‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 3 Recap Summary: What Was Kang Jin-Seok’s Motive?

Doctor Slump is not just another love story; we can call it competitive love! While trying to compete with each other since their school days, Ha-neul and Jeong-woo became each other’s biggest enemies. Later, the scenario is likely to change and they are most likely to fall in love! The support that they have been providing to each other during times of need binds their fates together. Meanwhile, a mysterious visitor has been secretly frequenting Jeong-woo’s room without his knowledge. What could be the man’s motive? Will Ha-neul be able to prove Jeong-woo’s innocence in court? Will Ha-neul and Jeong-woo start having feelings for each other as they spend more time together? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened During The School Days?

There was nothing Jeong-woo didn’t excel at during his school days. He was excellent in studies and sports and was equally helpful. He was also quite popular among the other students for having a helpful nature. Later, when Ha-neul entered the school, his spotlight was snatched from him, making him excessively competitive. He gave up on eating and sleeping just to study so that he could beat her in her studies. Ha-neul’s entry into school had completely changed Jeong-woo’s outlook and made him extremely focused on his studies and career!


The harsh routines that both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo followed caused them to collapse one day at school. They were both put in the infirmary together. When Jeong-woo regained his senses, he saw that Ha-neul had already left and thought that she had not even asked him once if he was alright. He thought that she lacked compassion and manners, but when the scene shifts to the present day, his ideas about Ha-neul have changed a lot. They were seen getting close to each other after getting drunk and sharing their worries with each other.

What Was Kang Jin-Seok’s Motive?

Kang Jin-seok’s motive has not been made clear in the series, as he is seen behaving weirdly after the incident. At first, he decided to testify for Jeong-woo about whatever had happened during the surgery but later refrained. When he refrained from giving his testament, the condition got even worse, as people thought that Jeong-woo was really the culprit.


Jeong-woo tried contacting Jin-seok to convince him to give his testimony, but he ignored his calls. When Jeong-woo went to the hospital to find out about him, the receptionist said that he had resigned from his work that very day. When asked the reason, he was told that maybe Jin-seok was migrating to some other place. It is possible that Jin-seok had refused to testify on purpose so that Jeong-woo would face severe consequences, as he might have an old  grudge against him. Meanwhile, a man was seen breaking into Jeong-woo’s room to search for something. When Ha-neul’s brother went up to place a blanket in Jeong-woo’s room, he saw that the glass in the door had been broken. After Jeong-woo came back, they called the police to investigate the matter but were told that it was a failed attempt at theft. Later, Ha-neul convinced Jeong-woo to sleep at her place and also helped him clean up the mess in his room.

How Did Spending Time Together Alter Their Relationship?

Jeong-woo had dinner with Ha-neul’s family that night and told them how competitive Ha-neul was in school. His statement made Ha-neul’s mother emotional, as she thought that studying too hard had made her daughter slip into depression at such a young age. After their dinner, Jeong-woo and Ha-neul went out to release their stress. They had street food together and went to the arcade and played games. They enjoyed their night like teenagers and realized that they had stressed themselves too much when there was no need for it. They had been too competitive in life, making them miss out on their childhood joys. After spending so much time together, they finally started to get to know each other, and after coming back home, they were seen thinking about each other.


The next day, Ha-neul was seen to be depressed again when she heard that she had been working as a contract worker with the hospital (without her knowledge) and would receive a lesser amount as her severance pay. When she approached her colleagues and told them about it, they also refused to help her out. Meanwhile, Jeong-woo was also seen getting upset when he overheard Ha-neul’s brother telling their mother about Jeong-woo being on trial after killing a woman (the sole heiress to the largest casino in Macau) during surgery. Later, Ha-neul’s mother also asked her to stay away from Jeong-woo, as he had a very bad reputation. However, Jeong-woo did not care about the rest of the world and tried comforting him, as she knew that he needed a helping hand at the moment.

How Did Ha-Neul Try Helping Jeong-Woo?

Ha-neul got interested in Jeong-woo’s trial and started researching the case. She realized that a patient in India, who was on Warfarin, had died due to excessive bleeding during a similar surgery. It was similar to the case in which Jeong-woo’s patient had died. While Jeong-woo’s trial was ongoing, she brought the case study as a reference to the court to prove that it was a medical failure. She wanted to bring out the fact that Jeong-woo had not done it intentionally. However, right before she could submit the report, the court was dismissed until the next session.

While Jeong-woo was being chased by reporters, Ha-neul also got caught in the crowd and fell down. Jeong-woo helped her up and dragged her out of the crowd. When he saw a cut in her hand, he took her to his former clinic and dressed her wound. She tried cheering Jeong-woo up and said that she wanted to take him out for a meal. However, they decided to go and see the sunrise on the East Sea. The sunrise that they wanted to see together is symbolic of a ray of hope for both. They are also seen exchanging numbers while waiting to see the sunrise, to ensure that they could be more than just acquaintances. This was the first step to their friendship, which would help it flourish further.

Meanwhile, as they were at the beach, the intruder was again seen coming to Jeong-woo’s house. It is possible that the person who was at fault for the murder of Jeong-woo’s patient had come in to plant evidence against him. Maybe someone was trying to completely ruin Jeong-woo out of jealousy for the fame that Jeong-woo had garnered!


What Will Happen Next?

The next episode of Doctor Slump is most likely to ensure that there is a greater closeness between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. It is likely that the next episode will show them growing feelings for each other and supporting each other during the toughest phases of their lives. The only ray of hope that each of them had was each other during times of difficulty! The mysterious man is likely to strike harder next time, and we are yet to find his real motives. It is likely that the intruder was Jin-seok and he had come in to ruin Jeong-woo’s career because of a personal grudge. All these secrets will be revealed next, along with a spotlight on the fast-moving love story of Ha-neul and Jeong-woo.

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