‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap And Ending: How Does Jeong Suk Find Out About The Affair?

Seung Hee’s daughter, Eun Seo, is tired of seeing her mother still attached to a man who doesn’t care about her. In Ho has never considered leaving his family for Seung Hee, and Eun Seo realized that he would never do it when she visited his home with Irang, her half-sister and friend. Doctor Cha has started getting suspicious of her husband, but she wants to believe him. However, Dr. Roy and Dr. Jeon have spotted Seung Hee and In Ho together, which could cause him trouble later.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Jeong Suk Continue To Support Her Daughter?

Ho creates a scene at home after he discovers that Irang is preparing for art school and criticizes Jeong Suk for supporting her hopeless dreams. Jeong Suk tries to persuade him, but he humiliates her by mentioning how he has fed both of them, so he will make decisions about their lives, and if she wants to send Irang to art school, she has to quit the hospital. Jeong Suk gets offended and announces to him that she will take care of all the expenses and send Irang to art school. However, she only understands later how expensive an art school is. Jeong Suk faces a lot of challenges, but she is determined to overcome them all. For personal matters, she has her mother, who takes care of her responsibilities to take some burden off her, and at the hospital, she has Dr. Roy. When Jeong Suk is juggling between having to complete her shift and attending Irang’s counseling session, Roy covers her shift to let her breathe a little. Jeong Suk’s mother-in-law has seen Roy and Jeong Suk together twice, and it annoys her how close they seem to each other. She expresses her concern to In Ho and also mentions to Jeong Suk not to do something that would shame their family. Jeong Suk doesn’t mind what she says because she is in a good mood. She has found a way to get money for Irang’s education, thanks to Dr. Jeon. The thought of getting a loan hadn’t crossed her mind before.


Jeong Suk’s perception of Dr. Jeon is not going to change easily, as she still finds her way of working overbearing. Now, she has found a secret about her that involves her son, and it is upsetting. When she goes to Jeon’s dorm room to fetch her phone, she finds Jung Min’s watch and underwear. She hopes that they are not thinking about getting married because she cannot even imagine Jeon as her daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, In Ho is wondering if Jeong Suk knows about his affair and is having fun while pretending not to know anything. He finds Roy Kim annoying because even if he says that he won’t reveal anything to Jeong Suk, he can’t believe him. On the other hand, Seung Hee tells Roy to reveal their affair to Jeong Suk, but Roy clearly tells her that he doesn’t want to be the one to break the family. Ho and Roy never showed their affection for Jeong Suk in front of each other until a certain incident. A young patient tries to commit suicide, and while trying to dissuade him, Jeong Suk also gets dragged down with him from the rooftop. However, they fall on an airbed and survive. Roy and In Ho hug each other in relief, and then they run toward Jeong Suk. While In Ho, who is known to be a married man, holds Jeong Suk’s hands worriedly, Roy straight up holds her in his arms, asking her if she is fine. The entire hospital staff sees it, and they have new gossip now.

How Does Ho’s Family Learn About His Affair?

The hospital staff, including the department heads, are all talking about Jeong Suk, In Ho, and Roy Kim and are particularly blaming Jeong Suk for tainting her own reputation. In Ho and Roy Kim don’t even care about the gossip as much as they are bothered by each other, and Jeong Suk is busy taking care of the suicidal patient. She is upset that they, as doctors, failed to pay attention to him. A hospital is bustling with new stories every day, and the gossip dies down within days. Seung Hee is getting impatient day by day and asks In Ho to try to get closer to Eun Seo as well. As they decide to have a family dinner, Eun Seo has already prepared a surprise for her father. She invites Irang to have dinner with her family, and Ho’s secret gets exposed. In Ho is terrified and rushes back home to stop Irang from saying anything to Jeong Suk. Irang herself doesn’t want her mother to know about it, so she warns her father instead to never let Jeong Suk find out about his other family. However, Ho’s mother is panicked and disappointed that her son committed the sin of adultery. Irang and Eun Seo are no longer friends, and contrary to Eun Seo’s belief, Irang is not shaken by the truth at all. She thought she would have the upper hand over Irang, but in reality, both of Eun Seo’s parents are working in higher positions, and their reputation is more at stake than Jeong Suk’s.


Jung Min spent most of his time at the hospital, so he had no idea about the chaos at home, but as if the whole family needed to know about In Ho’s affair at the same time, Jung Min sees Seung Hee hugging In Ho at the hospital and confronts In Ho right away. In Ho thinks that either Irang or their grandmother told him, but Jung Min is shocked that he is the last one to know. He is relieved that Jeong Suk doesn’t know about it yet and returns home to talk to the other family members. He had already lost respect for his father, but when he found out that he also had another daughter the same age as Irang, he was in disbelief and vowed never to be like him as a doctor or as a person. Jeong Suk’s family is taking extra care of her, and she has no idea what’s going on. She had no way of knowing why In Ho suddenly decided to support Irang’s dream of going to art school. However, Jung Min is only going to keep it a secret until Jeong Suk finishes her residency. Ho has to choose one side after that. Jeong Suk’s mother-in-law is being extra considerate of her these days because she has taken on the burden of protecting her family. For the first time, she makes a birthday plan for Jeong Suk and even sends gifts to her mother in case the worst situation arises someday.

Jeong Suk’s mind has been struggling to trust In Ho, but when she accompanies Mi Hee to a shaman, she reveals her concern as well, but the shaman tells her something she didn’t expect at all. Not only does she tell her that her husband can’t charm a woman, but she also tells her that she is going to charm many men as she grows older, and one of the charmed men is very close to her. On her birthday, Jeong Suk avoids talking to Roy Kim, thinking he wants to confess his feelings, but Roy Kim only wants to tell her about her husband’s affair. Jeong Suk is happy, but soon enough, she finds out the upsetting truth. Luck is not on In Ho’s side, and Seung Hee’s social media account becomes the reason Jeong Suk finds out about their affair. Every time In Ho went to a conference, it was a lie, and it was actually a trip with Seung Hee. Doctor Cha Episode 8 ends with Jeong Suk showing up to her birthday dinner nonetheless, and she looks ruthless. She cried, but she was not going to back down. She has had enough for twenty years, and it’s time she lived for herself. Jeong Suk is known to be a soft-hearted person, but it will be interesting to see if she brings out her other side to teach a lesson to In Ho.


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