn Mariela once again, indicating that his intentions might be more complex than initially thought.


Mariela’s quick thinking allows her to incapacitate the stranger and alert the authorities, leading to his arrest with Sarah’s help. The shocking revelation emerges as Mariela and Sarah investigate further. They discover that the unknown man was, in fact, Jacob, a janitor at Goodison Hospital, and Chase has him arrested for stealing medication from the facility. The connection between the stranger and Chase raises many questions about the true nature of the situation. When Mariela confronts Lori about the matter, she is met with an unexpected explanation. Lori reveals that she was aware of the stranger’s identity all along but chose not to disclose it to Mariela to spare her unnecessary fear.

What Significance Does Sarah’s Sudden Disappearance Hold For Mariela?

As the suspenseful story unfolds, Sarah’s sudden disappearance after the interview with Chase sends alarm bells ringing in Mariela’s mind. Mariela had previously shared her concerns with Sarah, instructing her to check Chase’s office for any clues. When Sarah discovers Mariela’s documents revealing that she is a perfect organ donor match for Lori, her suspicions intensify, leading her to stay quiet and observe Chase’s behavior carefully. Noticing Sarah’s fear and unease, Chase becomes suspicious of her intentions. Back at home, Lori intercepts Sarah’s attempt to contact Mariela and reads their messages. In a desperate attempt to protect herself, Lori tries to bribe Sarah, but her efforts are in vain as Chase catches up to Sarah and commits a shocking act, taking her life and concealing her body in the bushes.

The following night, Mariela becomes increasingly perplexed as she cannot find her phone. However, after a few hours, the phone mysteriously reappears. Her growing suspicion heightens when she observes Lori’s distressed demeanor and the unusual claim that Sarah missed the interview, something Mariela knows would be entirely out of character for her friend. To add to her worries, Mariela notices that her phone has no signal, and when Lori urgently leaves to bring Abbey to her grandparents’ house, Mariela’s concerns escalate. Acting on her instincts, she decides to investigate Collins’ room, where she makes a startling discovery: a secret red button on the table leading to a concealed room that holds answers to her lingering questions. But as Mariela tries to gather more information from this hidden room, Chase unexpectedly returns home, putting her plans in jeopardy.

‘Don’t Kill The Babysitter’ Ending Explained: What Happens To Mariela?

The thrilling conclusion to Don’t Kill the Babysitter brings forth a riveting climax that showcases Mariela’s determination to survive. After waking up and realizing the truth behind her loss of consciousness, Mariela finds herself in a life-threatening situation tied to a table, with Chase planning to use her as an organ donor to save Lori’s life. Mariela pleads for help, but the couple seems unsympathetic to her plight. However, a surprising twist occurs when Lori, overwhelmed by guilt and desperation, decides to take action and defend Mariela against Chase’s deadly intentions. Her courageous act allows Mariela to escape, though the chase is not over yet. Despite facing danger, Mariela demonstrates incredible strength and bravery, refusing to let Chase’s pursuit stop her from fighting for her life and protecting herself.


At the end of Don’t Kill the Babysitter, justice prevails as the couple is arrested for their gruesome deeds, having killed multiple babysitters in a desperate bid to save Lori’s life. The narrative emphasizes the consequences of their actions and the dire lengths they were willing to go to find a suitable organ donor. As time passes, a year goes by, and Mariela’s compassionate nature shines through. She chooses to visit Lori, demonstrating forgiveness and understanding despite the harm that was done to her. Recognizing the complexity of human actions and emotions, Mariela acknowledges that while Lori was wrong in her actions, there was a trace of humanity in her attempt to protect Mariela.

Don’t Kill the Babysitter‘s characters are well-developed and engaging, offering surprises and depth to the narrative. The plot is captivating, maintaining a steady pace without losing the viewer’s attention. In the end, Mariela’s sense of responsibility and affection for Abbey remains unwavering. Despite the ordeal she faced, Mariela continues to be a big sister figure to Abbey, returning to live with her and the grandparents at the Collins’ home.


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