‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending: How Does Jeong Suk Find Out About Eun Seo?

Doctor Cha found out about her husband’s affair on her birthday, but she doesn’t know anything more than that. She is not yet aware that he also has another daughter from his mistress. However, Jeong Suk’s son, daughter, and mother-in-law had discovered it before her and had been trying not to let her know about it. Jeong Suk’s son had already given an ultimatum to his father, but now it is up to Jeong Suk to decide what to do with their broken marriage.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Jeong Suk Move To Dorms?

Jeong Suk dressed differently than usual for her birthday dinner, and she was not smiling like usual. Her family is trying to make her feel special by giving her extra attention, but she is not in the mood to be flattered by that. Her mother-in-law would not have condoned her behavior if her son hadn’t done the worst he could to his wife. The whole time, Jeong Suk’s family is already walking on eggshells, and she suddenly starts talking about Seung Hee, wondering who her husband could be. They try to change the topic by bringing up the topic of their marriage, but it only irritates Jeong Suk more, and she gets out of the car to walk back home. Jeong Suk can’t stand living in the same house as In Ho because it is suffocating for her. She decides to move to the resident dorms in the hospital after making sure her daughter is okay with it. Her husband’s or mother-in-law’s opinion doesn’t matter to her. Roy notices that Jeong Suk looks disturbed, and she tells him that she feels that everything is meaningless. Roy is her reliable friend, and he suggests she go to the medical camp with him. Jeong Suk joins him, but In Ho and her son have also joined the camp. She can’t really escape her husband. Meanwhile, In Ho’s mother meets Seung Hee and asks her to stop what’s going on between her and In Ho. Seung Hee wants a complete family for her daughter, but In Ho’s mother kills her hopes by telling her that it is never going to happen.


In Ho is trying to get Jeong Suk’s attention, but she is trying to avoid him. She doesn’t understand why In Ho is suddenly behaving in a good way towards her. He did not even like to be seen together in the hospital. Jeong Suk had consulted a divorce lawyer, but she understood that a divorce would ruin a lot of aspects of her life—her family and her career included. She does not want that for her kids or herself now. At the end of the first day of the camp, the doctors sit together for dinner, and the village head brings them homemade rice wine to thank them. In Ho is jealous of Roy because, the whole day, Jeong Suk spends more time with him and even cooks with him. He starts feeling competitive and gets into a drinking competition with him. Both of them get drunk despite their claims of being heavy drinkers. Ho is behaving out of character, and so is Roy. They start acting all friendly and start singing songs together. However, Ho makes a mistake that is going to cost him a lot. He starts calling Jeong Suk on the mic, and everyone wonders what their real relationship could be. While their relationship is about to get exposed, Jung Min’s girlfriend, Dr. Jeon, has already found out the truth. She saw Jeong Suk’s birthday video on Jung Min’s phone.

Why Won’t Jeong Suk Divorce In Ho?

In Ho runs to Jeong Suk to hand her the mic and tells everyone that his wife is an amazing singer. The truth is out now, and Jeong Suk couldn’t care less as she is already mad at In Ho. It doesn’t matter to her if he embarrasses himself in front of others. Jung Min was worried about Jeon finding out about his relationship with Jeong Suk, but now all of his colleagues know about it. Even after this event, Jeong Suk is unbothered and helps a woman deliver her baby at midnight. Jeong Suk came to the medical camp because she felt hopeless, but she got motivated again after helping people in the village. After getting sober, Roy runs into Jeong Suk and finally confronts her about In Ho’s affair. He wanted to tell her for a long time, but he could not take it anymore after seeing her nonchalant attitude after In Ho exposed their relationship. Roy is angry and also jealous of In Ho. He likes Jeong Suk, but In Ho is in his way. However, Jeong Suk makes it clear to him that she is keeping the marriage not for In Ho but for her kids, who are going through a crucial phase in their lives.


Ho and Jeong Suk have to pretend to be a happy couple when they are not. In Ho is just trying to show Roy his place in Jeong Suk’s life, and even his son notices it. Jung Min tells his father that he doesn’t stand a chance, so he should try harder. Meanwhile, Jeong Suk has joined Seung Hee’s department, but Seung Hee isn’t treating her unfairly like before. She knows that In Ho is at fault, not Jeong Suk. Seung Hee asked In Ho if he was going to divorce Jeong Suk now that everyone in the hospital knew about them, but In Ho showed no intention of doing so. Seung Hee has a daughter who wants her mother to let go of In Ho and become happy, so Seung Hee has decided to act on it. She has made the decision to move to the USA. She can’t help but feel empty every time she sees In Ho with his family, wishing it was her and Eun Seo instead of Jeong Suk and her children.

Eun Seo and Irang used to be friends until Eun Seo revealed that they had the same father. Eun Seo hates Irang and always says things that get her agitated. This one time, Irang doesn’t hold back her anger and hits Eun Seo. Their argument turns violent in no time, and Eun Seo gets hurt. Doctor Cha Episode 10 ends with Jeong Suk discovering that In Ho has not only been cheating on her but also has another family. She follows In Ho and Seung Hee to the hospital on their way to pick up injured Eun Seo. Jeong Suk didn’t have an idea how long In Ho had been cheating on her, but after seeing Eun Seo, she realized that she had been fooled by him for a long time. She had decided to turn a blind eye to his affair, but his having another child might change her mind. While she sits alone outside the hospital at night, worrying about her marriage, Dr. Jeon notices her and takes her out on a drive. She knows about In Ho’s affair, and that’s why she understands why Jeong Suk is upset. Jeon has a fight with Jung Min over his mother, but Jeon is not as heartless as Jung Min paints her to be.


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