‘Doctor Slump’ K-Drama Cast And Character Guide

The Korean drama Doctor Slump has garnered love from people all over the globe with its heartfelt story about two sweethearts who stand by each other even during their difficulties. Well-known faces like Park Hyung-Sik and Park Shin-hye have graced the series with their brilliant acting skills. Oh Hyun-jong, with his impeccable direction, has brought out the best in the already talented actors for Doctor Slump series.


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Nam Ha-neul

The South Korean actress and singer Park Shin-hye, after appearing in shows like Stairway to Heaven, has become a prominent name in the Korean entertainment industry. She has played the role of Nam Ha-neul in Doctor Slump. The character of Ha-neul is extremely hard-working and is a sincere student. She never missed an opportunity to put her entire self into studying and securing the highest grade in her class. However, due to unforeseen problems, she couldn’t get herself into the university of her dreams. As a result, her dreams remained half-cooked in a hospital where she started working after her graduation. 


She was vulnerable enough to be exploited by her seniors at work. Ha-neul couldn’t express her thoughts openly, causing her a lot of troubles in her professional sphere. After being tired of the exploitation at work, she finally decided to drop her resignation. Ha-neul’s vulnerability caused her to suffer from depression, and the very thought of being unemployed started eating away at her. It was not until Jeong-woo came by that she started feeling alive again. She was selfless enough to protect Jeong-woo all her life when she realized that Kyung-min was the real culprit behind his downfall.

Ha-neul never left Jeong-woo’s hand during tough times and believed in him when no one else did. The very fact that she stood by Jeong-woo till the end proves her resilience as a partner. She might not have been quite confident about her own career, but she was sure that Jeong-woo would soar to great heights. 


Yeo Jeong-woo

Park Hyung-Sik has efficiently played the role of Yeo Jeong-woo in the series Doctor Slump. He has been portrayed as a compassionate and hardworking character with a lot of patience to mend his life in the long run. When he gets entangled in a false case of a medical accident, instead of giving up all hope, he fights for his rights. He also stands by Ha-neul during her tough times and encourages her to move forward in life. Jeong-woo’s dedication to his life never fails to surprise us throughout. It was his resilience that helped him eventually get past his difficulties and gain a second chance at life. 

The way Jeong-woo craved family warmth has been portrayed when he tried to get close with Ha-neul’s family. He also sought brotherly warmth from Kyung-min, as he believed that he was his well-wisher. This brings out his gullibility as a person and the innocence in him that pushed him to believe everyone around him. He put his entire trust in Ha-neul after realizing that she was the one he had been craving for his entire life.


Min Kyung-Min

Oh Dong-min, as Min Kyung-Min, played the role of Jeong-woo’s (so-called) friend and guide in the series. He was also a senior colleague of Ha-neul at her workplace who had been doing her no good; just feeding off of her research. The vileness in the character is proven when we see him passing on Ha-neul’s dissertation as his own research at the hospital just to reach the post of a full-time professor there. 

Kyung-min was selfish and extremely vengeful, which was brought out when he tried to harm Jeong-woo for his mother’s fault in the past. He tried drugging him with Ambien so that he would lose his consciousness and it would be easier for him to prove Jeong-woo’s incompetence as a doctor to the world. It was also revealed that he had a hand in causing the medical accident at Jeong-woo’s clinic, trying to frame him for it. The greed and vengefulness of Kyung-Min are the major factors that define him. The vileness in him eventually led him to lose people who valued him in the beginning. Jeong-woo couldn’t forgive him even on his deathbed, which was a major failure for him. 


Some Additional Characters

Ba-da: Yoon Sang-hyeon, in the character of Ba-da in the series, plays the role of Ha-neul’s brother. He is not as intelligent as his sister and is often taunted by his mother for it. The comic character was often seen stealing money from his sister because he was lazy and not ready to work to earn money. However, after Ha-neul met with a life-threatening accident, his entire perspective changed, and he regretted having lived off his sister like a leech all these years. 

Kong Wol-seon: Jang Hye-jin, in the role of Ha-neul’s mother, Kong Wol-seon, is as supportive as a parent can ever be! She might have had some big expectations from her extremely talented daughter, but she never imposed them on her. After learning that her daughter had been diagnosed with depression, she tried to support her as much as she could. She was also very supportive of her relationship with Jeong-woo. This happy-go-lucky character put a smile on our faces throughout and made us feel a sense of relief, even when things went out of hand. 


Lee Hong-ran: Kong Seong-Ha, in the role of Lee Hong-ran, has been portrayed as Ha-neul’s friend, who has always been supportive of her. Over the course of events, she is seen developing a bond with Dr. Bin, whom she eventually falls in love with. She is compassionate enough to empathize with Dr. Bin as a single parent and even helps him with the challenges that he faces with his teenage daughter. 

Bin Dae-Yeong: Yoon Park, who is well known for his supporting role in Delightfully Deceitful, has been presented as a loyal friend to Jeong-woo in Doctor Slump. He had, however, fallen out with Jeong-woo in the past but took all measures to mend it at the very first chance that he got. Dr. Bin also offered Jeong-woo a job at his clinic as he had been trying to revive his situation after the medical accident. His affection for Hong-ran over the course of events in the series also brings to the forefront his urge to feel loved and have a complete family of his own. 


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