‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending: Who Is Eun Seo’s Father?

Doctor Cha finds it difficult to adjust to the life of a medical resident as her husband doesn’t want her to work, and she can’t pretend to know her son at the hospital. Moreover, her daughter is making her feel guilty for neglecting her, and Jeong Suk has started doubting her husband, In Ho’s relationship with Seung Hee. Jeong Suk had a lot on her mind already when she saw In Ho and Seung Hee together in the hospital. She got distracted for a second and accidentally electrocuted herself while trying to save a patient’s life.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Jeong Suk Want To Quit Her Job?

Jeong Suk collapsed in front of In Ho, and he took her to the emergency room hurriedly, which only fueled the rumors of their dating. Even Jung Min is surprised after seeing his father act that way. However, Seung Hee is not happy with it at all. She is already bothered by Jeong Suk’s presence in the hospital, and now she has to see the husband and wife together. She gets angry and takes off the bracelet that In Ho gifted her. Jeong Suk had seen the same bracelet on Seung Hee’s hand before, which is one of the reasons she suspects her husband, but she doesn’t see it now, and later at home, In Ho gifts her the same bracelet. It resolves her doubts, and she believes that her husband is not an adulterer yet. While other doctors criticized Jeong Suk for getting electrocuted, the patient, Oh Chang Gyu, is grateful to her. He had gained consciousness again when he briefly saw Jeong Suk try desperately to save his life. He wasn’t ready to get surgery at first, but after seeing someone care for his life more than his own children, who didn’t even visit him once, he agreed to get the surgery. However, another patient, Jang Hae Nam, who is a criminal, still refuses to get treated, and Jeong Suk has been having a hard time convincing her.


The rumors about Jeong Suk and In Ho have gotten out of hand, and almost everyone in the hospital is gossiping about them. Even Dr. Jeon, Jung Min’s girlfriend, asks Jung Min about it because she is worried that it might taint his father’s reputation. When Seung Hee hears the rumors from a resident, she gets furious and starts pestering Jeong Suk for any small task. She is adamant about making her quit working. Jeong Suk is overworked, but she is not going to give up. While she is escorting the criminal patient Hae Nam for tests, Seung Hee burdens her with emergency tasks, not even considering her situation. In the meantime, Hae Nam sees a mother and a daughter, who reminds her of her own daughter. She runs out of the hospital and gets a taxi to go to her daughter. The hospital is in chaos as a criminal has escaped. Jeong Suk is scared, and although patient Oh Chang Gyu tries to cheer her up, it doesn’t help. She has no confidence to continue after making such a grave mistake, as everybody keeps telling her to quit. She tells In Ho that she is going to quit, and he is over the moon after hearing her decision. However, luck is in Jeong Suk’s favor. Oh Chang Gyu, the patient she saved from dying, turns out to be the Director of their hospital. He appreciates her in front of all the doctors and makes a big donation to her department. Thanks to her kindness, Jeong Suk now has support from the hospital’s Director, and she takes back her decision to quit.

Who Finds Out About Ho’s Affair?

The patient, Hae Nam, who ran away from the hospital in search of her daughter, returns to the hospital after the taxi driver takes her to the police, thinking she has dementia. Even though she caused Jeong Suk trouble, Jeong Suk is still kind to her. She finds out that Hae Nam wants to see her daughter before she dies. Hae Nam’s daughter wished to be a doctor as well, but they were too poor for it. However, Jeong Suk still requests that Mi Hee ask around in the doctor’s association about her daughter, and it turns out that Hae Nam’s daughter has managed to become a doctor. Jeong Suk visits her and tells her about Hae Nam’s condition. Given Hae Nam’s deteriorating health, she has been permitted to go home, but she doesn’t have a home. She had been serving a sentence for poisoning her husband, and her daughter never met her again. Hae Nam’s daughter doesn’t want to meet her mother, not because she killed her abusive husband but because she feels guilty that her mother is paying the price for her crime. Even though Hae Nam bought the poison, her daughter was the one to put it in her father’s soup because her mother was hesitant to do so. Jeong Suk is trying her best, and things are working out in her favor. The daughter meets Hae Nam because she is also a mother and knows how a mother feels about her children, no matter how big of a mistake they’ve made. Moreover, Jeong Suk also doesn’t get any big punishment for Hae Nam’s escape because she is on the good side of Director Oh.


Seung Hee and In Ho have been arguing a lot because of Jeong Suk, so they spend some time alone at a hotel to resolve their conflicts. However, when they leave, two doctors see them together. One of them is Dr. Jeon, Jung Min’s girlfriend, and the other is Roy Kim, Jeong Suk’s friend. Roy had seen them together once before, but seeing them come out of a hotel at night made him suspicious. The next day, he asks In Ho to stop deceiving Jeong Suk. This is the first time Ho has been caught having an affair, and he is startled. Roy has given him a chance, but In Ho decides to take out his frustration on Jeong Suk instead. When she makes a minor mistake, he grabs the opportunity and bans her from treating patients. He can’t suspend her, but he can assign her work to other residents. Jeong Suk is upset, as even after requesting that In Ho not become an obstacle to her progress, he doesn’t care. Seeing how upset she is, Roy asks her to run a marathon with her, and Jeong Suk brings her friend Mi Hee as well. Mi Hee wants Jeong Suk to set her up with Roy, but after seeing his demeanor, she jokes that he is interested in Jeong Suk.

‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 6: Ending

Jeong Suk can’t work, but she can study ongoing cases. She disagrees with a diagnosis made by In Ho and challenges him that if her diagnosis is correct, he will allow her to work again, and if not, she will quit the job. To In Ho’s disappointment, her diagnosis turns out to be right. Ho is already agitated, and he himself gets diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. It can pretty much hinder his career as a surgeon. Ho is getting every treatment that is possible to recover from his condition quickly. To make things worse, not only for him but for Jeong Suk and their daughter as well, his daughter’s homeroom teacher calls him because Jeong Suk didn’t pick up her call. He finds out that his daughter is going to apply for art school and not medical school.


Doctor Cha is in trouble now as her carelessness is going to cost her daughter her dreams. Jeong Suk had kept Irang’s ambition a secret, but it is now exposed to In Ho, and he has destroyed all of Irang’s paintings and certificates. This is just the beginning of chaos for Jeong Suk’s family. Roy Kim has been feeling uneasy about hiding In Ho’s affair from Jeong Suk and wants to reveal it to her. Moreover, Irang’s close friend, Eun Seo, is Seung Hee’s daughter and Irang’s half-sister. Eun Seo is aware of it, and she might not be a good friend to Irang anymore. She is tired of people calling her an illegitimate child and seeing her mother have an affair with her father. She wants Seung Hee to either get married to him or find another man for herself. In Ho has been living comfortably so far, while both Jeong Suk and Seung Hee are suffering because of him.

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