‘Doctor Cha’ Episodes 15 Recap & Ending: Why Does Jeong Suk Take A Leave Of Absence?

Doctor Cha tried hard to hide In Ho’s affair from her mother since she was sick, but her mother ended up finding out in the worst way possible. Jeong Suk had been trying to keep it all together, but everything was falling apart. Although her mother was angry at Jeong Suk for hiding the truth and suffering alone, she left the decision about the future of her marriage to herself. Jeong Suk decided to get divorced, and she was happy, but life had never been easy for her. She experienced concerning symptoms and realized that she had neglected her health amidst this chaos.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does In Ho’s Mother Want Him To Get Divorced?

Jeong Suk meets Roy Kim right away for a checkup, and he runs some tests on her. The results aren’t great, and Roy is worried. He reveals to Jeong Suk that there is a high chance of liver failure, and she should get hospitalized immediately. Jeong Suk had just restarted her career, and leaving now would mean giving up on it all over again. She asks Roy to give her some time so that she can figure things out. Meanwhile, In Ho’s mother is forcing him to divorce Jeong Suk because she needs money. She was against the divorce, but now she needs the assets named after Jeong Suk so that she can get money after selling them. She has been a victim of a huge scam and needs to pay back many creditors. However, she gets disappointed after hearing from the divorce lawyer that they cannot get Jeong Suk’s assets because In Ho is the spouse at fault. As a last resort, she asks In Ho to ask Seung Hee for money, which he refuses to do, obviously. Instead, he tries to persuade Jeong Suk to sell the building under her name, but Jeong Suk won’t budge. In Ho’s mother tries to talk to Jeong Suk’s mother about it, but she doesn’t want to get involved in their family’s issue.


Jeong Suk is still treating patients and hasn’t informed her chief that she is going to need a break. However, after seeing a patient, she changes her mind completely. A woman over the age of 100 has been hospitalized because she is not able to eat, but Jeong Suk runs some extra tests on her and finds out about another issue. She proposes that she undergo a surgery, but not only her family but the patient herself opposes it. The patient herself is tired of living, and her family is tired of taking care of her. The patient says to Jeong Suk that she wants to die when her children are still sad to see her go. This makes Jeong Suk think about herself and the life she has left. She is worried about losing her job, but she realizes that her life is more precious, and even if she dies, that will be her fate, and at least her loved ones would be sad to see her go. She informs her chief, and he grants her a leave of absence, but he is still contemplating whether she should resign.

Who Tells In Ho About Jeong Suk’s Condition?

One of In Ho’s mother’s creditors visits In Ho in the hospital to ask for her money and scares In Ho by saying that his reputation will be tainted if she visits him often for money. In Ho gets scared easily and meets Seung Hee to ask her for money. He knows that it would be too shameless of him to ask it of her and has an idea of what her reaction would be. He can’t bring himself to ask her, and instead, Seung Hee asks him if he knows about Jeong Suk’s condition. Ho, obviously, doesn’t have a clue. She expresses to In Ho that they are also responsible for Jeong Suk’s worsened health because she has been stressed because of them. Ho is shocked by the news, and suddenly, a realization hits him. He remembers all the times he neglected Jeong Suk for Seung Hee or just because he didn’t care about her. He didn’t want to lose Jeong Suk as his wife, but now he is afraid that he will lose Jeong Suk from his life forever. Jeong Suk has just revealed the news to her mother and her children, and their reaction isn’t great either. All of them are worried that Jeong Suk might not recover from the same condition again since the last time she almost died.


In Ho meets Roy Kim and tells him that he will donate his liver to Jeong Suk if the need arises again. In Ho had refused to donate his liver to her the last time, so his gesture is not welcomed by Roy or Jeong Suk. Jeong Suk refuses to get a liver transplant from him and tells him that he doesn’t need to go that far to get her assets because she has already put them up for sale to help her mother-in-law. In Ho is sincere this time, but he can’t leave his past behind. He lashes out at Jeong Suk for always making him a bad guy. He later overhears his juniors talking about Roy Kim running a test on his own liver for a transplant. They guess that it is for Jeong Suk since she has been hospitalized, and they call it pure and sincere love. Roy Kim’s biological family has been pestering him to donate his bone marrow to his biological father and is even ready to pay him. Rather than donating his organ to someone who doesn’t care about him, he thinks that he should help someone who has truly been by his side. Fortunately, his liver matches Jeong Suk’s, but Jeong Suk refuses to receive his liver as well. Doctor Cha Episode 15 ends with a crucial question: whose liver will Jeong Suk choose to receive, or will she choose not to receive another transplant at all? In Ho rushes to see Roy Kim to tell him to back off, but Jeong Suk is there with him, so In Ho asks her to make the right decision at the moment.

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